Friday, 25 April 2014

You Gotta Get Up And Dance!

Hey Guys!

Sorry about me not posting very regularly but I've just started exam leave so hopefully it will improve but I'm not promising anything!!! 

(I'm the smallest one just so you know) 

Dancing is such a massive part of my life not only does it help me to keep fit but it is also a way to just let go of all the anxiety and stress built up in your body. It also is an out lit for my creativity for when I have to choreograph my own dances.

I have been dancing since I was 3 years old and I still love it. I perform tap, ballet and jazz and I have also tried workshops in contempory and street but I have never actually had proper lessons for them. In the dance school that I go to I am the oldest and help with the younger pupils. I love it honestly I love having contact with all the children and they all look so cute in their ballerina tutus! I am at dancing for 6 hours on a Tuesday it is tiring I admit that and my body aches on the Wednesday but I love it. 

Every two years we put on a dancing display and in the years in between I have exams. Last year I sat my grade 4 ballet and my British medallion for tap and jazz. This month I had my dancing display which will be my final one before I leave so it was pretty monumental while I was taking my bow.
If you want me to post a diary/blog thing about my display then comment or 1 up it or whatever I don't really know what it is haha!!  

So thanks for checking out my blog and see you soon! :)