Thursday, 10 July 2014

German Exchange ~ Sunday

Hey Guys!

So another exchange post! This one isn't as long as the others because it was quite a chilled day.

Sunday 22nd June

We all got to sleep in today which was great because we were all getting so tired with being so busy all the time! In the morning I had to do some stuff for my sister in law who was coming in the afternoon so I stayed in to organise for that while my mum and dad took Elisa and Carolin out to the local golf club because Carolin likes to play golf.

Once they got back we had lunch and then we waited until my sister in law Kirsty came. She is a beauty therapist so was going to give us all some skincare tips and things like this. We had also invited the people that had taken Carolin up to Glasgow as a thank you.

I was up first and Kirsty gave us a quick facial which was so relaxing that I thought I was going to fall asleep! Then I was asked to choose a face mask but I couldn't choose so Carolin chose for me. She decided that I should have the chocolate face mask which smelt AMAZING! Also it was a self heating mask which made my face feel extremely warm!

We all took turn getting the same thing done but all getting a variety of face masks there was also: tropical smoothie, cherry and a vanilla one. They weren't all self heating ones some were of a clear consistency but they all smelled amazing!

Once we had all had our faces done we got our nails done. I got a shimmery purple nail polish to go with my dress that I was going to wear to the ceilidh and I also got two little flower stickers on my ring fingers.

In the evening my brother came to visit along with my niece Lucy and my nephew Ben and we had a BBQ because we were still getting amazing weather! The food was so good I had like 4 burgers!

We spent the rest of the evening just relaxing because the week so far had been full speed ahead so it was nice to have some down time.

See you tomorrow for another post:)