Thursday, 14 August 2014

TMF 2014 ~ Friday

Hey Guys!

So I guess this little diary entry thing has been a long time coming because as you know I was away to Tiree Music Festival last month from the 18th to 20th July and it was amazing! Not everyone gets to go to a festival so I thought I would tell you my experience about mine.

If you didn't know Tiree Music Festival or TMF is a small Scottish traditional music festival and it was named 'Best Small Festival in Scotland' in both 2012 and 2013. Tiree is a small island in Argyll & Bute and has the most stunning beaches in the whole of the UK or well that's my opinion anyway. It is also the sunniest place in Britain and if you live in the West Coast of Scotland then you will be glad to hear that Tiree has no midges!

I had travelled over on the Thursday to Tiree on a 4 and a half hour ferry that left from Oban. You would think that the journey would be awful but it actually isn't because the boat is absolutely full of people and the boat does only leave Oban at 8:15 so it's a good chance to catch up on some sleep!

I went with my friend Sean because he is also a massive Scottish music fan and once we got there we had set up our tents with a bunch of friends that we also new that had been on the island for a whole week.

Friday was going to be the first day that the music actually started unfortunately it wasn't until 18:00 so we had to amuse ourselves until then. When we got up we went to all the little food stalls to see what we could get to eat. There was such a variety from healthy porridge to burgers and chips. We decided to go with the Crepe Shack and I got a banoffee crepe it was one of the most amazing things I ate the whole weekend!

During the day the organisers had planned a Commonwealth themed sports activity because the Commonwealth Games was being held in Scotland and the people I was with signed up. We were called 'Wilson's Wilder beasts' because our team captain was called Jack Wilson. We even had a mascot! It was straw made Clyde the Commonwealth games mascot. Also we were the only team to have a mascot so I thought that was pretty good to be honest.

We had a variety of different activities to do like; football which the boys did and won one out of two of the games, volleyball which I took part in and I'm pretty sure we only won both of our games because of sheer luck because we were really terrible, athletics which I must say I wasn't very good at because I'm only small so my legs couldn't get me anywhere very fast but the other people in my team where much better than me and finally archery which I found really fun! I had already tried archery the month before on the German Exchange. The man even said that I was best which I think he only said because I was the only girl doing it...

I am the one in the very middle hahaha!

We didn't actually know but there was going to be prizes for the best teams and we were actually in the running for being first so we went to go and wait until the little ceremony. Unfortunately for me I didn't stay very long because I felt extremely anxious and was on the verge of having a panic attack so I had to leave to go have some quiet time. I was really frustrated with myself but it really can't be helped. But the rest of the guys stayed and got medals and we were also given a Tiree Glass trophey.

My older sister, Angela, was also at the music festival and she said that we could have dinner with her and her family so we did. It was a barbecue right beside the beach and it was amazing! I had these really nice burgers as well as chicken and of course lots of coleslaw and tuna pasta! It was such a good start to the beginning of the festival actually starting.

The head liner for the Friday night was Eddi Reader who I must admit I wasn't a fan of before going to the festival and even more so now that I have seen her live. Now don't get me wrong she has an amazing voice but she gave these really long winded stories about what her songs were about and even though I like that from time to time not after every song! Also on the main stage was Face The West at 23:00 and I just knew they were going to be good. I would describe them as 'celtic techno' is that is even a thing? But it has all the elements of a typical Scottish band with synthesisers in the background so the whole crowd was jumping! My favourite song was either The Heb Celt Bounce or Pint At The Local.

In the Tiree Trust Big Top tent, which was a brand new stage this year, was Ceol An Aire which means music beware in Gaelic a little fun fact for you! They are a young band based in Oban and they were incredible live! I have their CD but had never seen them live until then and honestly they were even better live! My favourites by them are either Beeswing or Stamping Ground. Their songs are ones that are very easy to pick up and the whole crowd loves. Also there was a cover band called Jam Sandwich their band name is hilarious but they were amazing! They did their take on popular music instead of it being the typical Scottish Stuff. At midnight a very old favourite of mine was on and they are called Gunna Sound. They are honestly all my dad's age and I find it so funny how they are rocking it out on stage to more or less a bunch of teenagers. This band is certainly have very wide audience with it being teenagers and again a shout out to my dad! I love their cover of Wagon Wheel it just has such an amazing atmosphere to it because they always perform it so you are constantly waiting for it!

After Gunna Sound had finished and went and got a midnight snack which was haggis, neeps and tatties. Very traditional I know and it was such a good decision because it was amazing!

So that's what happened on my first full day at TMF! :)

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