Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Let's Talk About Finale's ~ March 2014

Hey Guys!

Over the last couple of weeks two of my favourite shows finished for the season, Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf. These two shows started in June last year and have now finished 24 episodes later. This post may contain spoilers if you haven't finished watching these shows so YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

Pretty Little Liars or #PLL finished with Ali explaining everything about the night she died or what we now know as when she pretended to be dead so she could get away from A. But all I know is that we are no closer to knowing who A is except that we can cancel Alison's mum as A because at the end we saw her being dragged by A.

My guesses are that A is either Mona, Jason or Melissa why? Well the look Mona gave Alison during the flashback where Alison was leaving Rosewood with the brown wig on after giving Mona the advice at how to become popular was a cruel look and the same that she had in my opinion when she was in Radley. I also think Mona is A because Marlene King a.k.a the creator of #PLL the tv show tweeted 'Mona was A in the pilot. She was and will always be ORIGINAL A. The question is "Who stole the game from her?"' Which just leaves me really confused! I also think Toby is A because I have always felt like there is something shady about him and it was suspicious how he met up with Melissa while in London because London is a huge place! And finally I think Melissa might be A because she has always had it out for the girls since the beginning because of Spencer's and Alison's relationship with Ian. Simple as that.

It finished with the girls running away from A who had a gun. Spencer was so close to revealing who A was when Ezra came in to save the day and had a fight scene with A and it finished with him getting shot! Ezra got freakin shot!! The scene with Aria and Ezra was so cute and sweet! So many feels....

Overall I would say that season 4 of Pretty Little Liars has been great with many twists and turns throughout and the shock when we found out that Ali was actually alive. 

I would give the season overall 3/5 and the finale 4/5.

Season 5 returns on the 10th of June 2014 and this season will have #PLLs 100th episode!

Now for a show that ended completely differently to Pretty Little Liars with someone coming back from the dead as in Teen Wolf where two yes TWO of the main characters have past in the last two episodes. Teen Wolf has definitely been my favourite t.v. show this t.v. show year because the writing has been so consistent as well as every episode being fantastic I honestly couldn't fault it! I must admit 3B was probably my favourite I loved the addition of Keria and her family with the Japanese folklore I think it made a really good addition to the show!

Episode 23 of Teen Wolf was superb let alone the actual finale! I cried. In fact I bawled my eyes out when Allison was in Scott's arms and she said that she had always and would always love him! I'm definitely a serious #Scallison shipper. If you didn't know Allison was killed off because Crystal Reed is planning on leaving the show and Jeff didn't just decide that he would kill of one of the main characters off!

Now to the actual finale which was incredible no words to descirbe it apart from that. I was gripped to my computer screen for the whole hour. Before the finale we knew that someone was going to die during the finale and Allison would not be alone in leaving the show and pretty much everyone in the cast was close to die you couldn't pin point which one it was going to be until the very end because the Oni was attacking everyone close to Stiles because they were under the control of the Nogitsune and the Nogitsune wanted everyone close to Stiles to die unless Stiles was dead first.

Of course in true Teen Wolf style Scott's Pack won the battle and the Oni were killed off which we found out how to kill them because of Allison who had killed one of them with a silver arrow. I liked that even though Allison was gone that she still played a huge part in defeating the Oni and the Nogitsune.

Then it happened.

Aiden was killed. The same way as Allison by an Oni. I must admit I wasn't expecting it to be him I was 90% sure it was going to be either Scott's mum or Stiles' dad but I was wrong... Now this time I didn't cry while it happened. I think it was because Aidan has only been in the show for season 3 and in 3A he was a bad guy and I hadn't really gotten close to him. But once I had time to think about it, it hit me that he was dead.

But the big reveal at the end was totally shocking and I'm pretty sure that none of the fans was expecting it... Kate was alive!!! Kate is Allison's aunt and was killed off at the end of season 1 but turns out she didn't actually die. WHAT?!?!

I have been so pleased with Teen Wolf this year and I cannot wait for season 4 which will be airing this summer (no date has been confirmed) all I know is that we are getting two new characters and 12 episodes which sucks going from 24 to 12 but the two season before this one were 12 so I kind of understand it.

I would rate season 3 a 5/5 because I couldn't belive how amazing it was and I would rate the finale 5/5.

I hope you have enjoyed this post with me just totally fangirling about some of my favourite tv shows. If you agree with me or watch the shows comment below I want to see your opinions too!! :)

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