Thursday, 28 August 2014

A Little Summary

Hey Guys!

So as you can see I now have a completely different blog design. I have even completely changed the colour scheme and if I'm honest I'm pretty proud of how it looks now! I decided to change the look of my blog because I wasn't to fond of the one I had before and also it was one of  your run of the mill blogger templates so I thought I would break away from that. I used a website called pic monkey to help me design my new header and also the new picture at the side. Pic monkey is a great photo editor and also it is free! I'm only a beginner when it comes to all of this and I found it very basic to use!

Also some of you might be asking why I didn't post this as soon as my blog changed but it was because I was in the middle of my TMF 2014 series so I didn't want to interrupt that. 

Also I have changed and added a few social media things so if you want to follow me then I have changed my Google + because I had more than one email and I was getting extremely confused with what went with each email so you can go follow me there. I have also just created an instagram with photos from my day to day life if you want to see those then you can follow me there as well.

So yeah that is all the changes with this blog and my social media stuff. Hopefully now that I have a new blog design it will motivate me to blog more but I am not promising anything!
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