Sunday, 6 April 2014

March Favourites

Hey Guys!!

With every blog and YouTube channel that I have subscribed to or follow they always do a favourites video/post and I am just going to copy them and jump on this bandwagon and do a March Favourites post!

1. I have been loving the Spotless Skin Triple Action Facewash by Simple. I suffer from pretty bad achne and I am on prescribed medication and creams and I have been looking for the perfect Facewash  to go with them and I have finally found one that a. works and b. makes my skin feel soft and clean. I have loved it so much that I have gone and bought the whole Spotless Skin range by Simple!!
2. I have been using the Alberto Balsam shampoo and conditioner range for years and I have tried about every flavour but I haven't found a favourite until now. Where I live you have to get a ferry to go to a Tesco I know it's shocking! So because of this we don't get a lot of choice but I was across the water recently and found the coconut and lychee shampoo and conditioner and it's amazing! It leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and it smells incredible which is definitely a bonus!
3. I got Taylor by Taylor Swift as a Christmas present and loved it but I haven't started to wear everyday until now. The thing I love about his perfume is that it's a good one that can transition from day to night so you can wear while shopping with friends and then wear it when you go out for a nice meal with your family! It smells of vanilla with a hint of oranges and plus it's by Taylor Swift which makes it even better!

1. I watch a lot of tv. I probably always have and I always will. My all time favourite has probably been One Tree Hill which finished in 2012. The actress that played Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush) has recently started a brand new show called Chicago PD where she plays Detective Erin Lindsay. It is getting better and better and I have raved about it so much on twitter! What I didn't realise was that it was actually a spin off so I started watching the show were it came from Chicago Fire and it has now become one of my favourite shows. Why? Well it's about firemen so obviously I was going to enjoy it and I have just fallen in love with it. I totally binge watched the first two seasons over a weekend and I am getting so impatient waiting for the next episode of season 3! I'm a Dawsey shipper (if you watch the show you will know who I mean). So go watch it on NBC or Sky Living!
2. Music wise I have been very into Colbie Callait this month and I have no idea why! She isn't very famous here in the UK which is a shame because she has such a beautiful voice but I love curling up with my book and a cup of tea and her music playing in the background.
3. I also read all of the Divergent Trilogy books this month. All over my twitter and tumblr everyone was fangirling over how excited they were for the movie so I started reading them and omg it was amazing! I think it may trump The Hunger Games if I do say so myself. 
4. For my birthday I went and saw The Lego movie and it was incredible! I wasn't sure what it was going to be about and if it was going to be childish or not but it wasn't, it was so good. Also it had such an amazing cast I mean come on!

Food Things
1. I have been eating so many Bourbon biscuits with my tea this month I forgot how much I loved them! They remind me of my grandma and granddad because when I was little and went to go visit them I would always get one so they bring back memories is that makes sense...
2. Remember 2 years ago Lucozade released all those new flavours of drink and one of the limited addition ones was pink lemonade and everyone loved it! It went away for about 2 months and then it came back because everyone loved it so much and I have recently become obsessed with it again!

So yeah that's a few of my favourite things from the month of March. If you agree then let me know and also tell me what you have been loving from the month of March! :)