Sunday, 24 August 2014

TMF 2014 ~ Saturday

Hey Guys!

So obviously this post has been way over due because I have gone back to school this week and have really sucked at motivating myself to post this! I honestly feel like all I do is tell you guys how sorry I am for not posting regularly!

So Saturday was going to be the first full day of the festival but it wasn't going to start till 12:00 so I went to the only shop on the island with Sean to get some supplies that we thought we could need. One of them was chapstick which then became one of my favourites for the month. We also got some ham and pancakes to go with the jam and the wraps that we had brought with us for eating.

Once we got back to the campsite we went and hung out with our friends who we knew but we weren't camping with. I spent quite a lot of my time with them over the weekend which was great because quite a lot of them I went to primary school with so it was nice to hang out with them again.

The first band that I wanted to see was Ceol An Aire who we had already seen last night but they weren't going to be playing until 15:45 so I went with my niece, Caitlin and here friend, Megan to have a look around all of the stalls. There was one that was supported by the NHS which was handing out leaflets as well as free sun cream which was great because it was really warm! There were others that were craft stalls from local businesses from around Argyll and Bute. My favourite stall was the merchandise tent where I bought a TMF 5 hoodie and also a Skipinnish crop top that I ended up getting signed!

It was so time to watch Ceol An Aire for the second time and I was honestly so excited because they get the crowd going instantly. We stayed in the big tent because a band called Gentlemen of Few was going to be on next and we wanted to be at the front for them. They have quite a folky sound with a hint of bluegrass. This was the band that my sister and I were really looking forward to seeing before going to Tiree because we had really enjoyed their debut EP.

After Gentlemen of Few were finished, who were great by the way, there was going to be a circus show in the tent. We didn't feel like watching that but we were interested in seeing Trail West who we had really enjoyed last year and they were playing on the mainstage so we went and seen them. I really enjoyed them because they are your typical ceilidh band but my niece and her friend weren't so keen so after watching them for half their set we decided to go and get dinner. But on the way we got distracted by this really small acoustic tent where there was this girl singing with a voice like an angel! Her name was Zoe Bestel and we sat there for the rest of her set and then went up to her afterwards to tell her how amazing her voice was. She was honestly so sweet!

We then went and got some pizza which was great before getting ready to go back to the tent to go and see my absolute favourite Scottish ceilidh band, Skerryvore. We got right to the front and by 20:00 the tent was packed and they still had 15 minutes until they were going to start. Once they did though oh my god they were incredible! The tent had such an amazing atmosphere and more or less everyone knew all of the words! They played both old and new songs and I honestly just have no words for how perfect they were!

One of the main headliners for the Saturday was Sharon Shannon Big Band. I did go and see her for a bit but I felt quite anxious so I decided to go see if any of my friends were just chilling at their tents and I was in luck! My friends Lauren, Chloe and Leighann were all sitting down just chatting with everyone and taking tons of selfies and it helped an awful with my anxiety to just sit and relax and not really do anything.

 By 23:00 I felt a lot better and I was excited for one of the other main headliners called The Peatbog  Faeries. I hadn't seen them live since way back when I was in primary school so I was really excited to see them in a festival setting! They mix so many genres together that it is quite amazing how it all gels together. They had Scottish traditional, rock, pop, country, Latin and even house! But someone how it worked! I really enjoyed them and I was really glad I had gotten to see them again.

As the time slowly moved on to midnight I was getting more and more excited because Skipinnish was going to be playing the Big Top Tent! I had even gone and changed into my Skipinnish top because I was that excited! Once we were in the tent again it was absolutely packed again and I was so excited for them to play some of my favourite songs! Unfortunately we didn't get right to the front but in hindsight I'm glad I didn't because half way through I felt extremely anxious and I had to get out of the tent right away. Unfortunately because it was so hard and by the time I got out I was in the middle of a really bad panic attack.

I was then taken to the first aid station and all the stuff happened where they tried to calm me down and everything including doing different tests and all this. I'm used to it because my anxiety can get really bad but the thing I was most annoyed at was that I missed my favourite Skipinnish song and I even didn't see their whole set because while I was sitting in a chair struggling to breathe everyone was leaving the tent. It was then really awkward because lots of people begun to stare and then that didn't help at all but eventually my panic attack did calm down and even though it was horrible I'm quite glad it happened so late at night because I would of just felt so awful for the rest of the day if it happened earlier.

So there you go that's what happened on the Saturday of TMF 2014 :)


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