Tuesday, 8 July 2014

German Exchange ~ Friday

Hey Guys
So you can see that I posted yesterday and now today! That has never happened before but I thought that instead of updating the trip every now and again I would do it in one go!

I don't even know if you like this diary thing but I'm just going to keep going with it...

Friday 20th June

So today was the first day that we were going to be going outside of where I live which is a plus because it's usually a lot more fun but the downside is that we have to travel quite far and to make matters worse we were going to be driving round by road instead of getting the ferry.

We were going to be visiting Stirling to see Stirling Castle and also the Battle of Bannockburn Visitors Centre.

We first went to Stirling Castle which was basically the exact same as Edinburgh Castle because it was built on a big hill over looking the city and also it looked awfully similar. We were given one of those audio tours each even though we didn't really use them. I went round the Castle with both of my partners Elisa and Carolin which I just realised I haven't even introduced them to you... OOPS!

Carolin is the same age as me, 17, and likes to play golf, like my mum and dad, and she also does ballet, like me. She was also really friendly with everyone both Scottish and German even though she didn't really know any of the German pupils. We got on very well and had the same sort of sense of humour. Also she was stunning!

Elisa was 2 years younger than me, 15, and also she was the complete opposite to Carolin. She kept to herself and didn't talk much to both Scottish and German pupils which made it really difficult to get to know her but she was lovely. She likes to read like me and she also borrowed one of my books to read which I found pretty impressive!

So back to Stirling Castle... We went round all of the fancy rooms with the audio tour but after we had seen them we kind of just left the audio tour
because they were pretty boring and too long. It was such a nice day so we spent a lot of the time exploring the castle's gardens and taking lot's of pictures!

Once our time was up we went to the Battle of Bannockburn where we had lunch and also had a group picture! I doubt you can see me but I am right at the front with blonde hair and a blue top on.

We also went round the visitor centre which had a 3D aspect which was really cool! We learnt about why the Battle of Bannockburn happened and also what weapons they used. We also had a chance to have our own Battle I was on the English side and we sort of changed history and won! I definitely preferred this to Stirling Castle.

On a Friday evening I usually have a radio show with my friend Sean so I decided to take my German partners along with me. They didn't talk much but they told me that they were worried that their English was too bad when really it was amazing! I hope they enjoyed their radio experience!

After the radio we went and had a Scottish classic. A CHIPPY! I had my usual which is a half battered pizza and chips super unhealthy but so good! Elisa had a battered sausage and chips and Carolin had chicken strips and chips. They also got to try Irn Bru for the first time. They said it was very nice even though it was really sweet!

Thanks for checking out the second part of this German Exchange thing!