Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A Quick Note

Hey Guys

So this is just a very quick note for me to highlight something that might interest a few of you.
A few months ago I mentioned in a post that I suffer from anxiety and also clinical depression and since that moment I have been asked numerous times to write a blog post about how it affects me and what it is like suffering from it.

Personally I do not feel comfortable writing a full blog post about my battle with anxiety because not only is it very difficult for me to talk about it in general I'm not really into getting judged about it all like I have in past... Also if I was to write a post about it, it would be incredibly long because so much has happened regarding my anxiety...

So tonight I have decided to create an Instagram called @catrionas_story. This is for me to tell you little snippets of how my anxiety affects me daily and also a place for me to talk about it because as I said earlier I'm not massively keen on talking about it to people who haven't experienced it because they really just don't understand what I am going through...

Hopefully this will help the readers that have contacted me about my anxiety and if you ever want to talk well I'm here for you. So if you would like to see what it is like for me when it comes to struggling with mental health well you can go have a look.

Stay Strong  


P.S. The account is on private so you will need to follow me and then I will let you. But if it is not your cup of tea once you have seen what my posts are like then please feel free to unfollow. :)

I'm not doing this for the follows I just want to help people! :)