Sunday, 23 March 2014

Hello Everybody!!

Hey Guys!

I guess you could say that I am a little nervous about starting this blog because I am not sure how people will take to it if you know what I mean but it is something that I have wanted to do for a long time and I finally have the guts to set it up! This post is basically just an introductory kind of thing and I will just sort of introduce myself really. I will add my social media links at the end of this post because I can't work out how to add them to my blog hahaha. So I hope you enjoy and will hopefully visit back soon!

1.) So start with the easiest I guess my name is Catriona Lauder (pronounced Ca-tree-na).
2.) My birthday is the 1st of March and therefore my middle name is Welsh because I was born on St. David's Day.
3.) I live in a really small area with hardly any shops but I live right by the sea which is a plus!
4.) I would sit on the internet all day everyday if I could but well school...
5.) My favourite thing to do is dance and I do tap, ballet and jazz. (Might do a post on it if you want!)
6.) I have a radio show on my local radio station with my bestfriend every Friday (will add link later)
7.) I listen to pretty much any type of music from pop to country to pop rock to Scottish ceilidh music!
8.) If you name a t.v. show I have probably watched it or heard about it.
9.) I love languages I have studied French and German at school and took part in a German Exchange which was probably the best time in my life.
10.) My iPhone just died on me...

So there is 10 facts about me. I hope you liked it! :)