Sunday, 27 July 2014

Teen Wolf | Season 4 Premier

Hey Guys!

* This post contains spoilers so I've warned you!*

So as you guys know I have been so busy over the past few months with being on the German Exchange, family visiting and also being away on holiday. Because of this I haven't had any time to watch some of my favourite summer shows. Seeing as I'm a complete tv fanatic it has been killing me!

Now that I have some time on my hands I finally get to watch them! Away back in March when I first started this blog I talked about the season finale of Teen Wolf and also Pretty Little Liars and now they are back with a brand spanking new season. If you want to catch up on what happened in the last season then check it out.

Season 4 of Teen Wolf is going to be like no other and I haven't even watched it yet. How do I know this? Well in the last season they killed off two main characters one of them being Aidan one of the twins who had a thing with Lydia. If I'm honest I wasn't that upset about his death because it now makes room for Stydia! Whereas when Allison one of the main, main, main cast members was killed I cried like a baby because I knew that my OTP for the show was pretty much over (R.I.P Scallison).

With Allison and Aidan gone as well as Isaac gone who knows what the dynamics between the characters will be. All I know is that I can't wait to find out!

So on with what happened in the premiere of season 4...

It starts with Stiles and Lydia in some sort of foreign place which is later revealed as Mexio. Together they enter this strange club with very strong security the audience still has no clue why they are there and if anyone is with them. They then get taken to a room off to the side where you see them talking to the women that captured Derek in the last season. Stiles brings out tons of money and says that they want to buy Derek back. While the women just laughs and tell them that it is stupid that they have come alone.

But they are not alone. Scott, Kira and Malia are there just blended in with the people who are having fun in the club. The women sends her guards out looking for them and they do end up finding them even though it did take a while. She captures them all into this weird bathroom/cell thing except for Lydia.

The women then asks Lydia how her powers work but Lydia herself doesn't even know how she became a banshee or what that actually entails. The audience then finds out that the women doesn't have Derek anymore and that the gangs trip has been pretty pointless until the women forces Scott to think about who might have Derek.

In the season finale, Allison's aunt makes a return and we also find out that she is some type of werewolf with glowing green eyes. We also find out that she is the one that is holding Derek captive. Turns out that the women (it's really annoying me how I don't know her name. I hate constantly writing 'the women' so let me know if you have a clue to what she is actually called!) has heard where Kate last was and she tried sending some of her own men to get Derek but they never returned so she has now challenged Scott to go retrieve him.

Scott isn't alone though he also has the girl that rescued Isaac in the last season who was on a motorbike (vague I know but again I have no clue what her name is!). They arrive at what looks like a deserted city where the only building that is still standing is the church. Why the church? You may ask well it's because it was built on an old Aztec temple. Look at me sounding all knowledgeable hahaha :').

As they enter the church they begin their search for Derek. They have to go deep underground and Scott gets a strange feeling that something is following them. Turns out he is right and it is this giant monster thing that they don't actually know what it is. They try running away from it but it is extremely fast so Scott does the only thing he can think of and that is use his power as an Alpha and does and extremely loud roar and it scares the thing off. But his roar doesn't only just scare off the monster it also exposes this weird symbol thing.

The girl tells Scott that she is pretty sure that Derek is behind it so Scott breaks the wall down. Something is wrong though it isn't actually what Derek used to look like in the last season instead it is what he looks like when he was a teenage boy.

And it ends there! I was so shocked my mouth was literally hanging open. In my opinion Teen Wolf always has the best shocks because it is quite easy, for me anyway, to stay away from the spoilers compared to other tv shows.

So there you go a not so quick recap of what happened. I hope you liked it and there will be with Pretty Little Liars season premier soon.

I'm going to go now because I have a few more episodes of Teen Wolf to catch up on. :)