Wednesday, 9 July 2014

German Exchange ~ Saturday

Hey Guys!

So I'm back with another Exchange update!

Saturday 21st June

Today was a little different to the others because it was the families that were to organise the activities and because my partners were so different in age and personalities we decided to split up and do different activities.

Carolin went with two German pupils that were her age up to Glasgow with their partners to go shopping and to do some sightseeing because we don't really get a lot of time to shop during the trips. When she came back she had bought lots of clothes and said her favourite place was Primark and to be honest I couldn't blame her!

I went with Elisa and my Mum to Loch Lomand Shores to visit the sea life centre and also have a look at the shops. We had to drive round by road again but at least the journey wasn't as long as it was when we went to Stirling! We both read our books on the way there: Elisa was reading The Secret Garden in English and I was reading The Lovely Bones. (This book is featured in my favourties post so you can see what I thought about it here.) The journey was actually really nice because it was such a nice day and I don't acually travel round by road very much so I enjoyed looking at the view as much as Elisa did.

When we got there we got a bit lost but it was okay we did get there in one piece! We first went for lunch at a wee cafe which was so cute and had really good cakes! We all had paninis and my mum and I had tea to drink and Elisa just had water.

After we had had our lunch we went into the Sea life Centre. We were told that while we were there we could see the otters and also the sea horses being fed if we wanted to see them. I hadn't been to the sea life centre in years so I was glad to be going back and seeing what had changed.

There were lots of different fish that were a variety of colours and there was also jelly fish. Seeing the otters being fed was definitely my highlight. They were so cute even though they did have very sharp teeth!

We spent hours there looking in all the tanks and trying to get really good photos with our phones. It was difficult because the fish kept moving so the photos were either really blurry or we had just missed the animals completely.

My favourite tank was the one that was like a tunnel. You got to see sharks, turtles and this massive snake fish thing. It was so cool seeing them swim above us.

It was soon time for us to go so we could pick up Carolin off of the ferry.

In the evening we had planned to go to my friend Calum's house who was also on the exchange as well as his brother to watch the world cup game. It was Germany vs Ghana and even though I'm not that interested in football I was quite excited to just kind of chill with everyone.

We watched the football and if I'm honest it was quite a boring game nothing exciting really happened. In the end it was 2-2 so we were all glad that Germany hadn't lost! It was a nice evening because we all just relaxed and I got to know Calum and Fraser's partners who were called Flo and Jason.

So that's another day down! There will be another post tomorrow of my activities. :)