Monday, 29 December 2014

It Was Christmas!

Hey Guys!

Most of you know that last Thursday was Christmas Day a day full of family, friends and festivities. For me Christmas lasted for like 4 days and I thought I would give you a little insight into what happened and the traditions that happen every year.

Christmas Eve

Today was the first full day I had visitors. My eldest sister is here from Norway with her husband and three sons. I was already super anxious about the idea of Christmas so today for the most of it was me spent relaxing and setting myself up for all that was going to be happening the next day. I also met up with my best friend to exchange gifts even though I didn't give him his because the good part hasn't arrived yet... 

In the evening we all began to get super excited about the idea of Christmas. We are a pretty competitive family and we played many a board game including Scrabble which was particularly competitive. I was in a team with my nephew and we were called 'Crazy Cats' we didn't win but we did put words out with the letter Q and Z which I was pretty impressed with! I also made mince pies with my mum. I wasn't allowed to eat them but I did make some! We usually go to Midnight Mass but this year because we had younger children we didn't. In a way I was relieved to find out that we weren't going because of all the people but also a little sad because it was a nice way to start Christmas Day.

Christmas Day

I was woken up at about 8:00 by my nephews telling me that Santa had been. We weren't allowed to go downstairs to see what was there so stuck to opening our stockings. I was still quite tired so after opening my stocking I went back to bed for a bit. I was then bombarded by my nephews telling me that we could go downstairs to our presents and we did just that! Seeing their faces get all excited about their presents from Santa made me happy and it was nice to have young children there. 
By then the anxiety was beginning to hit pretty hard so while my family went on a Christmas Day walk I took my time getting ready which was just what I needed before my Christmas Dinner. 

We had lentil soup to begin with which was amazing! Partly because it is homemade and my mum makes the best lentil soup! Then it was time for the dinner! We had turkey lined with bacon, stuffing, roast potatoes, potatoes in a creamy sauce, broccoli instead of brussel sprouts because no one eats them and pigs in blankets. My whole meal was smothered in gravy and it was so good! For pudding we had the choice of ice cream, christmas pudding or apple pie. I didn't have any space left in me so I didn't have any! After dinner while we were all in our food comas we had some family time watching the christmas specials and just generally hanging out.

Boxing Day

Today was the day that the rest of my family would be arriving. This made me especially anxious so I spent most of the morning tucked up in my bed with my book. My other sister then arrived with her husband and daughter and almost right after that my brother and his wife and 3 kids turned up. We had a full house! By then I decided it would be a good idea to get up even if it was for a little while. I did and then my dad's brother turned up with all of his family and the house was packed!

We had a family dinner which consisted of prawn cocktail for a starter, lasange as a main and then either ice cream, chocolate cake, christmas pudding or apple pie for desert. Once we had our dinner we all gathered in the living room to open all of the presents from each other. Usually this happens on New Years Eve but my sister decided to come for Christmas instead of New Years. 

27th December

I actually left the house today! The whole family traveled up to Glasgow to go and see a Pantomime at the King's Theatre. It was Peter Pan and was honestly hilarious! Gary McHugh from Gary: Tank Commander was in it and he made it so funny! There was some pretty inappropriate jokes even though it was for kids but I don't think they picked up on them! Some of my family are from Norway and they could hardly understand what the people on stage were saying because they were talking with a very strong Glasweigan accent that I even found difficult!

After the panto had finished we all traveled back home and went for a family meal at a local Italian before my two sisters left the next day. It was nice to be out of the house with all of the family partly because we are such a big family that we find it difficult to do things like this but we do try. We were allowed 2 courses so of course we all chose a main meal and a pudding except my Dad which meant that we were waiting ages for our food to come! I had maccaroni cheese and that was it because I was so stuffed.

That was my Christmas this year! It was weird having tons of family round because we usually do everything at New Years so it was nice to have a change. I hope you all had a good Christmas too!


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