Saturday, 22 November 2014

Crossover Week: Recap

Hey Guys

So last week was one of my favourite weeks ever when it comes to TV. Why? You may ask and the answer is because two of my favourite tv shows; Chicago Fire and Chicago PD which I have talked about a thousands times here on my blog.

Basically last week there was a very special crossover between these two shows as well as Law & Order: SVU. These types of crossovers happen because they have all been created by the same man, Dick Wolf, so it is easy to make the story lines merge together. This happens often between the two Chicago based shows with the characters flicking between the shows but it is a rare occurrence that it includes the SVU characters.
*Spoilers Might Occur*

On Tuesday night it was Chicago Fire and throughout the whole show you didn't have much of a clue that indicated that the story was going to continue. The show was pretty average with them fighting fires and the usual stuff. Cruz is back being the driver on truck 81, there was more drama to do with Dawson being the candidate under Casey and the usual troubles with Molly's. The difference this week was that Severide came back from Vegas with a wife... Yeah I'm pretty gutted to if I'm honest! Who knows how long this is going to last though? As the episode was coming to an end House 51 was called to a fire and once they got there Severide was told that a man had run down to the cellar to go and collect something. There was a big explosion so Severide gets all his gear on and runs down to save him. He does save the man but what the man is saving is why it brings in Chicago PD and Law & Order: SVU. He finds tons of  pictures of young children both boys and girls... Including a photo of Erin Linday's step brother.

Wednesday was the night to be excited for because Chicago PD airs straight after Law & Order: SVU.  In Law & Order: SVU we see Halstead and Lindsay go to New York where there is an ongoing case to do with a child pornography ring that streams live videos. They first try to find Teddy , Lindsay's step brother, because he will have information on who these people could be. Once they find Teddy he tells them that he does not want to help but later he gives information over to who introduced him to the sex trafficking ring. As the episode continues Voight ( Halstead and Lindsay's sergeant) comes to help with the case because he knew Teddy before he left for New York and feels partly responsible. The website then begins to stream a video of a young boy being raped and they track down the location. They catch the men there and they think that it is all over when Rollins informs Benson that they have another victim who is in Chicago which brings the SVU unit to Chicago to carry on with the case.

Chicago PD opens with the shooting of the officer who was escorting the suspect with the child pornography case. More or less all of the team from the Manhattan SVU unit travel to Chicago to help with the case. They find out who the shooter is by looking at the CCTV footage at the hospital and Voight sends out patrol men to try and find him while Ruzek and Nick head to a retirement home due to Ruzek finding out that the suspect from the fire has been sending tons of money to it even though he has no family living there. They find out that he is paying the bill for a women named Dorothy and when asked about this she insists it is her daughter paying for it. They look into her and turns out that she works for child services. Erin and Rollins go through old case files of Matilda (Dorithy's daughter) and they find Teddy as well as finding out that he was in foster care before running away so they go and check out the family. When they get there they find out that the foster children are missing. The shooter is IDed as a man named Todd and when they go and check out his apartment and Halstead sees him running away so he goes after him while the rest of the team go inside to see what they can find and they find one of the foster children. Teddy finally gives in to helping with the case and when he goes to the police station he freaks out when he sees a photo of Matilda's boss at child services. It turns out that he is the leader of this sex ring. They go and arrest him as well as finding out where the other foster child is and then they save him as well!

So that's what happened during Crossover Week! I really recommend all three programmes because they are amazing!


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