Friday, 11 July 2014

German Exchange ~ Monday

Hey Guys!

So today's post is about our trip up to Scotland's capital Edinburgh!

Monday 23rd June

Like on Friday we were going to be visiting two different places, Edinburgh Castle and also the Scottish Whiskey Experience.

Today we took a different route. Today we travelled by ferry which takes about 40 minutes off of our journey which was great! The journey was still about 2 hours and again I read the book The Lovely Bones and also listened to X by Ed Sheeran which is a great album! (review post coming soon!)

First all of  all of us went to Edinburgh Castle where we were free to roam about and have a look around. This time I went round with Elisa, my friend Tegan and also another boy called Calum and his partner Stefano.

We went to see the Scottish Crown Jewels. I was actually surprised about how much I actually knew about them before going to see them. They were pretty impressive with all of the diamonds and gold. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take photos.

We also had a look around the fancy rooms like we did in Stirling Castle but these ones weren't as impressive as the rooms in Stirling.

At Edinburgh Castle there is a thing called The 1 O'clock Gun where they fire a gun to announce that it is 1 o'clock. We went and bought our lunch before going to see it. There is such a build up before the gun goes off because so many people are waiting ready to film  it and it gets so crowded. But I was pretty disappointed once it went off because it was such an anti climax.

It was soon time for us to leave the Castle and go to the Whiskey Experience. Here we were separated into German and Scottish. The German pupils went first while we waited. Then it was our turn and we were all separated into three's to go round the museum. I was with Calum and Calum. It's confusing I know!

We sat in a small ride that told us about how whiskey is made and if I was honest it was quite boring because the ride was going at a snail pace I honestly felt like I was going to fall asleep!

After this we then joined all the Scottish group again where we were given a talk about how the whiskey taste can change depending on were it was made. Unfortunately we weren't able to taste it but we were give 'scratch and sniff" cards so we sort of got the idea as well as a glass of Irn Bru!

Once we had finished at the Whiskey Experience we were given some free time to go shopping and have a look around the Royal Mile. I went around with Calum and Calum again because the Germans had finished before us. We were almost at the Scottish Parliament when I got a call from Carolin saying that she was with Elisa, Flo and Jason and they didn't know how to get back. I found out that were on Princes Street the complete opposite place than where we were supposed to be. So I went with Calum to go and find them.

We did find them near the Scottish Art Gallery after about a thousand phone calls trying to see where abouts they were. We had 40 minutes until we meet the rest of the group at the Scottish Parliament so we decided that we could shop for a quick ten minutes that turned into 35 because the Germans wanted to go into Primark.

We were then late to the Scottish Parliment but it turned out that we weren't the last ones to arrive which made me feel a bit better! We had another group picture and then we all got on the buses to go home.

We didn't get home until after 8 o'clock so we decided to just chill in the evening and just talk instead of going out and doing an activity.

Speak to you tomorrow about the rest of my trip:)