Monday, 13 October 2014

My TV Shows Are Back!

Hey Guys!

I love this time of year for many different reasons but one of them is that all of the tv shows have started back up again! I love getting so engrossed in the new season with all of the different plots and falling in love with all of the characters again!

Chicago Fire

The first show that I watched was Chicago Fire which I only watched for the first time earlier on this year so it's killing me having to wait a whole week for the next episode! Like always the characters and plot is amazing and I would really advise you guys to watch it if you haven't already! The premier started back to where the big explosion happened in the season finale and then flashes forward to 6 weeks later and we see how it has affected fire house 51 and the people in it. Also Mouch has a new girlfriend so that's just one reason to watch it!

Chicago PD

Now this is the second series of the spin-off from Chicago Fire and honestly it is just as good of a show! The second series is even better than the first one if that is even possible because as seasons go that is one of my all time favourites. I think the characters in Chicago PD are so badass especially Detective Lindsay who is played by Sophia Bush who is also my favourite character! In this season you get to learn a bit more about her past as well as stuff to do with Halstead. I really do hope that they get together #LinsteadForLife

Greys Anatomy

Greys is one of my all time favourite shows that is still on the air and even though you can tell that this season is going to be different compared to the others I hope that is going to be just as good! You see how different the hospital is without Yang and see how they learn to cope with their new head of Cardio who is also Meredith's half sister. Not only do we see these struggles but also there is tension between Meredith and Derek, Derek and Amy and Callie and Arizona. So there is a lot to look forward to!

The Vampire Diaries

In my opinion TVD has gone down hill a lot in the past recent years and even though there are still those amazing episodes I just don't feel that magic that was there before. But I'm a loyal fan and I'm going to give it a chance because I just can't let go of these characters! Season 6 tells us if Bonnie and Damon have actually lived past the finale and also we see how the characters cope with this. Also you see how Mystic Falls has changed now that the travellers spell is still there forbidding anything supernatural to enter it.

The Originals

Again this is another spin off that is in it's second season. The first season took a while to get started and if I'm honest I wasn't massively in love with it to begin with but as it progressed it got a lot better so I'm excited about what happens in this season! In this season you see what has happened now that vampires have been forced out of New Orleans and also how Haley and Klaus are coping without having their baby with them.

I feel like my life is starting to get back to normal now that I have my shows back! Are these any of your favourites if not what are yours?

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