Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Star Crossed Season Finale

     *WARNING this post contains spoilers* 

Hey Guys!

It's that time of year again when all of my favourite tv shows finish for the year. It's exciting because all of the shows go out with a bang and have me sitting on the edge of my seat but at the same time I'm annoyed because I know that I am going to have to wait 4 to 5 months  till they start back up again! All I can say is thank god for summer shows.

The first show that finished isn't only the end of a season but also the end of a series. Star Crossed was on The CW on a monad night and after only 1 season it has been cancelled. It ended on the 12th of May.

I started watching Star Crossed because Matt Lanter who played the lead role of Roman was in it. He used to star in 90210 as Liam until it got cancelled last year due to low ratings. 90210 was one of my favourite shows so I just knew that I had to support his new project.

Star Crossed is set in 2024 as an integration program has started to integrate humans and atrians. Atrians are aliens that came to earth in 2014 after their ship crashed. They were all hunted and put into a sector where they were under constant supervision. The series is based on how after 10 years of the atrians being on earth 7 atrians are being allowed to enter high school for the first time. The lead role is an atrian named Roman as he starts at school. He falls in love with a human girl named Emery and the series is basically about how they face the challenges of trying to be together when they are two different species.

The episode before the finale ended with Zoe returning. She hit Grayson over the head and stole the float with the suvek in it. Also Roman was stabbed by his uncle Castor who was trying to become the ruler of the atrians. Once he had stabbed Roman, Terri stabs Castor and he dies where as Roman makes it to the shed in Emery's back garden where they first met 10 years ago. This scene is a really nice parallel to the first episode!

Emery then finds Roman and finds Terri to help her save Roman's life with Cyper the healing plant. The rest of the episode is watching the group of humans and atrians work together to try and stop the suvek going off. They find out that the iksen's key can stop the suvek going off and they try and look for it but they find out that the trags already have it.

Star Crossed ends with Roman taking the iksen's key out of the suvek and stopping the timer but Zoe and the trags have a backup plan and it still goes off and kills all of the humans in a 30 mile radius including Grayson and Emery. We find out that the suvek isn't actually a bomb but a signal to other atrians that are still alive and waiting in outer space.

I can't believe the ending to Star Crossed and there is so many unanswered questions that will never be answered because we aren't getting another season.

I know Star Crossed hasn't been the best series that is out there but I think it should of been given more of a chance because it was only given 13 episodes so it was hard to get the feel of it. Also it was in the sci-fi genre which is very hard to establish itself because the other CW show of the same genre was also cancelled.

Overall I would give Star Crossed 3/5 because it was a good series but it wasn't good enough because we didn't get to see more of the Star Crossed world. In my opinion the season finale was to a very high standard and I would give it 4/5 the only thing that would make it better would be if we were getting more episodes to explain everything!

I hope you have liked my thoughts and overview of not just the Star Crossed finale but also the series as a whole. :) 

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Meet The Vamps ~ Album Review

Hey Guys!!

So this is something new for me actually posting a proper review of an album instead of just the odd tweet of what my favourite song is! But I decided to do this because I like pretty much any genre of music so I'm pretty sure an album you enjoy will come up! If you don't like me doing this though please let me know :)

Meet The Vamps by The Vamps is their debut album that came out on the 14th of April so it's taken me a while to finally upload this haha! I've been a fan of The Vamps since I stumbled upon their We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together cover by Taylor Swift which was their 3rd video and also before Connor Ball became a member and ever since then I fell in love. When they announced that they had been signed I nearly cried because I was so proud of how far they have come and now they have an album and are going on their first headline tour later in the year!

So back to the album... 

Wild Heart

Wild Heart was the second single and probably my favourite of all the singles that they released. I liked the folky feel it had to it and plus it was super catchy and I was singing in my head as soon as I had seen the first video. I think this song will be amazing to see live because it just makes you want to jump up and down to it!

Last Night

This was the third single that reached number 2 in the UK Top 40. Again this song is super catchy the "Oh Oh Ohhhss" ring a bell. The funny thing about this song is the lyrics in the chorus which talk about having a hang over but in a very light way so the younger fans would just think that they were sleep haha

Somebody To You

I must admit that Somebody To You is my favourite song on the album that wasn't a single. It's a very chanty (I know that's not a word but you know what I mean.) song and again would be amazing to see live! I like this song because it's very easy to pick up the lyrics and it's just a feel good song.

Can We Dance

Can We Dance was the first original song that the fanbase got to hear from The Vamps and it also was their debut single that came put on the 29th of September and reached number 2 in the UK top 40. When I first heard this song I must admit I was worried that I wasn't going to like their original stuff because I liked it but I wasn't in love with it. Can We Dance in my opinion is a song that you have to listen to about 3 times before you realise that it's perfection! Fun fact this song was actually writter by Bruno Mars!

Girls On TV

I love this song I think it's the addition of the ukulele which just makes this song have a really happy feel to it. Also again the lyrics are really catchy and they give a shout out to Beyonce and Rihanna!

Risk It All

This song was the first one that was stuck in my head after they uploaded a preview of the album on their youtube channel. The only part of it that I would remember was "I would risk it allllll" but it was enough for me to know the song title! The song has such a suspense to it with Brad singing quite softly during the verses and then really belting out the chorus. This is definitely the song to sing to in the shower!

Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)

The thing with Oh Cecilia is that it is a revival I guess you could say of Simon & Garfunkel's song of the same name and I'm massive fan of the original so I have mixed view with this song I like how its gone slightly reggae but I don't know if I like what they have done with it.

Another World

Tristan said that this was his favourite song because it was one of the first songs that they wrote for the album and when you listen to it you can hear it. I like it because it is an easy listening song and would be good to add to a study playlist!

Move My Way

The Ukulele makes another appearance in this song and I thinks it is a great addition. This song has quite a country vibe to it and I love a bit of country! The song lyrics are really cute and this song would be good to listen to while reading in your garden with the sun shining!

Shout About It

This is one of the slower songs that shows a different more delicate side of The Vamps. I love the concept of the song about how they want to shout about their relationship to the world and not hide it because that's just really cute. Lot's of the critics have said this was their least favourite song on the album and even though it has a good concept I would have to agree with them it just doesn't stand out for me.

High Hopes

When I first read the title I thought it was a cover of Kodaline's song by the same name but I was completely wrong! This song is very happy the complete opposite of Kodaline. Again the song is super catchy and the ukulele makes another appearance! This song has a very country/folk feel like a number of the songs and with the clapping in the background this song would be great to see live.

She Was The One

The beginning of this song always reminds of the classic country tunes don't ask me why it just does! This song is probably one of my favourite of the slower songs and I think it is because of the country feel to it. This song is definitely very bandy because all of the instruments have more focused instead of the vocals.


This song has definitely more of a rockier feel to it with the sound of the drums being very prominent. this is definitely the song that shows that they have a slightly darker side even though the lyrics aren't very dark.


What to say about this song... I loved it! Again the chanty feel to the chorus appears and it get's stuck in your head very easily. I don't know what else to say haha


Finally the last track of the album is Smile. This song has the more edgier band feel to it but still a happy feeling to it I don't know if that makes sense... In my opinion this is a great song to finish on with the happy feel and with the lyrics "Smile for me girl" which will definitely get the fans fantasising.

So there we have it that's just my opinion on Meet The Vamps. I like how they don't just stick to one genre and how they can vary it. I think this is a great introduction and I can't wait for them to release more music in the future!

I would rate this album **** because it's catchy and easy to sing along to and just makes you feel happy.

Thanks for reading :)

P.S. all views are my own and I do not own the picture.