Tuesday, 12 August 2014

July Favourites

Hey Guys!

So as you can tell by the title and seeing as the month of July has finished it is time for me to tell you all the things that I have fallen in love with this month! This post is honestly so late and I really have no excuse except that it's my summer holidays and I was enjoying the sunshine so yeah...


1.) So my first favourite is such a simple thing but I have honestly been wearing it everyday and that is, chapstick. Told you it was such a simple thing! So it's been really sunny hear in Scotland and when it's hot like this my lips always get quite sore not to the extent of burnt but close so this is perfect because it has an SPF of 10 which isn't great but it is better than nothing!

2.) I have such a big family and because of this I get given quite a lot of presents for birthdays and Christmases. I am often given lots of body stuff and bath stuff but I am always really bad at using them because I just am there isn't really an excuse. So this month I decided to have a bit of clear out and I have been loving Dreams Unlimited by The Body Shop body lotion. I only have a miniature and it came with a shower gel as well and omg it smells incredible!

3.) I have also been up at the Glasgow Commonwealth games and I also stopped by the Lush shop (lets be honest who wouldn't?) and I bought this massive box of random bath bombs. I suffer from pretty bad anxiety so having a bath is something I do often because it calms me down and these bath bombs have just been making it amazing they smell incredible! My favourite was a sea weed one it smelt of lemons and stuff.


1.) This month I finally got to catch up with my favourite summer shows because I have been not as busy and I have been loving season 4 of  Teen Wolf. It's only going to be a 12 episode season which I am pretty crushed about because I wish it was longer but it has already been renewed for a season 5! I did a review kind of thing for the premier if you want to see what happened..

2.) So many new albums came out this month and I was also away at a music festival so choosing my favourite music thing was really hard but I stuck with my gut and have decided that Lewis Watson has been my favourite. He released his debut album, The Morning on the 7th of July so super early in the month and I have fallen in love with him even more. He had a YouTube channel and that's how I found him before he released his album and I am so happy for all of his success!

3.) If I'm not on the internet I'm probably reading a book and this month I finally jumped on the bandwagon that is Game Of  Thrones. All of my friends have been telling me to go watch the series so I looked it up online and I found that it is based on a book series and I am a firm believer of reading the book first so that's what I have done. It was amazing I am waiting for the second one to arrive and there are just no words to describe how good it is!

4.) I don't enjoy watching films as much as I love reading books and watching tv shows but my list of to watch movies keeps getting longer and not at all shorter so I decided to try and cancel it down a bit. So I watched Endless Love with Alex Pettyfer who is gorgeous  and also Gabriella Wilde who is one of the most prettiest girls I have ever seen! It is the second film adaptation of the book by the same name but that one was made in the 80's so... It's such a beautiful story and I would definitely recommend it if you were having a girly sleepover or if you are in one of those 'meh' moods.


1.) I like to add a few random things to my favourites that really don't have a category because why not? It has been so warm and sunny over July which has been amazing because I didn't have to go abroad to get a tan! So I've been having lots of ice cream an and ice lollies. My favourite by far has been the rocket ice lollies that have 3 different flavours in them. I really like them because they remind me of when I was in primary school and we used to be given them when it was really hot.

2.) Another things that I have been using to help keep me cool and hydrated is drinking lots of milkshakes. Chocolate flavour to be precise. There are a few local cafes that make some of the best I have ever tasted and I definitely feel better getting a milkshake instead of a can of fizzy juice!

So there you go a few of my favourite things from the month of July! What have been your favourites from last month?

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