Friday, 24 October 2014

It Was Halloween!

Hey Guys!
So I celebrated Halloween a little early this year by going to a Halloween themed dance last night (Thursday 23rd). As you guys know I'm in my last year at school and throughout the year there are multiple dances called the 5th and 6th which is a dance for 5th and 6th years. All of the money that is raised from the dance goes into the leavers dance fund.

Team Pic!
So last nights dance was the first of the school year and everyone was pretty excited about it. Don't get me wrong I was to but with my anxiety I was also a little worried about how my night might go...

 I met up with a bunch of my friends before going to the 5th and 6th to have a laugh and all get ready together. More or less the typical girly thing to do before any type of party. There was 5 of us and later we were joined by one other. I would say that these guys are like my main group of friends even though I have other extremely close friends out with this group but these are the ones I hang out with a lot.

We all found out about the dance on Sunday so it was pretty last minute notice and because of wear I live delivery takes ages and next day delivery doesn't exactly work so everyone was in a complete panic to what they were going to wear and only two shops had things and they weren't even that great so we had to be pretty inventive! Because I do dancing I have quite a few leotards that are a bit out there shall we say and one of the ones that I had was tiger print so I new that I was going as a tiger. It was a bit of a nightmare trying to get my ears though but I got them in the end!

Here's my costume
There was such a variety of different costumes there my friends went as people from the 80's and Minnie mouse. There was also Peter Pan, Mario, Yoshi as well as the usual vampires, witches, devils and skeletons. Lot's of people went as zombies because there costume didn't arrive in time and its a pretty easy costume to make.

Overall I had a great night dancing away with all my friends and seeing everyone outside of that school setting. The music is that really dancey music that I'm not massively keen on and at points it wasn't that great but when they put remixes on it was amazing!

The girls I have grown up with
During the night I started to get quite anxious so I had to leave for a bit and calm myself outside. I thought it worked but as soon as I went back in I felt anxious again so by the end of the night I was really in the mood just to go home to my bed luckily my boyfriend understands everything so he was quite happy to just sit with me until the night finished which I'm honestly so thankful for! Not gonna lie he is the best!

So yeah that was my Halloween experience. Do you have any parties that your going to or is it the traditional trick or treating for you?


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