Tuesday, 2 September 2014

What Happened During My Weekend

Hey Guys!

So last weekend was a very special weekend where I live because it was Cowal Highland Gathering also known as Cowal Games. It is an event where lots of traditional Scottish activities compete like highland dancing, pipe band competitions and Scottish heavy weight competitions like tossing the caber.

It is an extra long week/weekend because the first night of events happens on the Wednesday called Kirn Gala which is held in one of the close villages near to Dunoon. There is charity stalls with some rides for smaller children as well as entertainment from the local school pipe band and other things. I went for a while but I had plans to meet my friends so I didn't actually end up being there for very long but apparently it was a great night!

On the Thursday night it was the Sunset Ceremony which has come back after being away for a few years. It is held in the middle of the town right beside the fair so people especially people around my age like to flick between the two. This is more of like a concert than anything else. Again we had dancers and the pipe band playing and we also had singers and musicians there too. It was really busy I think it was because it was a really nice night and also Scottish Gold Medallist, Charlie Flynn was also there and I even got a selfie with him!

The Friday we get the whole day off school which is so good because that usually means that I get to have a lie in but not this year! I had promised to babysit my little 2 year old niece and my 10 year old nephew for most of the day. If I'm honest I do enjoy it so it didn't really bother me and we had a good old sing song to some of the songs from Frozen. As it turned into the afternoon my niece was getting tired so she went for a nap and I got ready to leave because I was going to my friends house to go to a Ceilidh which is like a Scottish dance I have spoken about it before in my German exchange post and also my TMF post

It was one of my absolute favourite ceilidh bands that was playing so I was extremely excited to see them again! I wore what I wore to the German Exchange ceilidh because I know some of you guys ask me on Twitter for that kind of stuff so you can go and have a look there to what I wore. I went with my friend Sean and two of his pipe band friends Cambeul and Calum. We got a table right beside the stage and we fangirled so much over Skipinnish especially Robert Robertson who is the lead singer and guitarist. Also we were the loudest table and the band kept looking at us and smiling which we all found hilarious! The only downside of it was that I now have massive bruises up and down my arms.

Saturday was the main event which was held at the local stadium. It is also the World Highland Dancing Championships at the same time so there are tons of dancers from around the world especially from Canada and America. I got there at around half 1 and I got the most amazing haggis burger thing called the Wallace it was so tasty! I really wish I could of had another one if I'm honest. I then went with my mum and dad and sat on the hill and watched a bunch of the activities that were all going around the bottom the park especially tossing the caber. Which is when someone has to try and throw a massive tree log and get it the furthest. It is honestly so cool to watch! It was soon time for Skipinnish to play in the Ceilidh Tent and I couldn't wait to see them again over the weekend. I honestly think they are amazing and bring such an amazing atmosphere to the event especially with their song Walking On the Waves.

As it got later into the night the crowds begin to descend on the main street for the march past where all the bands and most of the dancers walk down the street showing off all the trophey and shields that they had won that day. Also there was a competition to see who could be the most entertaining band. This meant that bands dressed up, played non-traditional Scottish tunes and we even had a band that danced! It was so funny seeing all of the bands have a bit of a laugh and it is really nice.

Finally there is the fireworks at 21:00 but I unfortunately missed them because I was at my friends house but I still heard them!

So that's what happened during my weekend what happened during yours?

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