Thursday, 24 July 2014

X ~ Album Review

Hey Guys!

So I'm back from my week away on the wee island called Tiree and now I feel so relaxed even though I was at a music festival doesn't really make sense I know!

I've been really enjoying getting back into this blogging thing and this post is something that I have been meaning to do for aggggeeesss so here it is!

X or Multiply is singer songwriter, Ed Sheeran's second album. I have been a massive fan of Ed for ages and his songs are honestly perfection so I was counting down the days until this album was released. The thing I really enjoyed about the release of this album is that during the week before the album was released iTunes released a new song a day which got me so psyched up for the full album.

So back to the album...

1.) One

One was the first song written for this album and the cool thing about it is that it was written on  a guitar made out of a whiskey bottle in a hotel in Perth! This song is definitely a classic Ed Sheeran song with more or less just Ed singing with his guitar it's a slow one and definitely good for when you are going through a break up!

2.) I'm A Mess

Again this song is one with just Ed and his guitar which is always one of my favourite combinations. In my opinion it is not a track that stands out for me even though it is so good it is definitely not one of my favourites!

3.)  Sing

Sing was the first song that we ever heard from X and I must say when I first heard it all I kept thinking is that Sheeran's gone mainstream why??? But after I had listened to it quite a few times I started to like it and the new direction that Ed's music was going in. This song is definitely one that you have to listen to more than once until you can realise its full potential.

4.) Don't

Now this song is definitely one of my favourites from the album. I like it so much that it is actually my alarm in the morning! Don't is definitely one of those classic break up songs and let's be honest who doesn't love a good break up song? The thing for me is that it has a great beat in the background and it is one of those songs that paint a picture which Ed Sheeran is very good at!

5.) Nina

Nina is another of my favourite tracks. I definitely like the hip hop influence that has appeared on this album which is so strange because I'm not a huge fan of hip hop! It also has such a powerful meaning about how Ed is telling this girl, Nina, that she is too good for him and should just leave him.

6.) Photograph

Another classic Sheeran song in my opinion. This is definitely a lot of my friends favourite tracks and I would have to agree with them! I have no idea why it is so good it just is! Ed did say that this song made the album so that might be why it is so good.

7.) Bloodstream

I love the beat in this song! In fact I love everything about this song! It's just so different to what Ed Sheeran normally does except it is exactly the same. That makes no sense I know but ahh well!

8.) Tenerife Sea

Tenerife is one of my favourite places in the world so when I saw the name of this track I knew that I was just going to love it! Even though the song isn't actually about Tenerife but about a girl who remind him of the Tenerife sea. This is definitely one of my favourite ballads that is on the album.

9.) Runaway

Runaway again is a track that has that very hip hoppy influenced beat in the background and also again I'm in love with it! This was also another track that Ed worked with Pharrell it also took a little getting used to! But if you see me about in the car you can probably hear me screaming "I know what I wanna do, I wanna runaway, runaway with you!"

10.) The Man

Now when I first heard The Man I didn't like it because it's one of those rap songs that Ed does. I'm still not massively fond of it because rap isn't exactly my kind of scene but it is definitely a good mix up when you listen to the whole album.

11.) Thinking Out Loud

This is genuinely one of my favourite tracks in the album. It is just so beautifully written and has such a powerful meaning about how you should fight for love to last. This was also the last song that was written for X and Ed Sheeran called it the only "happy" song on the album.

12.) Afire Love

The last song on the album really does have a beautiful back story to it. It is about Ed Sheeran's grandfather who suffered from Alzheimer's disease. The song was actually written 2 weeks before he passed away and Ed finished the song after the funeral. The back story alone brings a tear to my eye but this song was definitely the main tear jerker for me!

So there you have it my take on Ed Sheeran's X! I hope you liked what I had to say about it and I want to know if you agree!

Talk Soon :)