Monday, 20 October 2014

A Look Into My Life | Open Days ~ Edinburgh

Hey Guys

So here is another post in I guess what is a sort of mini series of my experiences with all the different university open days that I have been to and today it's my recount of when I went to Edinburgh University.

Before heading to Edinburgh the only thing you knew about was all the different locations and when it was starting which made me a bit nervous that I would end up missing some of the talks that I wanted to see. The good thing though was that they had a downloadable information pack I guess that was filled with useful information like directions.

Once I got to the main area there was like a sign in area where I handed in my ticket and I was given one of those tote bag things, a prospectus for 2015 and also a guide to the open day with all the times the different talks were and where they were talking place as well as a map.

The first thing I noticed was the difference in the number of people at this open day compared to others that I have been to so the place was packed as well as all of the lectuers that we went to. I first went to a lecture about studying abroad because in my third year of my degree I would go and study abroad in a country where they speak the language that I am studying so I wanted to get some more information on that. After this there was another lecture in the same hall about student life which I found quite interesting to how different it is to the other universities but also how similar it is.

I had quite a bit of free time between the lecture on student life and the next lecture on accommodation which was in a different location so I went on a wee nosey round the university and went and spoke to some of the people and got more information on the university as a whole. I went to go visit their support department to see what facilities they have to help support me with my anxiety and it was in the main library and I got so lost in it, it was HUGE!

I was then in this massive hall which is was very impressive looking called Mcewan Hall where they had the accommodation lecture where they explained all the different places that first years can stay as well as to explain what else happens after your first year. Again the accommodation looked really good and I got really excited about the prospect of going to university.

Finally the last talk of the day was the languages one. It was the one that I was waiting all day to go and see so I was glad to finally be in the hall because I was beginning to get really tired. Again it was held in the Mcewan Hall and I was surprised how many people were there and also that the majority of them were female. The lecture was given by the head of the language department who actually teaches Swedish and he was such a good speaker which definitely made me enjoy the talk even more. He discussed the different variations of courses and also talked about your year abroad and what you would be studying throughout your course. Personally I love the sound of the courses that Edinburgh University has to offer.

Once the lecture was finished it was time for me to make the really long journey home but I loved it. I weirdly enjoy going on public transport alone which is pretty weird because as you guys know if you have read my other posts that I suffer from anxiety. I guess it just shows that everyone is different.

So my verdict is that I loved what Edinburgh has to offer courses wise and the lifestyle I'm just not sure if being right in the middle of a city is for me...