Friday, 28 November 2014

Sweater Weather Tag!

Hey Guys!

So I have seen this tag floating around these past few weeks and I thought I would do it myself because Autumn is probably my favourite season because it's an excuse to sit inside all cosy with a good book!  Also I would like to clarify that for some reason they call Autumn, Fall in the US so don't get confused!

On with the questions...

1. What is your favourite fall candle scent?
I love a good candle which I guess is pretty typical or is apparently becoming typial because I keep seeing it on these "typical white girl" lists but there is just something about them that definitely makes this season! I personally love cinnamon flavoured ones they are to die for!

2. Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?
Now this is hard one because I love two of them very much! (I really dislike coffee) I love a hot chocolate after being outside on a cold night. Especially on Bonfire Night and going to a cafe and getting a fancy hot chocolate with cream, sprinkles and marshmallows! But I'm a loyal tea drinker so it would have to be tea! Shows I'm British doesn't it!

3. What's the best fall memory that you have?
   I don't have a specific memory that stands out because I used to hate fireworks when I was younger
so Bonfire Night is a definite a no no! I guess it would be going up the forest with my mum and the dog looking for conkers! We used to do it every weekend and I would make like necklaces out of them after we collected them!

4. Which makeup trend do you prefer; dark lips or winged eyeliner?
Now I have said this before and I will say it again but I'm not into the whole makeup thing! I actually can't remember the last time I actually wore it... So this is a tuff question but I guess it would be dark lips because I like the whole vamp look that is on trend!

5.  What's your favourite fragrance for fall?
Again this is a hard question but I love to wear a Harujuku Lovers fragrance that I have. I also have no clue what it is called so hold on *speeds away in search of perfume bottle* so it doesn't have a proper name on the bottle either it just says G.

6. What is your most loved Thanksgiving food?
Well seeing as I don't celebrate thanksgiving because I don't live in America I don't have a favourite. But when I see pictures or whatever I would say I always crave stuffing. If that weird? It probably is a bit weird...

7. What is autumn weather like where you live?
Wet, rainy, cold and dark.

8. Your most worn sweater?
A jumper I constantly wear all year round is my TMF one so I guess that... It's so comfy and great for lazy days.

9. What is your must have nail polish at this time of year?
Again I'm not a make up lover so I have no clue to what type is a "must have" but I do like the dark red and purple tons oh as well as like a super dark green. So yeah those colours I think are pretty good during autumn.

10.  Football games or jumping in leaf piles?
Eh can neither be an answer? I'm guessing by football games it's meaning american football which I just don't understand at all because they don't use their feet... Leaf piles is a no no because most of the time it rains here perks of living in Scotland so that is just a way of getting your feet all wet and gross.

11. Skinny jeans or leggings?
I enjoy both and for different reasons. I love a good pair of skinny jeans all year round and you can dress them up or down and that is why I love them! Leggings are honestly just perfection because they are super comfy! Genuinely the best thing to wear with your favourite jumper!

12. Which do you prefer; combat boots or Ugg boots?
I hate UGG boots don't get me wrong they are super comfy but they just so aren't worth the hype and personally I think they can look quite tacky so I would defintiely say combat boots. Mostly because they go with everything more or less and a bit more suited to all of the rainy weather.

13. Is Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Lattes worth the hype?
I have no clue if they are or not because I have never had one partly because I'm not very fond of coffee and I actually prefer Costa to Starbucks so I'm hardly ever in Starbucks...

13. Favourite Fall TV Show?
This is such a hard question because I watch tons of TV shows but I have 3 that I can't decide which one is my absolute favourite and they are; Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Greys Anatomy.

There you go that is the Sweater Weather Tag! If you haven't done it yet I tag YOU! :)

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

What Happened During My Weekend | November

Hey Guy!

First things first I wasn't to apologise for not posting yesterday which was when this was supposed to go up but I just didn't have the time so you are going to have to deal with it being posted today.

This past weekend has honestly been so busy compared to my normal weekends where I spend most of my time in my bed but not this weekend oh no!

I went to two shows and a film so I thought I would tell you about it because it was pretty out of the ordinary for me.

Friday 22nd November I went up to Glasgow with my dancing class to go and see Edward Scissorhands: The Ballet in the Theatre Royal. There is only 3 of us in my class and we are also the oldest so that's why we went. I met up with my class and my teacher at around half 4 to drive up to Glasgow. We decided to have dinner beforehand at Cafe Hula which is right across the road from the Theatre. None of us had been there before and by the end of our dinner we were all sure we would be back! It had a rustic feel to it or that was what we all said anyway :'). I had the pasta dish it changes daily but it was like carbonara with penne pasta. It was delicious and afterwards I had a slice of a chocolate brownie and some ice cream. It came in this really cute little dish an was honestly the right amount for a desert! Once we finished our dinner we went across the road to the theatre to meet up with two of my dancing teachers friends. We had great seats! We were in the second row in the upper circle which was great because we got to see all the dancing perfectly! I was optimistic about what the ballet was going to be like because traditional ballet performances can be a bit boring and some of the more modern ones have seemed a bit 'trippy' because it's just so weird but not this one! It was honestly amazing! It was ccontemporary ballet which is incredible to watch and there was so much going on at one time that you honestly had no idea where to look at any one time! As soon as it had finished I was like "we only just sat down to watch this" I loved it that much!

Saturday was extremely busy compared to normal. The first thing is that I had to get up at 9:00 on a Saturday which is honestly a crime! I met up with my best friend to again go up to Glasgow to go and see another show but this time it was at a different theatre. We got up to Glasgow this time no bother compared to the last time we went up to Glasgow which I was extremely glad for! We had about an hour or so before the box office opened so we could pick up our tickets so we went for lunch. We decided to just stay at Central and go to the Costa that was there. I had this amazing panini to be honest I have no idea what it was all I know was that it tasty really good! I also had one of there Christmas Special drinks because my usual was taken off the menu... I hope this is only because they have the seasonal drinks in at the moment! So instead of my usual sticky toffee cooler I had a chocolate brownie hot chocolate which was so tasty because it had mini brownie pieces in it! After lunch was finished we strolled through Glasgow until the  box office opened and then we went to the King's Theatre. We actually had really good seats! We were right in the middle of the stalls in front of the balcony. The performance of Jesus Christ Superstar was great! You could tell it was an amateur performance but it's a lot better than I could do! Jesus Christ Superstar really isn't one of my favourite musicals but I still enjoyed the afternoon. Once it had finished Sean and I went our separate ways because Sean was going back home and I was going to my sisters house.

I then got a short train journey to my sister's house to meet up with my niece because we were going to see Mockingjay. The viewing wasn't until half 10 at night so we had plenty of time to just catch up. The usual girly stuff was talked about over our KFC which was so good because I haven't had one in months! It felt like we were waiting ages until it was finally time for us to make our way over to the cinema but not before going and spending £15 on chocolate... When we finally got to the cinema we both got a tango ice blast which I really recommend because they are so tasty! Once we were in our seats the excitement was bursting out of me. Finally the lights dimmed and the film began. I won't say any spoilers except that it really is an amazing movie and if you have read the book first (like you should always do!) you will be pleased with it. Now it is a bit of a filer film because not much happens in the first half of the book but I would still recommend you go and see it!

So that was my fun filled weekend! I bet mine wasn't as busy as yours...

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Crossover Week: Recap

Hey Guys

So last week was one of my favourite weeks ever when it comes to TV. Why? You may ask and the answer is because two of my favourite tv shows; Chicago Fire and Chicago PD which I have talked about a thousands times here on my blog.

Basically last week there was a very special crossover between these two shows as well as Law & Order: SVU. These types of crossovers happen because they have all been created by the same man, Dick Wolf, so it is easy to make the story lines merge together. This happens often between the two Chicago based shows with the characters flicking between the shows but it is a rare occurrence that it includes the SVU characters.
*Spoilers Might Occur*

On Tuesday night it was Chicago Fire and throughout the whole show you didn't have much of a clue that indicated that the story was going to continue. The show was pretty average with them fighting fires and the usual stuff. Cruz is back being the driver on truck 81, there was more drama to do with Dawson being the candidate under Casey and the usual troubles with Molly's. The difference this week was that Severide came back from Vegas with a wife... Yeah I'm pretty gutted to if I'm honest! Who knows how long this is going to last though? As the episode was coming to an end House 51 was called to a fire and once they got there Severide was told that a man had run down to the cellar to go and collect something. There was a big explosion so Severide gets all his gear on and runs down to save him. He does save the man but what the man is saving is why it brings in Chicago PD and Law & Order: SVU. He finds tons of  pictures of young children both boys and girls... Including a photo of Erin Linday's step brother.

Wednesday was the night to be excited for because Chicago PD airs straight after Law & Order: SVU.  In Law & Order: SVU we see Halstead and Lindsay go to New York where there is an ongoing case to do with a child pornography ring that streams live videos. They first try to find Teddy , Lindsay's step brother, because he will have information on who these people could be. Once they find Teddy he tells them that he does not want to help but later he gives information over to who introduced him to the sex trafficking ring. As the episode continues Voight ( Halstead and Lindsay's sergeant) comes to help with the case because he knew Teddy before he left for New York and feels partly responsible. The website then begins to stream a video of a young boy being raped and they track down the location. They catch the men there and they think that it is all over when Rollins informs Benson that they have another victim who is in Chicago which brings the SVU unit to Chicago to carry on with the case.

Chicago PD opens with the shooting of the officer who was escorting the suspect with the child pornography case. More or less all of the team from the Manhattan SVU unit travel to Chicago to help with the case. They find out who the shooter is by looking at the CCTV footage at the hospital and Voight sends out patrol men to try and find him while Ruzek and Nick head to a retirement home due to Ruzek finding out that the suspect from the fire has been sending tons of money to it even though he has no family living there. They find out that he is paying the bill for a women named Dorothy and when asked about this she insists it is her daughter paying for it. They look into her and turns out that she works for child services. Erin and Rollins go through old case files of Matilda (Dorithy's daughter) and they find Teddy as well as finding out that he was in foster care before running away so they go and check out the family. When they get there they find out that the foster children are missing. The shooter is IDed as a man named Todd and when they go and check out his apartment and Halstead sees him running away so he goes after him while the rest of the team go inside to see what they can find and they find one of the foster children. Teddy finally gives in to helping with the case and when he goes to the police station he freaks out when he sees a photo of Matilda's boss at child services. It turns out that he is the leader of this sex ring. They go and arrest him as well as finding out where the other foster child is and then they save him as well!

So that's what happened during Crossover Week! I really recommend all three programmes because they are amazing!


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Monday, 17 November 2014

Is It Appropriate To Wear Christmas Jumpers Yet?

Hey Guys!

My favourite time of the year is finally starting to settle in and I'm starting to get excited for the Christmas holidays and Hogmany! Now that the colder weather is finally here I'm finally getting to wear all my cosy clothing like woolly scarfs and comfy jumpers and hopefully some CHRISTMAS JUMPERS!

Personally I think it's acceptable to begin wearing them now but it isn't acceptable for you to put your decorations up just yet. You need to wait till December for that!

This post is a bit different to what I usually do which is more lifestyle as this post I guess is fashion.... Here is a bunch of Christmasy jumpers that I would love to own from the British Highstreet. Now I admit not all of these jumpers are super Chirstmasy but I liked them so I added them...

Also everything is from a varied price range so hopefully you can find something that you like and suits your price range!

1. This jumper isn't exactly very Christmasy but I love the pattern and the fact that it's cropped so brilliant for wearing with high-waisted jeans or skirts! It's from Forever 21 (one of my favourite stores) and is £15.00

2. Again not exactly Christmasy but it has a super cute heart print and lets be honest who doesn't love a heat print? This is from Topshop and is £40.00

3. It seems like non of these jumpers aren't exactly Christmas jumpers but they are coming trust me! I added this jumper because I loved the lace detailing that is at the bottom corners, it's so cute. This jumper is from Urban Outfitters and is £40.00

4. Finally a jumper that officially passes as a Christmas Jumper! This navy jumper has this super cute print and has a sort of fluffy material where the print is. This is from Urban Outfitters again and is £45.00

5. This jumper is certainly one of my favourites out of all the ones that I have shown you! I like how the pattern goes all the way down the jumper you can also get it in red. It's from Boohoo and it costs £15.00

6. This one is plainer but I still think it passes as a Christmas jumper because of the colour which I love you can also get it in red or grey! Again it is cropped so brilliant for high-waisted jeans and skirts. This one is from H&M and is priced at £7.99

7. Again another favourite of mine! I like the simplicity of it but also that you can tell that it is a Christmas jumper! Again this is from Boohoo and is £20.00

8. This was one of the first jumpers to be added to the list and I think it's because I'm a big fan of grey... It's a boring colour I know but I like it! This jumper is again from Forever 21 and costs £17.50

9. This jumper is a bit plainer but has a pattern within the way it has been woven. Not only am I a big fan of grey but I'm obsessed with navy! The thing that I liked with this jumper is that you can wear it with just about everything! It is from H&M and is £14.99

10. Again another plain one and surprise surprise it's grey... This one is completely plain but I added this because it looks so cozy! This jumper is also from H&M and is also priced at £14.99

11. I am obsessed with the print on this Christmas jumper! I've got a feeling it has something to do with the reindeer and also that I had one last year that was a similar print! It's also navy but you can also get it in red. This jumper is from Boohoo and costs £15.00

12. This last one might not count as a Christmas jumper but stars are Christmasy! Right? I just fell in love as soon as I seen it! It is from Urban Outfitters and costs £90.00. Now don't say I'm not good to you because I found a cheaper one from H&M that is only £24.99.

So there you have it! That is some of my favourite Christmas jumpers that are available right now! Do you think it's appropriate to wear them yet?


Friday, 14 November 2014

A Guide To My Pinterest

Hey Guys!

One of my favourite social media platforms is probably Pinterest there isn't actually a reason why I just enjoy scrolling through my feed and posting things and seeing if other people throughout the wrld like the things as well.

So today I decided to give you a bit of a guide about what my boards are about and why I have them and I guess you will now have a little incite into how my brain works on Pinterest!

At this moment in time I have 28 Boards, 24,786 Pins, 46 Likes, 5,053 Followers and I'm following 70 other accounts.

My Pinterest is kind of set out into categories so that's why all the boards are placed in that order because you can change the order of them if you didn't know.

Most of my board covers the word to concentrate on is most!
Board Number 1 - The Saturdays - This board is basically a place for me to fangirl which happens a lot on my Pinterest. You definitely get to see how much of a fan girl I really am! In the description of the board it basically says that quite a lot of people in my year at school know me as the girl obsessed with The Saturdays and it's completely true! If you don't know The Saturdays are a British girl group and you should check them out!

Board Number 2 - I'm A Swiftie Are You? - The board that has anything and everything to do with the one and only Taylor Swift. I'm a massive fan of hers so of course I had to have a board dedicated to her. Now people have her judgements about her but I just connect to her music and lyrics so much that I admire and that's why I have a board about her!

Board Number 3 - The Vamps - A board about a band that I love. I acrually started this board when they were still on YouTube doing covers and hardly anyone knew who they were so I'm extremely proud of how much they have grown and hopefully I have helped with that through me pinning them on this board.

Board Number 4 - ONE DIRECTION infection - I don't post to this board as much as I used to because I'm not as obsessed with them as I was when I created the board but I still enjoy their music sometimes and I'm not gonna lie they are pretty nice to look at so why not have a board dedicated to them?

Board Number 5 - #OTH - A TV that has pretty much changed how I look at life and also has hopefully changed me as a person for better. Who knew a TV show could do that but One Tree Hill has so that's why it has a board?! Also Naley is my OTP so that also contributes to having a board for it and honestly if you feel like crap it's a great TV show to get sucked into it's certainly what I do if I'm having a really bad day...

Board Number 6 - #90210  - Again this is a board that I haven't posted a lot to since the show finished a year and a half ago but it's still because it was the first show that I ever properly hardcore fangirled at and I still love it I mean Lannie is just perf so...

Board Number 7 - #TVD  - My Pinterest certainly shows how many TV shows I watch and also how much a fangirl over it so a board based on The Vampire Diaries certainly isn't a surprise. This board is filled with things to do with TVD whether that is actually scenes, promotional shots or really funny memes.

Board Number 8 - #PLL  - Pretty Little Liars is a show that pretty much every teenage girl can't go without watching if not for the great wardrobe the cast has to the hot boys or the plot that you just can't get your head around. I mean the letter A just freaks me out now!

Board Number 9 - #TeenWolf  - The last of the boards that are based on TV shows but this board is based on probably one of my top 5 favourite TV shows which you probably haven't gathered from the number of posts it has about it ;)

Typical Girly Stuff
Board Number 10 - My Style  -  Way back when Pinterest started they gave you suggestions on board names that you had to at least pick about 3 of them I think. I'm not sure if they still do this but this board is actually the only board that has stayed on my Pinterest that has the same name. My Style is pretty self explanatory a board that has pins to do with clothes that I love and would probably wear if I had them.

Board Number 11 - Rings and Things  - A board that has pins dedicated to accessories. Even though personally I hate to wear any type of jewellery no typical reason I just don't even though I would love to be able to wear it so I would say that I live pretty vicariously through this board.

Board Number 12 - Boys, Boys, Boys  - Again a board that is pretty self explanatory.  A board that is filled with picture of boys that I admire and not gonna lie that I think are not too bad to look at.

Board Number 13 - Girls, Girls, Girls - This board is basically the exact same as the board before except this time its for the opposite sex and also I look up to these women a lot more.

Board Number 14 - It's A Girl Thing :) - A board which is filled with those typical white girl things that I relate to and also filled with relationship goals there are a lot of  'just girly things' pins so be warned!

Boards Number 15 - A Frozen Moment In Time - This board is probably more of the sort of arty type. Over the past couple of months I have really gotten into photography so this board is a collection of photos that I love whether its of building, scenery or just people having fun!

Board Number 16 - Him & Her - Your typical board filled with cute coupley photos totally relationship goals haha

Board Number 17 - When Words Fail MUSIC Speaks - My favourite lyrics from my favourite songs all in the one place whether it's a lyric that reminds me of an amzing memory or just a lyric that describes exactly how I'm feeling this is where it is...

Board Number 18 - Words of Wisdom  - Quotes that inspire, motivate and just speak me...

Board Number 19 - Time To Get Your Revision On - All the tips and tricks you need to actually be good at studying and also to find the motivation to do it. This board is one I look at a lot when I need a new and exciting way to study.

Board Number 20 - Shipping <3 - This has all of my OTP's in the one place. If there is a couple that I like whether it's from a book, film, tv show it will probably be here.

Board Number 21 - Television is my Obsession  - Every single tv show that I have watched and loved!

Board Number 22 - MUSIC = LIFE -  Again a board filled with everything musical related that I obsess over.

Board Number 23 - Movie Time - All of the movies that I have watched and have taking a great liking to.

Board Number 24 - Take Me Away To A Far Off Place - If you have read my favourites posts you guys will certainly know how much I love a good book! And that is what this board is filled of! Books I've read, books I want to read and just pictures of books altogether!

Board Number 25 - Harry Potter O-O - Lets be honest who isn't a Potterhead nowadays so of course I needed a board filled with a magical land that has been pretty important throughout my life growing up!

Board Number 26 - I Don't Even Know To Be Honest - A place for all the pins that don't actually fit into any of the other boards that I have...

Board Number 27 - Catriona... - I'm certainly not ashamed to have a board that is basically dedicated to self promotion but this is filled with all of the posts that are on my blog!

Board Number 28 - Designing My Space  - My interior design dreams, wishes and just full on envy.

So there you have it a guide to my Pinterest page if you don't follow I think you are missing out even if I am a bit bias so go follow!

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A Quick Note

Hey Guys

So this is just a very quick note for me to highlight something that might interest a few of you.
A few months ago I mentioned in a post that I suffer from anxiety and also clinical depression and since that moment I have been asked numerous times to write a blog post about how it affects me and what it is like suffering from it.

Personally I do not feel comfortable writing a full blog post about my battle with anxiety because not only is it very difficult for me to talk about it in general I'm not really into getting judged about it all like I have in past... Also if I was to write a post about it, it would be incredibly long because so much has happened regarding my anxiety...

So tonight I have decided to create an Instagram called @catrionas_story. This is for me to tell you little snippets of how my anxiety affects me daily and also a place for me to talk about it because as I said earlier I'm not massively keen on talking about it to people who haven't experienced it because they really just don't understand what I am going through...

Hopefully this will help the readers that have contacted me about my anxiety and if you ever want to talk well I'm here for you. So if you would like to see what it is like for me when it comes to struggling with mental health well you can go have a look.

Stay Strong  


P.S. The account is on private so you will need to follow me and then I will let you. But if it is not your cup of tea once you have seen what my posts are like then please feel free to unfollow. :)

I'm not doing this for the follows I just want to help people! :) 

Monday, 10 November 2014

October Favourites

Hey Guys!

So it's been a while since I've done a favourites post so I thought I should do one for October. If I'm honest I can't think of any beauty products that stand out because I don't use them a lot so if that is what your looking for your not going to find it here!

My first favourite is a TV show that I got back into recently over the past month. It was actually one of my favourites away back in June where I wrote about it there. And it's the TV show Gossip Girl. Now I know it has finished but I just never had the time to finish it and when I actually found out who Gossip Girl I was so shocked! I'm actually quite pleased at myself that I didn't look at any spoilers in advance so I was totally in the dark about who it was going to be!

I have been reading an awful lot of different series of books at the moment like Game Of Throne, The Mortal Instruments and Beautiful Creatures. But last month one of my best friends raved about this book called the Maze Runner so I went out and got it and OMG it's amazing! It's like the Hunger Games along with something completely else! There is also a movie that has been released but I'm still to see it yet!

Next up is my favourite movie... Recently I have been shown a lot of the popular animation movies that have recently come out over the past couple of years that I have just had no time to watch. This is including Despicable Me. I really enjoyed this movie and I found it hilarious! As soon as I finished I had to go and watch the second one!

I recently got an Instagram account in August I think and well I'm really enjoying it! If you want to see what I post you can follow me if you want! It is filled with day to day pictures of what I've been up to, what it looks like around where I live and also my battles with mental health issues...

This next favourite is extremely random but I have constantly been having BLT's for my lunch. If you don't know what this is it is basically a roll with bacon, lettuce and tomato. They are so tasty and a local place called The Pit Stop makes the best ones ever!

Another really random foody favourite of mine has been Tunnock's Tea Cakes. I don't know if you can get them outside of Scotland but basically it has a biscuit base and then filled with this marshmallow stuff and then completely covered in chocolate they are such a good midnight snack I'm telling you!

My ultimate favourite though is probably that after 2 years of waiting Taylor Swift has finally released her fifth album 1989! I love Taylor Swift and I hope to get tickets to her 1989 World Tour because she is coming to Glasgow!!!! I have a post up on my though of 1989 so if your interested you can go have a look.

If I'm honest that is all of the things that I can think of that I have been loving this month. I admit it isn't as many as some of my other posts but I have loved a lot of the same things over this past month and well yeah :)


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Friday, 7 November 2014

1989 ~ Album Review

Hey Guys!

So on the 27th of October Taylor Swift released her fifth album 1989, which was the year she was born. If you follow me on my twitter or instagram you will of probably noticed how excited I was getting before the release and then how excited I was to actually own the album.

I got 1989 D.L.X which had 3 extra tracks as well as 3 voice memos about how Taylor goes about writing songs. You can get this version as the Deluxe version worldwide and at Target I believe in the US.

So back to the album...

1.) Welcome To New York

This song was released a week before the album as like an extra for pre-ordering the album. The song is about Taylor's recent move to New York over the past year and it just has such a feel good feel to it and I find it so catchy! I'm constantly humming to it hahaha.

My favourite lyrics are definitely - "Like any great love/ It keeps you guessing/ Like any real love/ It’s ever changing/ Like any true love/ It drives you crazy"

2.) Blank Space

This is possibly one of my absolutely favourite songs on the album. It is just all round incredible. I rave about how Taylor is such a lyrical genius and this song definitely shows that! There is also a voice memo of how she came about this song that is on the deluxe version and it honestly cracks me up!

Favourite Lyrics - "I could make the bad guys good for a weekend"

3.) Style

This obviously has something to do with Harry Styles and I'm putting it out there because we always try and guess who the song is about and well seeing as it's called Style... This song is again one of my favourites it's the catchy-ness of the chorus I think. Also this song is the song that I love to get ready to in the morning because it has that feel good feel again.

Favourite Lyrics - "He says, what you've heard it's true but I/Can't stop thinking about you and I/I said I've been there too a few times"

4.) Out Of The Woods

Again this is a track that was released early and Taylor has also said that this is one of her favourite songs on the track. This album as a whole went through a completely different change compared to her previous albums but I think you notice it pretty well in this song. There is a dark undertone to it and you can certainly hear how Taylor is feeling.

Favourite Lyrics - "The rest of the world was black and white/But we were in screaming colour"

5.) All You Had To Do Was Stay

Track number 5 is always notorious for the song that hits you right in the feels... If I'm honest I personally don't think this is what I would of put as track number 5 if it was me. On the other hand though this song is amazing! It's about how the guy wants you back when really all he had to do was stay...

Favourite Lyrics - "Why'd you have to go and lock me out when I let you in"

6.) Shake It Off

The first song that we heard from the 1989 era and it is definitely one of my favourites. This song is my go to feel good song because of the happy feel it has because of the upbeat music and just the lyrics in general make me laugh because Taylor is basically just taking the piss of herself.

Favourite Lyrics - "I go on too many dates/But I can't make them stay/At least that's what people say"

7.) I Wish You Would

This song isn't really one of my favourites... It certainly doesn't exactly stand out on the album. It might be completely different for you that's just how I feel and I have no clue why. This song is another one that has the voice memo of how it came about on the deluxe edition and it's so interesting all the different ways Taylor comes up with songs. This one was actually just the track first and then the lyrics were added.

Favourite Lyrics  - "Wish I'd never hung up the phone like I did, and I/I wish you'd know that I never forget you as long as I live"

8.) Bad Blood

This is definitely a typical Taylor Swift song where she bashes the person it's about. The only difference is that it's about a friend instead of a boyfriend. It has a dead catchy rhythm to it that reminds me of the type that Lorde would use so you see that she has influenced her!

Favourite Lyrics - "Still got scars on my back from your knife"

9.) Wildest Dreams

Now this song is what I would of personally put as track number 5 because I usually cry to it and well I cried to this one. I love the lyrics and it's definitely one you can relate to while going through a break up! I just think it's so beautiful and that's about it really...

Favourite Lyrics - "He's so tall, and handsome as hell/He's so bad but he does it so well"

10.) How You Get The Girl

How You Get The Girl is such a contrast to the slow melody of Wildest Dreams instead this is your typical pop song and it's one I love to jump around and sing to while getting ready in the morning! 

Favourite Lyrics - "Say it's been a long six months/And you were too afraid to tell her what you want/And that's how it works"

11.) This Love

This is such a cute song! I have no clue what else to say about it really... It is another one of the slower ones and is about how a love has returned to you even though you weren't exactly expecting it.

Favourite Lyrics - "When you're young you just run/But you come back to what you need"

12.) I Know Places

Personally I love all the metaphors that Taylor has put into this song especially the "they are the hunters, we are the foxes" obviously the hunters are the paparazzi and then the foxes are Taylor and whoever else the song is about. The song is about how difficult it is to have a relationship when your in the public. This song also has a voice memo on how it is made as well on the deluxe edition.

Favourite Lyrics - "Love's a fragile little flame, it could burn out"

13.) Clean

This is another personal favourite of mine. I think it's the way Taylor describes a relationship as an addiction and the personal struggles you go through trying to get over it are slightly similar. Again this song shows how much of a lyrical genius Taylor is! On another note this is another song that I relate to and seem to cry to every time I sit and properly listen to it.

Favourite Lyrics - "Rain came pouring down when I was drowning/That's when I could finally breathe"

So that's my personal opinion on Taylor's new album and I must say I'm a bit biased because I love her music but ah well. Let me know in the comments or through all of my social media what you think of 1989!


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Monday, 3 November 2014


Hey Guys!

So today there isn't a post on the wee miniseries that has been running called A Look Into My Life | Open Days.  This is because of health issues and due to these I was not able to attend my final Open day at Stirling University. I am honestly gutted that I wasn't able to go because it is one of my top choices and I'm hoping that I can maybe go on a private tour in the near future. 

Again so sorry about this but there will be a normal post up on Friday like normal. I would of had a full post for you today but I just haven't had the time...

I hope this is ok:)