Friday, 31 October 2014

The Halloween Tag

Hey Guys!

First off sorry I've posted this a bit later in the day than usual but so much has been going on concerning my health that I have had hardly any time to sort out a substantial blog post so I guess your stuck with a tag question one...

I hope this ok though and well it's about Halloween and today is Halloween so yeah...

1. What Is Your Favourite Halloween Movie?
It's actually really difficult for me to decide what movie is my favourite because I haven't actually seen an awful lot of Halloween movies but if I had to pick on it would probably be 'Casper The Friendly Ghost'.

2. If You Were Watching A Horror Movie How Far Would You Get?
I am a MASSIVE fan of horror movies so I can watch them all day long if I have to so I have no problem finishing one. Yes I get scared but it doesn't stop me from watching them because I love the adrenaline that they give off when you jump!

3. What Is Your Favourite Memory Of Halloween?
I can't think of a memory that stands out but one thing I always remember is when me and my nephew would go out guising it's what we call trick or treating in Scotland (or where I come from anyway) and we would go round all of these houses together and honestly have such a good time sometimes we even coordinated our outfits haha!

4. Your Best/Worst Halloween Costume?
My best costume is probably when I went as a dice... I had white leggings and I painted a massive cardboard box white and stuck all of the dots on it to make the numbers it's definitely one of my most inventive costumes!

My worst costume was actually a few years ago when I decided to go out guising that night of Halloween and going crazy around my house trying to find a costume. I ended up going as a dark fairy with just all black clothes and black lipstick it was honestly horrific looking at it now!

5. How Do You Get Into The Halloween Spirit?
There isn't a specific activity that gets me really excited for it just when I begin to make plans for it like a party or a horror night or guising that's usually when I get excited for it.

6. Favourite Halloween Decoration?
I'm pretty traditional when it comes to my favourite decoration and it would definitely be carved pumpkins it's a fun activity to do and you can get so creative with it and also you get pumpkin soup out of it!

7. Name One Unusual Thing You Are Afraid Of?
I'm not afraid of  things that most people are afraid of like spiders or the dark I'm most of afraid of people's opinions of me and stuff like that I think it's partly due to my anxiety but yeah...

8. Vampires or Zombies?
This question is far too easy to be honest it's definitely vampires hello who doesn't watch The Vampire Diaries?

9. Werewolves or Ghosts?
Again a super easy question it's werewolves...

10. Creepy Dolls or Creepy Clowns?
Ehmm this one is bit more difficult I love watching horrors that have either of them so I don't think I actually have an opinion I can't even say if there is one that slightly stands out...

So there you go my Halloween Tag hope you liked it!

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Monday, 27 October 2014

A Look Into My Life | Open Days ~ Glasgow

Hey Guys!

So today's post is another instalment about my experience going to various open days throughout Scotland. By next Saturday I will of been to all of them so this time next week will be the final one in of I guess this miniseries.

Last Saturday the 25th October I went to Glasgow University Open Day and it was definitely one of my most stressful open days not actually  being at the university but getting to the university. As I have mentioned many a time it's a bit of a pain for me to get anywhere interesting because it usual involves an awful lot of public transport and when the weather is bad it is almost impossible!

So when I woke up to it being pretty windy and rainy outside I knew that there could be some set backs and shall we say that I was right. I was meeting my friend Sean at 9:10 to get the 9:20 ferry across but at about 9:05 they decided to cancel the 9:20 ferry due to high winds they were only doing hourly sailings. This meant that we arrived in Glasgow at 11:04 which just wasn't enough time for me to make my talk on modern languages at 11:15 so I knew  that the day could get worse.I just had a bad feeling about it. Finally we did get the 10:10 boat and we made the train so we were finally on our way!

There was no trouble getting up to Glasgow once we got on the train the next rush was getting to the university in time for Sean to get to go to his talk on physics and astronomy at 11:30 so we had a bit of an extremely fast walk to Buchanan  Street Subway ,with my small legs I was pretty much running, so we could get the subway to Hills Head and we made it! So even though I had a bad feeling about the rest of the journey to the university it actually all turned out well and we made it in time to Sean's talk.

After the talk on physics and astronomy which I didn't find extremely interesting because it is definitely on the completely different side of the spectrum to what I want to go and do we went into the concert hall to where all the stands were to do with all the different talks. Here Sean and I separated to wait in different queues so we weren't waiting around all day. I met with a French Lecturer and he told me about the different options I could do as well as what I can do to help possibly go into teaching and how the course helps with that. He was honestly so friendly and nice and was happy to answer all of my questions which was great!. Speaking to him definitely helped with my decision of possibly going to Glasgow because the course sounds great aswell of all the possibilities it holds!

Next up we went to the Fraser Building which had all of the stands to do with the Student Union, Accommodation and Student Services. I particularly had to go here because it had the Disability Stand and I have to go and see if they can accommodate to what my school at the moment does to help with my anxiety. First we saw the Student Union stand which had two boys at it who were lovely and had a very good sales pitch on why we should apply to Glasgow just for the Union! The music scene definitely intrigues me because I love listening to really small bands and watching them grow and Glasgow is a great place for that. Then I was in the line to speak with the disability service and again the staff member was so incredibly friends and wasn't patronising towards my anxiety or clinical depression which certainly helped me relax and they had lots of ways to help me with coping with my health problems. We went to pick up sheets on accommodation and after that I was beginning to feel the day take its toll on me so we went back into central Glasgow to get lunch.

I love Costa so we pretty much knew that that was going to be where would go for lunch and we did! I got a smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich with a sticky toffee cooler which is a drink I would recommend to anyone because they are so good! Sean is one of the fussiest people I know so it's always difficult to find places for him to eat but he likes Costa because they take the cheese out of his panini for him so he was quite happy to go there! We spent ages just talking about our day and just having a casual catch up. We decided that we would possibly go and see The Maze Runner in the cinema but we had to wait a while to go and see it so what did we do? We went shopping of course!

Forever 21 is one of the best clothes shops ever and every time I'm in Glasgow I always grab the chance to go in there and have a nosey around. The problem with having a boy as one of your bestfriends is that he isn't exactly interested in clothes shopping so I tried to whizz round the shop as fast as possibly which is extremely hard but I did do it! I didn't end up buying anything but I did try two things on. Next up we went to the Apple store which we both enjoy and had a look at the new iPhone 6's as well as messing around with the speakers and stuff. We realised that we had to check the ferry times so we did that while in there and we found out that they were still running on a hourly basis so we had agggeeeesss. Finally we put our local radio station's website on safari and left because who doesn't love a bit of promo?

We then decided that we couldn't be bothered going to see the movie so instead we went back to the get the train we had some time so got to Waterstones in fact we nearly missed the train because I kept getting so caught up in the books there but we did make the train and the ferries were still on so we made it home even though the ferry ride was pretty choppy!

I really enjoyed my day at Glasgow even though I had my doubts about it before going but it is now possibly one of my top choices! I'm glad I went because it wasn't just an opne day it was also a fun day out which was just what I needed!


Friday, 24 October 2014

It Was Halloween!

Hey Guys!
So I celebrated Halloween a little early this year by going to a Halloween themed dance last night (Thursday 23rd). As you guys know I'm in my last year at school and throughout the year there are multiple dances called the 5th and 6th which is a dance for 5th and 6th years. All of the money that is raised from the dance goes into the leavers dance fund.

Team Pic!
So last nights dance was the first of the school year and everyone was pretty excited about it. Don't get me wrong I was to but with my anxiety I was also a little worried about how my night might go...

 I met up with a bunch of my friends before going to the 5th and 6th to have a laugh and all get ready together. More or less the typical girly thing to do before any type of party. There was 5 of us and later we were joined by one other. I would say that these guys are like my main group of friends even though I have other extremely close friends out with this group but these are the ones I hang out with a lot.

We all found out about the dance on Sunday so it was pretty last minute notice and because of wear I live delivery takes ages and next day delivery doesn't exactly work so everyone was in a complete panic to what they were going to wear and only two shops had things and they weren't even that great so we had to be pretty inventive! Because I do dancing I have quite a few leotards that are a bit out there shall we say and one of the ones that I had was tiger print so I new that I was going as a tiger. It was a bit of a nightmare trying to get my ears though but I got them in the end!

Here's my costume
There was such a variety of different costumes there my friends went as people from the 80's and Minnie mouse. There was also Peter Pan, Mario, Yoshi as well as the usual vampires, witches, devils and skeletons. Lot's of people went as zombies because there costume didn't arrive in time and its a pretty easy costume to make.

Overall I had a great night dancing away with all my friends and seeing everyone outside of that school setting. The music is that really dancey music that I'm not massively keen on and at points it wasn't that great but when they put remixes on it was amazing!

The girls I have grown up with
During the night I started to get quite anxious so I had to leave for a bit and calm myself outside. I thought it worked but as soon as I went back in I felt anxious again so by the end of the night I was really in the mood just to go home to my bed luckily my boyfriend understands everything so he was quite happy to just sit with me until the night finished which I'm honestly so thankful for! Not gonna lie he is the best!

So yeah that was my Halloween experience. Do you have any parties that your going to or is it the traditional trick or treating for you?


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Monday, 20 October 2014

A Look Into My Life | Open Days ~ Edinburgh

Hey Guys

So here is another post in I guess what is a sort of mini series of my experiences with all the different university open days that I have been to and today it's my recount of when I went to Edinburgh University.

Before heading to Edinburgh the only thing you knew about was all the different locations and when it was starting which made me a bit nervous that I would end up missing some of the talks that I wanted to see. The good thing though was that they had a downloadable information pack I guess that was filled with useful information like directions.

Once I got to the main area there was like a sign in area where I handed in my ticket and I was given one of those tote bag things, a prospectus for 2015 and also a guide to the open day with all the times the different talks were and where they were talking place as well as a map.

The first thing I noticed was the difference in the number of people at this open day compared to others that I have been to so the place was packed as well as all of the lectuers that we went to. I first went to a lecture about studying abroad because in my third year of my degree I would go and study abroad in a country where they speak the language that I am studying so I wanted to get some more information on that. After this there was another lecture in the same hall about student life which I found quite interesting to how different it is to the other universities but also how similar it is.

I had quite a bit of free time between the lecture on student life and the next lecture on accommodation which was in a different location so I went on a wee nosey round the university and went and spoke to some of the people and got more information on the university as a whole. I went to go visit their support department to see what facilities they have to help support me with my anxiety and it was in the main library and I got so lost in it, it was HUGE!

I was then in this massive hall which is was very impressive looking called Mcewan Hall where they had the accommodation lecture where they explained all the different places that first years can stay as well as to explain what else happens after your first year. Again the accommodation looked really good and I got really excited about the prospect of going to university.

Finally the last talk of the day was the languages one. It was the one that I was waiting all day to go and see so I was glad to finally be in the hall because I was beginning to get really tired. Again it was held in the Mcewan Hall and I was surprised how many people were there and also that the majority of them were female. The lecture was given by the head of the language department who actually teaches Swedish and he was such a good speaker which definitely made me enjoy the talk even more. He discussed the different variations of courses and also talked about your year abroad and what you would be studying throughout your course. Personally I love the sound of the courses that Edinburgh University has to offer.

Once the lecture was finished it was time for me to make the really long journey home but I loved it. I weirdly enjoy going on public transport alone which is pretty weird because as you guys know if you have read my other posts that I suffer from anxiety. I guess it just shows that everyone is different.

So my verdict is that I loved what Edinburgh has to offer courses wise and the lifestyle I'm just not sure if being right in the middle of a city is for me...


Monday, 13 October 2014

My TV Shows Are Back!

Hey Guys!

I love this time of year for many different reasons but one of them is that all of the tv shows have started back up again! I love getting so engrossed in the new season with all of the different plots and falling in love with all of the characters again!

Chicago Fire

The first show that I watched was Chicago Fire which I only watched for the first time earlier on this year so it's killing me having to wait a whole week for the next episode! Like always the characters and plot is amazing and I would really advise you guys to watch it if you haven't already! The premier started back to where the big explosion happened in the season finale and then flashes forward to 6 weeks later and we see how it has affected fire house 51 and the people in it. Also Mouch has a new girlfriend so that's just one reason to watch it!

Chicago PD

Now this is the second series of the spin-off from Chicago Fire and honestly it is just as good of a show! The second series is even better than the first one if that is even possible because as seasons go that is one of my all time favourites. I think the characters in Chicago PD are so badass especially Detective Lindsay who is played by Sophia Bush who is also my favourite character! In this season you get to learn a bit more about her past as well as stuff to do with Halstead. I really do hope that they get together #LinsteadForLife

Greys Anatomy

Greys is one of my all time favourite shows that is still on the air and even though you can tell that this season is going to be different compared to the others I hope that is going to be just as good! You see how different the hospital is without Yang and see how they learn to cope with their new head of Cardio who is also Meredith's half sister. Not only do we see these struggles but also there is tension between Meredith and Derek, Derek and Amy and Callie and Arizona. So there is a lot to look forward to!

The Vampire Diaries

In my opinion TVD has gone down hill a lot in the past recent years and even though there are still those amazing episodes I just don't feel that magic that was there before. But I'm a loyal fan and I'm going to give it a chance because I just can't let go of these characters! Season 6 tells us if Bonnie and Damon have actually lived past the finale and also we see how the characters cope with this. Also you see how Mystic Falls has changed now that the travellers spell is still there forbidding anything supernatural to enter it.

The Originals

Again this is another spin off that is in it's second season. The first season took a while to get started and if I'm honest I wasn't massively in love with it to begin with but as it progressed it got a lot better so I'm excited about what happens in this season! In this season you see what has happened now that vampires have been forced out of New Orleans and also how Haley and Klaus are coping without having their baby with them.

I feel like my life is starting to get back to normal now that I have my shows back! Are these any of your favourites if not what are yours?

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Saturday, 11 October 2014

A Look Into My Life | Open Days ~ Heriot Watt

Hey Guys

As you can clearly tell I have been away from the blogosphere for a while and I really have no excuse to say except maybe that I have been busy trying to plan my future...

I am now in my last year of secondary school and I am now planning on what I am going to do after school whether that is college, university or a gap year. Personally I would love to go travelling but I might have to wait a while to do that.

The past 2 days I went to my first open days; Heriot Watt University and Edinburgh University. Both of these uni's are based around Edinburgh, Scotland's capital, and I had to do so much travelling! I am wanting to do something with languages in the future with possibly teaching or business and both of these universities are both highly ranked for these.

First I was at Heriot Watt which is on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Heriot Watt is a campus and has that sort of your typical American University campus that you see on TV and in the movies feel to it. Personally I really liked that because 1. You don't have to go very far to get anywhere 2. Hopefully its not difficult to get lost 3. There isn't as many people there.

When I got there I was already booked on the languages department talk but I had some time to have a look around so I went to the exhibition bit where all the subjects had a stand and I was able to talk to one of the professors from that department and they were able to help with all of my questions and worries.

Then it was time for my booked talk. I was in a group of about 30 to 40 other people that were planning on taking a language course as well. During the talk that was led by the head of the Language School she told us about all the different courses and the differences between them as well as the differences between other universities. She also spoke a lot about your year abroad which is something I really want to do and hopefully teach English to students!

Once she had finished with the talk she introduced a 4th year students who then took us to the main languages building and gave us a tour of what the place was like we would be learning in. If I'm honest it was very impressive and the language labs are exact replicas of the UN and things like this so it would be a good transition between studying and working.

After leaving the tour I had basically the rest of the day to myself so I got to explore the campus. I sat in on the talks about Finance, Accommodation and Student Life. With every talk I got more excited about the prospect of University as well as seeing myself at Heriot Watt. I also went and spoke the Support Department because as I have spoken about before I suffer from anxiety and I wanted to see what things are in place there to help with this sort of thing.

The last thing I did was get a tour round all of the different variations you could get with the accommodation and again I kept picturing my life there and I actually liked the idea. I like Heriot Watt because its really near the city but also a bit away from it so you a bit of both worlds!

After the busy day I had I was so tired but as soon as I got into my bed I started looking through the prospectus to see if I could have a chance of getting in!

Now that I have seen what Heriot Watt is like I really like it and it is definitely going to be one of my choices!

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