Tuesday, 26 August 2014

TMF 2014 ~ Sunday

Hey Guys!

So after I had had probably the worst night you could ever have a festival I had to carry on and try and continue to enjoy myself. I could tell I was very wary of my anxiety of the Sunday and it stopped me from going and enjoying some of my favourite bands which I regret now but I can't do anything about it.

The previous night I decided to sleep in my sisters tent partly because she was really worried about me and I thought a night in the family campsite would be good for me. I spent most of my morning in the shower queue because I forgot to bring dry shampoo with me always a great start to the day! I waited in the queue for 2 and a half hours and I was only in the shower for 15 minutes! I took so little time because I felt bad for all of the people still in the queue because I was in their position not that long ago and you got so annoyed when someone took extremely long in the shower!

By the time I finally had my shower and also had gotten ready it was 13:00 which meant that I only had to wait an hour and a half for an act that I was really excited for. The act was called Tiree: Outside The Box which was a Celtic connection gig away back in February that I went to with Sean. It is were all of the ceilidh bands that originated from Tiree all get together with a man that influenced most of them. It included bands like; Skerryvore, Skipinnish, Trail West, Gunna Sound and Dun Mor. It was amazing to see them all on the stage together again and you could tell it was a very emotional momet for all of those on stage.

There was another massive gap between the acts that I wanted to go and see so I went and chilled with my friends and met complete strangers one of them being a girl called Caitlin who I now get on with extremely well! We even went to Skipinnish together when they were on the stage and I didn't have a panic attack this time which meant that I got to hear Walking On The Waves live! They were amazing and definitely one of my highlights from the festival.

Once Skipinnish finished on the mainstage it was time for Gentlemen of Few to go on and again they were incredible. My niece and I were jumping like mad and I even got a shout out! They had such an amazing atmosphere and they looked like they were having such a good time on stage which made me have even more fun! After they had finished their set we went on a bit of a stalk and got our pictures with two of the band members, Elliott and Jarrod.

Again there was a massive gap between acts so I had dinner having haggis for like the 10,000th time that weekend #typicalscottishgirl and I even went on this weird bouncy castle thing as if I was 8 again. I must of looked like an absolute fool but it was so fun!

Finally it was time for the main headliner Julie Fowlis (the women that sings an awful lot of the songs from Brave). I was so excited to hear Julie Fowlis sing I Will Fly from Brave because it is honestly one of my absolute favourite songs ever. She sings an awful lot of Gaelic songs too so I was expecting to hear quite a few of them. As her set went on you could feel the crowd getting really excited for her to sing a song from Brave that they finally started chanting "Brave, brave, brave" but guess what?! She didn't sing a single song from Brave! I was so disappointed and I wasn't the only one because I was quite near the back where a lot of younger children were, some were even dressed up as Merida, and they all just burst into tears!

I then went back into the Big Top Tent to see Trail West for the final time that weekend and I have no words to describe how much I enjoyed it! There was ceilidh dancing off to one side, people were on random strangers shoulders, people were singing their hearts out it was honestly amazing and I couldn't wait for the final of the act to come on at midnight! I pretty much lost my voice while singing The Island Boy at the top of my lungs!

Finally it was midnight and more or less everyone at the festival had crowed round the mainstage to see Skerryvore perform. They always finish TMF because they are one of the most well known bands and more or less everyone loves them. They played various different stuff but the highlights for me were definitely Path To Home and Home To Donegal. Where everyone tries to shout out the loudest and you can hear the crowd over the speakers it honestly is amazing! I don't I enjoyed as much as I would of if I didn't let my anxiety try and control but I did enjoy it!

So that was my weekend on the island of Tiree. Monday was spent travelling back home and I was honestly so glad to sleep in my own bed!

The dates for TMF 2015 have been announced they are the 17th - 19th July! So the countdown begins...


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