Monday, 27 October 2014

A Look Into My Life | Open Days ~ Glasgow

Hey Guys!

So today's post is another instalment about my experience going to various open days throughout Scotland. By next Saturday I will of been to all of them so this time next week will be the final one in of I guess this miniseries.

Last Saturday the 25th October I went to Glasgow University Open Day and it was definitely one of my most stressful open days not actually  being at the university but getting to the university. As I have mentioned many a time it's a bit of a pain for me to get anywhere interesting because it usual involves an awful lot of public transport and when the weather is bad it is almost impossible!

So when I woke up to it being pretty windy and rainy outside I knew that there could be some set backs and shall we say that I was right. I was meeting my friend Sean at 9:10 to get the 9:20 ferry across but at about 9:05 they decided to cancel the 9:20 ferry due to high winds they were only doing hourly sailings. This meant that we arrived in Glasgow at 11:04 which just wasn't enough time for me to make my talk on modern languages at 11:15 so I knew  that the day could get worse.I just had a bad feeling about it. Finally we did get the 10:10 boat and we made the train so we were finally on our way!

There was no trouble getting up to Glasgow once we got on the train the next rush was getting to the university in time for Sean to get to go to his talk on physics and astronomy at 11:30 so we had a bit of an extremely fast walk to Buchanan  Street Subway ,with my small legs I was pretty much running, so we could get the subway to Hills Head and we made it! So even though I had a bad feeling about the rest of the journey to the university it actually all turned out well and we made it in time to Sean's talk.

After the talk on physics and astronomy which I didn't find extremely interesting because it is definitely on the completely different side of the spectrum to what I want to go and do we went into the concert hall to where all the stands were to do with all the different talks. Here Sean and I separated to wait in different queues so we weren't waiting around all day. I met with a French Lecturer and he told me about the different options I could do as well as what I can do to help possibly go into teaching and how the course helps with that. He was honestly so friendly and nice and was happy to answer all of my questions which was great!. Speaking to him definitely helped with my decision of possibly going to Glasgow because the course sounds great aswell of all the possibilities it holds!

Next up we went to the Fraser Building which had all of the stands to do with the Student Union, Accommodation and Student Services. I particularly had to go here because it had the Disability Stand and I have to go and see if they can accommodate to what my school at the moment does to help with my anxiety. First we saw the Student Union stand which had two boys at it who were lovely and had a very good sales pitch on why we should apply to Glasgow just for the Union! The music scene definitely intrigues me because I love listening to really small bands and watching them grow and Glasgow is a great place for that. Then I was in the line to speak with the disability service and again the staff member was so incredibly friends and wasn't patronising towards my anxiety or clinical depression which certainly helped me relax and they had lots of ways to help me with coping with my health problems. We went to pick up sheets on accommodation and after that I was beginning to feel the day take its toll on me so we went back into central Glasgow to get lunch.

I love Costa so we pretty much knew that that was going to be where would go for lunch and we did! I got a smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich with a sticky toffee cooler which is a drink I would recommend to anyone because they are so good! Sean is one of the fussiest people I know so it's always difficult to find places for him to eat but he likes Costa because they take the cheese out of his panini for him so he was quite happy to go there! We spent ages just talking about our day and just having a casual catch up. We decided that we would possibly go and see The Maze Runner in the cinema but we had to wait a while to go and see it so what did we do? We went shopping of course!

Forever 21 is one of the best clothes shops ever and every time I'm in Glasgow I always grab the chance to go in there and have a nosey around. The problem with having a boy as one of your bestfriends is that he isn't exactly interested in clothes shopping so I tried to whizz round the shop as fast as possibly which is extremely hard but I did do it! I didn't end up buying anything but I did try two things on. Next up we went to the Apple store which we both enjoy and had a look at the new iPhone 6's as well as messing around with the speakers and stuff. We realised that we had to check the ferry times so we did that while in there and we found out that they were still running on a hourly basis so we had agggeeeesss. Finally we put our local radio station's website on safari and left because who doesn't love a bit of promo?

We then decided that we couldn't be bothered going to see the movie so instead we went back to the get the train we had some time so got to Waterstones in fact we nearly missed the train because I kept getting so caught up in the books there but we did make the train and the ferries were still on so we made it home even though the ferry ride was pretty choppy!

I really enjoyed my day at Glasgow even though I had my doubts about it before going but it is now possibly one of my top choices! I'm glad I went because it wasn't just an opne day it was also a fun day out which was just what I needed!