Saturday, 12 July 2014

German Exchange ~ Tuesday

Hey Guys!

So today's post is probably my favourite because I enjoyed this day so much!

Tuesday 24th June

Today we were going to be going to a place we had never been before with the Exchange and that was a small seaside town called Largs which is on the opposite side of the Clyde than where I live.

Again we got to travel by ferry but the journey was only about 40 minutes which was great and I sat beside Tegan and we talked about how the Exchange had been so far.

When we got there we were separated into 2 groups the first would go into Vikingar and the other group would have some free time. I was in the second group so we decided to go and get some lunch. We decided to go to the famous ice cream parlour called Nardinni's for lunch but it was so busy and expensive so we went to Subway instead of course! But after we had a subway we went back to Nardinni's for ice cream. I got a mix of oreo ice cream and also Scottish tablet ice cream. It was so good!

We had some more free time till we had to go to Vikingar so we went and sat by the beach which the Germans were fascinated about because there is nothing like it near where they stay. We got a group photo which was really nice. I am the one in the black jumper.

It was then time for us to go into Vikingar which again was pretty boring. Most of the activities that we do are quite boring because they have to have an educational aspect to it. The good part was that we watched a 15 minute film where we got to sleep!

After we had finished at Vikingar it was time for us to go. We were only having a quick trip away today because in the evening we were going to have a Scottish Ceilidh which is basically a dance where we do tradional Scottish dancing.

I had been planning what I was going to wear for the ceilidh way before it was even nearly even time for the exchange because for me it is always the highlight. I think that it helps that I am a Scottish music enthusiast.

I decided to wear my black skater dress with a floral pattern that I got from Forever 21 and it's always a good idea to wear flats to a ceilidh because you usually get thrown about all over the place! Mine are maroon coloured and from Newlook as well as my maroon blazer.

When we got to the school we had my friend outside playing the bagpipes to welcome us and also there was a local ceilidh band playing inside. People from past exchanges were also allowed to come to the ceilidh if they wanted to and my friends Sharon and Rachel came. We also got some of the highland dancers to do some of their dancing so the Germans had an idea of what it looked like.

We did lots of traditional dancing like the Gay Gordan's, Dashing White Sargent and Strip The Willow as well as many others. I always tried to get a German person to dance with me because I actually knew the dances. After dancing with Flo for the rest of the trip he kept commenting on how good my dancing was which I thought was funny!
Look how small I am compared to Jason and Flo!

They were actually all really good at the dancing and were all willing to dance which is always great because sometimes the Germans are a bit nervous. The local band was great and it was a nice evening with great fun. After the ceilidh band had finished we had a bit of a mini rave because we always have some of that when we go to Germany.

So tomorrows post will be the last because it was my last day on the exchange :(