Monday, 14 July 2014

German Exchange ~ Wednesday

Hey Guys!

So today's post in the last in the German Exchange 2014 series because this was their last full day in Scotland that wasn't spent on a coach going back to Germany!

Wednesday 25th June

So today was the last full day of the exchange and we usually go and have a fun day which has a very small aspect of education.

Today we went to Scotland's largest city, Glasgow where we visitied the Glasgow Science Centre. We travelled by ferry and by bus like what we have done for the past few days but the journey was only an hour and 45 minutes.

When we got there we were booked in to go and have a show in the planetarium where we learnt about stars and planets. The good thing about going to the planetarium is that it has super comfy seats and its really dark so it has quite a chilled atmosphere.

After the planetarium we had a chance to explore the Science Mall which had 3 floors. I went round with Calum and we tried all of the illusion things because we both never got them to work! This was really fun and relaxed and there was such a variety of things to do!

When we went back down to the 2nd floor of the mall we found more or less all of the Germans building a tower with these weird flat building things that I have no clue what they were called! It was so tall that the Science Centre staff were measuring it to see if it was the tallest they had ever had and it was! There was a tape measure and everything! It was about 37 metres high.
Now that's what you call "Good German Engineering!"

Once all the excitement had finished with the big tower we had to take it all down because the staff said it was too dangerous to keep it up because it was so high! We then got back on the bus and headed to Braehead for a bit of retail therapy.

To be honest I wasn't really that excited about going shopping, I was honestly more excited about going to KFC because there isn't one near where I live! But I did go shopping a little bit. I bought a pair of £2 sunglasses from Primark and that's about it,

I always go into the Apple Store and Hollister just to have a look around but everything is always so expensive! I enjoyed going into Waterstones because I am a bit of a bookworm!

In the evening because it was the last night I decided to go out for dinner with Calum, Fraser, Flo and Jason as well as Carolin. Elisa didn't want to come because she didn't feel very well. I felt horrible for leaving her but she wanted us to have fun!

We went to a local restaurant called The 51st State where they sell typical American food like burgers and milkshakes and that is exactly what I had! I had a bacon burger and a chocolate milkshake and it was so good!

After we had had dinner we went to Castle Garden's which is basically a park where we met up with more or less the rest of the exchange! It was so chilled and we all talked and took photos and listened to music.

It was then time to say goodbye because the bus was leaving for Germany at 6:30am so we thought it would be better to have a proper goodbye now and a quick one tomorrow! Flo and Jason kept giving me hugs and said they were going to miss me which I thought was pretty cute!

So that's it! There is a sort of diary entry about my time on the German Exchange. I hope you enjoyed it and we shall catch up soon!