Sunday, 27 July 2014

Teen Wolf | Season 4 Premier

Hey Guys!

* This post contains spoilers so I've warned you!*

So as you guys know I have been so busy over the past few months with being on the German Exchange, family visiting and also being away on holiday. Because of this I haven't had any time to watch some of my favourite summer shows. Seeing as I'm a complete tv fanatic it has been killing me!

Now that I have some time on my hands I finally get to watch them! Away back in March when I first started this blog I talked about the season finale of Teen Wolf and also Pretty Little Liars and now they are back with a brand spanking new season. If you want to catch up on what happened in the last season then check it out.

Season 4 of Teen Wolf is going to be like no other and I haven't even watched it yet. How do I know this? Well in the last season they killed off two main characters one of them being Aidan one of the twins who had a thing with Lydia. If I'm honest I wasn't that upset about his death because it now makes room for Stydia! Whereas when Allison one of the main, main, main cast members was killed I cried like a baby because I knew that my OTP for the show was pretty much over (R.I.P Scallison).

With Allison and Aidan gone as well as Isaac gone who knows what the dynamics between the characters will be. All I know is that I can't wait to find out!

So on with what happened in the premiere of season 4...

It starts with Stiles and Lydia in some sort of foreign place which is later revealed as Mexio. Together they enter this strange club with very strong security the audience still has no clue why they are there and if anyone is with them. They then get taken to a room off to the side where you see them talking to the women that captured Derek in the last season. Stiles brings out tons of money and says that they want to buy Derek back. While the women just laughs and tell them that it is stupid that they have come alone.

But they are not alone. Scott, Kira and Malia are there just blended in with the people who are having fun in the club. The women sends her guards out looking for them and they do end up finding them even though it did take a while. She captures them all into this weird bathroom/cell thing except for Lydia.

The women then asks Lydia how her powers work but Lydia herself doesn't even know how she became a banshee or what that actually entails. The audience then finds out that the women doesn't have Derek anymore and that the gangs trip has been pretty pointless until the women forces Scott to think about who might have Derek.

In the season finale, Allison's aunt makes a return and we also find out that she is some type of werewolf with glowing green eyes. We also find out that she is the one that is holding Derek captive. Turns out that the women (it's really annoying me how I don't know her name. I hate constantly writing 'the women' so let me know if you have a clue to what she is actually called!) has heard where Kate last was and she tried sending some of her own men to get Derek but they never returned so she has now challenged Scott to go retrieve him.

Scott isn't alone though he also has the girl that rescued Isaac in the last season who was on a motorbike (vague I know but again I have no clue what her name is!). They arrive at what looks like a deserted city where the only building that is still standing is the church. Why the church? You may ask well it's because it was built on an old Aztec temple. Look at me sounding all knowledgeable hahaha :').

As they enter the church they begin their search for Derek. They have to go deep underground and Scott gets a strange feeling that something is following them. Turns out he is right and it is this giant monster thing that they don't actually know what it is. They try running away from it but it is extremely fast so Scott does the only thing he can think of and that is use his power as an Alpha and does and extremely loud roar and it scares the thing off. But his roar doesn't only just scare off the monster it also exposes this weird symbol thing.

The girl tells Scott that she is pretty sure that Derek is behind it so Scott breaks the wall down. Something is wrong though it isn't actually what Derek used to look like in the last season instead it is what he looks like when he was a teenage boy.

And it ends there! I was so shocked my mouth was literally hanging open. In my opinion Teen Wolf always has the best shocks because it is quite easy, for me anyway, to stay away from the spoilers compared to other tv shows.

So there you go a not so quick recap of what happened. I hope you liked it and there will be with Pretty Little Liars season premier soon.

I'm going to go now because I have a few more episodes of Teen Wolf to catch up on. :)


Thursday, 24 July 2014

X ~ Album Review

Hey Guys!

So I'm back from my week away on the wee island called Tiree and now I feel so relaxed even though I was at a music festival doesn't really make sense I know!

I've been really enjoying getting back into this blogging thing and this post is something that I have been meaning to do for aggggeeesss so here it is!

X or Multiply is singer songwriter, Ed Sheeran's second album. I have been a massive fan of Ed for ages and his songs are honestly perfection so I was counting down the days until this album was released. The thing I really enjoyed about the release of this album is that during the week before the album was released iTunes released a new song a day which got me so psyched up for the full album.

So back to the album...

1.) One

One was the first song written for this album and the cool thing about it is that it was written on  a guitar made out of a whiskey bottle in a hotel in Perth! This song is definitely a classic Ed Sheeran song with more or less just Ed singing with his guitar it's a slow one and definitely good for when you are going through a break up!

2.) I'm A Mess

Again this song is one with just Ed and his guitar which is always one of my favourite combinations. In my opinion it is not a track that stands out for me even though it is so good it is definitely not one of my favourites!

3.)  Sing

Sing was the first song that we ever heard from X and I must say when I first heard it all I kept thinking is that Sheeran's gone mainstream why??? But after I had listened to it quite a few times I started to like it and the new direction that Ed's music was going in. This song is definitely one that you have to listen to more than once until you can realise its full potential.

4.) Don't

Now this song is definitely one of my favourites from the album. I like it so much that it is actually my alarm in the morning! Don't is definitely one of those classic break up songs and let's be honest who doesn't love a good break up song? The thing for me is that it has a great beat in the background and it is one of those songs that paint a picture which Ed Sheeran is very good at!

5.) Nina

Nina is another of my favourite tracks. I definitely like the hip hop influence that has appeared on this album which is so strange because I'm not a huge fan of hip hop! It also has such a powerful meaning about how Ed is telling this girl, Nina, that she is too good for him and should just leave him.

6.) Photograph

Another classic Sheeran song in my opinion. This is definitely a lot of my friends favourite tracks and I would have to agree with them! I have no idea why it is so good it just is! Ed did say that this song made the album so that might be why it is so good.

7.) Bloodstream

I love the beat in this song! In fact I love everything about this song! It's just so different to what Ed Sheeran normally does except it is exactly the same. That makes no sense I know but ahh well!

8.) Tenerife Sea

Tenerife is one of my favourite places in the world so when I saw the name of this track I knew that I was just going to love it! Even though the song isn't actually about Tenerife but about a girl who remind him of the Tenerife sea. This is definitely one of my favourite ballads that is on the album.

9.) Runaway

Runaway again is a track that has that very hip hoppy influenced beat in the background and also again I'm in love with it! This was also another track that Ed worked with Pharrell it also took a little getting used to! But if you see me about in the car you can probably hear me screaming "I know what I wanna do, I wanna runaway, runaway with you!"

10.) The Man

Now when I first heard The Man I didn't like it because it's one of those rap songs that Ed does. I'm still not massively fond of it because rap isn't exactly my kind of scene but it is definitely a good mix up when you listen to the whole album.

11.) Thinking Out Loud

This is genuinely one of my favourite tracks in the album. It is just so beautifully written and has such a powerful meaning about how you should fight for love to last. This was also the last song that was written for X and Ed Sheeran called it the only "happy" song on the album.

12.) Afire Love

The last song on the album really does have a beautiful back story to it. It is about Ed Sheeran's grandfather who suffered from Alzheimer's disease. The song was actually written 2 weeks before he passed away and Ed finished the song after the funeral. The back story alone brings a tear to my eye but this song was definitely the main tear jerker for me!

So there you have it my take on Ed Sheeran's X! I hope you liked what I had to say about it and I want to know if you agree!

Talk Soon :)


Monday, 14 July 2014

I'm Away!

Hey Guys!

After a complete Blogathon (if that's a word?) last week with me posting everyday for 5 days I am going away. This is my proper holiday and I am away to Tiree Music Festival which is a Scottish traditional music festival.

So yeah I won't be posting, sorry, but when I come back I will be sure to tell you what I got up to!

I hope you don't mind. :)


German Exchange ~ Wednesday

Hey Guys!

So today's post in the last in the German Exchange 2014 series because this was their last full day in Scotland that wasn't spent on a coach going back to Germany!

Wednesday 25th June

So today was the last full day of the exchange and we usually go and have a fun day which has a very small aspect of education.

Today we went to Scotland's largest city, Glasgow where we visitied the Glasgow Science Centre. We travelled by ferry and by bus like what we have done for the past few days but the journey was only an hour and 45 minutes.

When we got there we were booked in to go and have a show in the planetarium where we learnt about stars and planets. The good thing about going to the planetarium is that it has super comfy seats and its really dark so it has quite a chilled atmosphere.

After the planetarium we had a chance to explore the Science Mall which had 3 floors. I went round with Calum and we tried all of the illusion things because we both never got them to work! This was really fun and relaxed and there was such a variety of things to do!

When we went back down to the 2nd floor of the mall we found more or less all of the Germans building a tower with these weird flat building things that I have no clue what they were called! It was so tall that the Science Centre staff were measuring it to see if it was the tallest they had ever had and it was! There was a tape measure and everything! It was about 37 metres high.
Now that's what you call "Good German Engineering!"

Once all the excitement had finished with the big tower we had to take it all down because the staff said it was too dangerous to keep it up because it was so high! We then got back on the bus and headed to Braehead for a bit of retail therapy.

To be honest I wasn't really that excited about going shopping, I was honestly more excited about going to KFC because there isn't one near where I live! But I did go shopping a little bit. I bought a pair of £2 sunglasses from Primark and that's about it,

I always go into the Apple Store and Hollister just to have a look around but everything is always so expensive! I enjoyed going into Waterstones because I am a bit of a bookworm!

In the evening because it was the last night I decided to go out for dinner with Calum, Fraser, Flo and Jason as well as Carolin. Elisa didn't want to come because she didn't feel very well. I felt horrible for leaving her but she wanted us to have fun!

We went to a local restaurant called The 51st State where they sell typical American food like burgers and milkshakes and that is exactly what I had! I had a bacon burger and a chocolate milkshake and it was so good!

After we had had dinner we went to Castle Garden's which is basically a park where we met up with more or less the rest of the exchange! It was so chilled and we all talked and took photos and listened to music.

It was then time to say goodbye because the bus was leaving for Germany at 6:30am so we thought it would be better to have a proper goodbye now and a quick one tomorrow! Flo and Jason kept giving me hugs and said they were going to miss me which I thought was pretty cute!

So that's it! There is a sort of diary entry about my time on the German Exchange. I hope you enjoyed it and we shall catch up soon!


Saturday, 12 July 2014

German Exchange ~ Tuesday

Hey Guys!

So today's post is probably my favourite because I enjoyed this day so much!

Tuesday 24th June

Today we were going to be going to a place we had never been before with the Exchange and that was a small seaside town called Largs which is on the opposite side of the Clyde than where I live.

Again we got to travel by ferry but the journey was only about 40 minutes which was great and I sat beside Tegan and we talked about how the Exchange had been so far.

When we got there we were separated into 2 groups the first would go into Vikingar and the other group would have some free time. I was in the second group so we decided to go and get some lunch. We decided to go to the famous ice cream parlour called Nardinni's for lunch but it was so busy and expensive so we went to Subway instead of course! But after we had a subway we went back to Nardinni's for ice cream. I got a mix of oreo ice cream and also Scottish tablet ice cream. It was so good!

We had some more free time till we had to go to Vikingar so we went and sat by the beach which the Germans were fascinated about because there is nothing like it near where they stay. We got a group photo which was really nice. I am the one in the black jumper.

It was then time for us to go into Vikingar which again was pretty boring. Most of the activities that we do are quite boring because they have to have an educational aspect to it. The good part was that we watched a 15 minute film where we got to sleep!

After we had finished at Vikingar it was time for us to go. We were only having a quick trip away today because in the evening we were going to have a Scottish Ceilidh which is basically a dance where we do tradional Scottish dancing.

I had been planning what I was going to wear for the ceilidh way before it was even nearly even time for the exchange because for me it is always the highlight. I think that it helps that I am a Scottish music enthusiast.

I decided to wear my black skater dress with a floral pattern that I got from Forever 21 and it's always a good idea to wear flats to a ceilidh because you usually get thrown about all over the place! Mine are maroon coloured and from Newlook as well as my maroon blazer.

When we got to the school we had my friend outside playing the bagpipes to welcome us and also there was a local ceilidh band playing inside. People from past exchanges were also allowed to come to the ceilidh if they wanted to and my friends Sharon and Rachel came. We also got some of the highland dancers to do some of their dancing so the Germans had an idea of what it looked like.

We did lots of traditional dancing like the Gay Gordan's, Dashing White Sargent and Strip The Willow as well as many others. I always tried to get a German person to dance with me because I actually knew the dances. After dancing with Flo for the rest of the trip he kept commenting on how good my dancing was which I thought was funny!
Look how small I am compared to Jason and Flo!

They were actually all really good at the dancing and were all willing to dance which is always great because sometimes the Germans are a bit nervous. The local band was great and it was a nice evening with great fun. After the ceilidh band had finished we had a bit of a mini rave because we always have some of that when we go to Germany.

So tomorrows post will be the last because it was my last day on the exchange :(


Friday, 11 July 2014

German Exchange ~ Monday

Hey Guys!

So today's post is about our trip up to Scotland's capital Edinburgh!

Monday 23rd June

Like on Friday we were going to be visiting two different places, Edinburgh Castle and also the Scottish Whiskey Experience.

Today we took a different route. Today we travelled by ferry which takes about 40 minutes off of our journey which was great! The journey was still about 2 hours and again I read the book The Lovely Bones and also listened to X by Ed Sheeran which is a great album! (review post coming soon!)

First all of  all of us went to Edinburgh Castle where we were free to roam about and have a look around. This time I went round with Elisa, my friend Tegan and also another boy called Calum and his partner Stefano.

We went to see the Scottish Crown Jewels. I was actually surprised about how much I actually knew about them before going to see them. They were pretty impressive with all of the diamonds and gold. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take photos.

We also had a look around the fancy rooms like we did in Stirling Castle but these ones weren't as impressive as the rooms in Stirling.

At Edinburgh Castle there is a thing called The 1 O'clock Gun where they fire a gun to announce that it is 1 o'clock. We went and bought our lunch before going to see it. There is such a build up before the gun goes off because so many people are waiting ready to film  it and it gets so crowded. But I was pretty disappointed once it went off because it was such an anti climax.

It was soon time for us to leave the Castle and go to the Whiskey Experience. Here we were separated into German and Scottish. The German pupils went first while we waited. Then it was our turn and we were all separated into three's to go round the museum. I was with Calum and Calum. It's confusing I know!

We sat in a small ride that told us about how whiskey is made and if I was honest it was quite boring because the ride was going at a snail pace I honestly felt like I was going to fall asleep!

After this we then joined all the Scottish group again where we were given a talk about how the whiskey taste can change depending on were it was made. Unfortunately we weren't able to taste it but we were give 'scratch and sniff" cards so we sort of got the idea as well as a glass of Irn Bru!

Once we had finished at the Whiskey Experience we were given some free time to go shopping and have a look around the Royal Mile. I went around with Calum and Calum again because the Germans had finished before us. We were almost at the Scottish Parliament when I got a call from Carolin saying that she was with Elisa, Flo and Jason and they didn't know how to get back. I found out that were on Princes Street the complete opposite place than where we were supposed to be. So I went with Calum to go and find them.

We did find them near the Scottish Art Gallery after about a thousand phone calls trying to see where abouts they were. We had 40 minutes until we meet the rest of the group at the Scottish Parliament so we decided that we could shop for a quick ten minutes that turned into 35 because the Germans wanted to go into Primark.

We were then late to the Scottish Parliment but it turned out that we weren't the last ones to arrive which made me feel a bit better! We had another group picture and then we all got on the buses to go home.

We didn't get home until after 8 o'clock so we decided to just chill in the evening and just talk instead of going out and doing an activity.

Speak to you tomorrow about the rest of my trip:)


Thursday, 10 July 2014

German Exchange ~ Sunday

Hey Guys!

So another exchange post! This one isn't as long as the others because it was quite a chilled day.

Sunday 22nd June

We all got to sleep in today which was great because we were all getting so tired with being so busy all the time! In the morning I had to do some stuff for my sister in law who was coming in the afternoon so I stayed in to organise for that while my mum and dad took Elisa and Carolin out to the local golf club because Carolin likes to play golf.

Once they got back we had lunch and then we waited until my sister in law Kirsty came. She is a beauty therapist so was going to give us all some skincare tips and things like this. We had also invited the people that had taken Carolin up to Glasgow as a thank you.

I was up first and Kirsty gave us a quick facial which was so relaxing that I thought I was going to fall asleep! Then I was asked to choose a face mask but I couldn't choose so Carolin chose for me. She decided that I should have the chocolate face mask which smelt AMAZING! Also it was a self heating mask which made my face feel extremely warm!

We all took turn getting the same thing done but all getting a variety of face masks there was also: tropical smoothie, cherry and a vanilla one. They weren't all self heating ones some were of a clear consistency but they all smelled amazing!

Once we had all had our faces done we got our nails done. I got a shimmery purple nail polish to go with my dress that I was going to wear to the ceilidh and I also got two little flower stickers on my ring fingers.

In the evening my brother came to visit along with my niece Lucy and my nephew Ben and we had a BBQ because we were still getting amazing weather! The food was so good I had like 4 burgers!

We spent the rest of the evening just relaxing because the week so far had been full speed ahead so it was nice to have some down time.

See you tomorrow for another post:)


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

German Exchange ~ Saturday

Hey Guys!

So I'm back with another Exchange update!

Saturday 21st June

Today was a little different to the others because it was the families that were to organise the activities and because my partners were so different in age and personalities we decided to split up and do different activities.

Carolin went with two German pupils that were her age up to Glasgow with their partners to go shopping and to do some sightseeing because we don't really get a lot of time to shop during the trips. When she came back she had bought lots of clothes and said her favourite place was Primark and to be honest I couldn't blame her!

I went with Elisa and my Mum to Loch Lomand Shores to visit the sea life centre and also have a look at the shops. We had to drive round by road again but at least the journey wasn't as long as it was when we went to Stirling! We both read our books on the way there: Elisa was reading The Secret Garden in English and I was reading The Lovely Bones. (This book is featured in my favourties post so you can see what I thought about it here.) The journey was actually really nice because it was such a nice day and I don't acually travel round by road very much so I enjoyed looking at the view as much as Elisa did.

When we got there we got a bit lost but it was okay we did get there in one piece! We first went for lunch at a wee cafe which was so cute and had really good cakes! We all had paninis and my mum and I had tea to drink and Elisa just had water.

After we had had our lunch we went into the Sea life Centre. We were told that while we were there we could see the otters and also the sea horses being fed if we wanted to see them. I hadn't been to the sea life centre in years so I was glad to be going back and seeing what had changed.

There were lots of different fish that were a variety of colours and there was also jelly fish. Seeing the otters being fed was definitely my highlight. They were so cute even though they did have very sharp teeth!

We spent hours there looking in all the tanks and trying to get really good photos with our phones. It was difficult because the fish kept moving so the photos were either really blurry or we had just missed the animals completely.

My favourite tank was the one that was like a tunnel. You got to see sharks, turtles and this massive snake fish thing. It was so cool seeing them swim above us.

It was soon time for us to go so we could pick up Carolin off of the ferry.

In the evening we had planned to go to my friend Calum's house who was also on the exchange as well as his brother to watch the world cup game. It was Germany vs Ghana and even though I'm not that interested in football I was quite excited to just kind of chill with everyone.

We watched the football and if I'm honest it was quite a boring game nothing exciting really happened. In the end it was 2-2 so we were all glad that Germany hadn't lost! It was a nice evening because we all just relaxed and I got to know Calum and Fraser's partners who were called Flo and Jason.

So that's another day down! There will be another post tomorrow of my activities. :)


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

German Exchange ~ Friday

Hey Guys
So you can see that I posted yesterday and now today! That has never happened before but I thought that instead of updating the trip every now and again I would do it in one go!

I don't even know if you like this diary thing but I'm just going to keep going with it...

Friday 20th June

So today was the first day that we were going to be going outside of where I live which is a plus because it's usually a lot more fun but the downside is that we have to travel quite far and to make matters worse we were going to be driving round by road instead of getting the ferry.

We were going to be visiting Stirling to see Stirling Castle and also the Battle of Bannockburn Visitors Centre.

We first went to Stirling Castle which was basically the exact same as Edinburgh Castle because it was built on a big hill over looking the city and also it looked awfully similar. We were given one of those audio tours each even though we didn't really use them. I went round the Castle with both of my partners Elisa and Carolin which I just realised I haven't even introduced them to you... OOPS!

Carolin is the same age as me, 17, and likes to play golf, like my mum and dad, and she also does ballet, like me. She was also really friendly with everyone both Scottish and German even though she didn't really know any of the German pupils. We got on very well and had the same sort of sense of humour. Also she was stunning!

Elisa was 2 years younger than me, 15, and also she was the complete opposite to Carolin. She kept to herself and didn't talk much to both Scottish and German pupils which made it really difficult to get to know her but she was lovely. She likes to read like me and she also borrowed one of my books to read which I found pretty impressive!

So back to Stirling Castle... We went round all of the fancy rooms with the audio tour but after we had seen them we kind of just left the audio tour
because they were pretty boring and too long. It was such a nice day so we spent a lot of the time exploring the castle's gardens and taking lot's of pictures!

Once our time was up we went to the Battle of Bannockburn where we had lunch and also had a group picture! I doubt you can see me but I am right at the front with blonde hair and a blue top on.

We also went round the visitor centre which had a 3D aspect which was really cool! We learnt about why the Battle of Bannockburn happened and also what weapons they used. We also had a chance to have our own Battle I was on the English side and we sort of changed history and won! I definitely preferred this to Stirling Castle.

On a Friday evening I usually have a radio show with my friend Sean so I decided to take my German partners along with me. They didn't talk much but they told me that they were worried that their English was too bad when really it was amazing! I hope they enjoyed their radio experience!

After the radio we went and had a Scottish classic. A CHIPPY! I had my usual which is a half battered pizza and chips super unhealthy but so good! Elisa had a battered sausage and chips and Carolin had chicken strips and chips. They also got to try Irn Bru for the first time. They said it was very nice even though it was really sweet!

Thanks for checking out the second part of this German Exchange thing!


Monday, 7 July 2014

German Exchange ~ Thursday

Hey Guys!
So as you know I have been away from blogging for a while and there are a lot of little reasons why I have been away and one of them is that I was on the German Exchange. So I thought that I would try something a little bit different and do a sort of diary entry of my experience. I don't know if this will work but it is worth a try!

My school runs an exchange with a school in Furth, Bavaria in Germany and it has now been running for 26 years! I have been taken part since I was in 2nd Year so this was going to be my fourth exchange trip. This year was the year where the Germans came to Scotland it isn't as exciting as going to Germany but it is still time off school!

For the first time ever I was going to be getting a new partner whereas the other three years I had had the same one. Last minute I was asked to take another person because a Scottish person had to drop out. Waiting for them to arrive I was really nervous because I was worried that the two German girls weren't going to get on.

Thursday 19th June

The first full day of the exchange was a day where the German pupils got to experience a Scottish school. I unfortunately had to wear my uniform to school but the weird thing about this was how fascinated my German partners were because they can wear whatever they want to school.

We also weren't to have breakfast at my house because our school was providing a full Scottish breakfast which I was really excited about! When we got to school it was really weird because I didn't really know anyone on the exchange who was Scottish and it didn't help that more or less every Scottish person was trying to have a look at the Germans! (I suffer from anxiety and I don't really like lot's of people looking at me this is why I found it weird!)

When the bell went we went into a gym hall to have our breakfast where we could have: scrambled egg, bacon, squared sausage, haggis, black pudding and potato scone. I had everything! But my German partners only had egg, bacon and potato scone. I don't think they liked the look of the haggis and black pudding!

After we had had our breakfast which went down really well we were to take our partners to a class with us but I had a free period so instead I took them on a tour around the school. They found it really weird how we had classes like Home Economics which is where you cook and also Technical which is where we build things like tables and book shelves. It was strange showing someone my school which I don't find anything special but they found fascinating.

Once the hour had finished we all hoped onto the coach to head to a local outdoor centre. Here we were separated into different groups to do various activities. We did swimming where we played different games and volleyball, archery I found this really fun and surprisingly easy and also we did aero-ball which is basketball on trampolines which was really difficult and got quite boring easily.

Soon it was time for us to head back to school and if I was honest I didn't want the day to end because we had had such fun doing all these different activities.

In the evening The Fault In Our Stars had been released in our local cinema so we decided to go and see it. My German exchange partners English was pretty flawless so they could understand more or less the whole film and also we all cried. It was a bit embarrassing crying in front of them after only meeting them for a day but the whole cinema was crying so I didn't feel that bad. If you want to see what I thought about the film I have also posted a review of it.

So this was my first day of the exchange I hope you have enjoyed this sort of diary post! :)


Friday, 4 July 2014

The Fault In Our Stars ~ Movie Review

Hey Guys!

So it's review time again except this time it is not an album, this time it is about a movie...

Yes! That's right I went to go and see The Fault in Our Stars on the 19th June (the day it came out in the UK) and I cried. A lot!


The Fault In Our Stars or #TFIOS as it is known on Twitter is the film adaptation of the book by the same by the author John Green. You may also know him as 1 half of the vlogbrothers on YouTube. I had read the book before going to see the film so I was fully prepared for what was going to happen. I had packed plenty of tissues and also my local cinema was handing them out as well! I knew I was going to cry, I mean I cried at the bloody advert. THE ADVERT! ( also you can watch the trailer here)

I went to the cinema with a large group of friends both boys and girls and we all cried. In fact the whole cinema cried! The boys were trying to deny it after we had seen the film but I say their tears!

What set me off though was all the little things that were said that was also said in the book like when Gus said "Okay" and then Hazel said "Okay" or "I'm a grenade." I don't even know why I started crying at those parts but I think it was because they had such a big meaning even though they were so small.

If you didn't know The Fault In Our Stars is about two teenagers suffering with cancer called Hazel Grace and Augustus. The meet at a support group and you see how their relationship grows through all of the good things like falling in love and also the bad things like how they both suffer with cancer. It is such a beautiful love story and really changes your perspective on terminal illness.


I would basically call The Fault In Our Stars my generations The Notebook due to the fact that there hasn't been a movie this good and also where more or less everybody that has seen it has cried. The love story is just perfect it is the kind of love that we all dream we had possibly not the cancer but definitely that kind of love.

The film is also one of the best adaptations I have ever see and that is saying something! I think it is because the movie stays so true to the book and doesn't leave anything out. The other thing I like about this movie is that it makes you laugh and cry so it is not all just filled with depressing stuff!

I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who hasn't seen it even if they haven't read the book even though I am a firm believer of reading the book first!

I would definitely give this film 5/5 and would call it the film of the summer!

Thanks for reading and hope we will catch up soon!:)


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

June Favourites

Hey Guys!

It's that time again for another favourite post!



1.) My first favourite is the Spotless Skin Spot Zapper by Simple. It is basically a little tube that you roll over your spots once a day and reduces the size and redness of your spots.

2.) Next up is this amazing turquoise nail polish. I actually got it free in Company magazine with another nail polish that was a nude colour but I have been wearing this turquoise one constantly!

3.) This month I have also been obsessed with the perfume Givenchy Play. It's what I like to call my "expensive" perfume and wear it usually for fancy occasions and I have had a lot this month!It has a very sweet scent and is definitely a good one for summer!


1.) As you all know I am a bit obsessed when it comes to t.v shows and would definitely call myself a fangirl! This month I decided to rewatch Gossip Girl because I hadn't actually seen all of it and I still didn't know who Gossip Girl was and I must say I was so shocked when I found out who it was!

2.) Because I love to read I must add a book to my favourites! The book that I have loved reading this month was The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I have wanted to read this book for such a long time since I have seen it numerous times online as a book to read before you are 18 and I've done it! It's quite a dark book especially the first chapter but it makes you think about what happens to you and other people around you after you have died.

3.) Now the movie that was my favourite this month is one that I have been anticipating all year and it is The Fault In Our Stars. I had read the book before hand and knew what I was in for and boy did I cry! In fact the whole cinema cried! It was better than I expected and honestly is the best film adaptation I have ever seen. (There will be a review coming very soon!)

Random Stuff

1.) My favourite drink this month has been Mac B Cranberry & Rasberry flavoured water. I've been going through bottles of this stuff and it's so tasty plus it's sugar free! It's been so warm and it's definitely key to keep hydrated!

2.) Seeing as I was in Glasgow and Edinburgh this month I got to do a bit of shopping and I got this brown satchel from Primark and I am honestly in love! I've been on the lookout for a nice satchel that wasn't too big or too expensive and this one was the perfect fit! Plus it was only £8!

3.) This month it has been very hot and sunny in Scotland and that hardly ever happens here so you need to grab every tiny bit of sunshine you can get. So I've been constantly wearing these tie die high-waisted shorts that I got in Germany last year and OMG they are so comfy!

Thanks for checking out my favourites and speak soon:)