Friday, 19 December 2014

My Favourite Memories Of 2014

Hey Guys!

Today's 'favourites of 2014' post is the last in the series for this year because these have been the main things that I could recount and remember. Also school finished for the Christmas holidays today which has made me super excited for Christmas now!

This 'favourites of 2014' post is a bit more personal than the others because these are my favourite memories that have happened throughout the past year. I know 2014 hasn't finished yet and I hope to make as many unforgettable memories in the last few days that I have!

I decided not to number them because I tried and failed to decided which ones were my favourite when planning the post. So instead I have put them in order of when they happened.

The Lion King - January At the very beginning of this year I went to go and see the Lion King with all of my family up at the Edinburgh Playhouse. The Lion King is one of my all  time favourite Disney films so when I was told that we were going to see the theatre production I honestly couldn't contain my excitement! It was honestly amazing! The costumes, the set, the singing, the dancing, EVERYTHING!

Tiree: Outside The Box - January There is a big festival up in Glasgow called Celtic Connections and when I saw this gig at the ABC I just knew that I had to get tickets! I actually ended up winning tickets and I went up with my best friend. We had the best time ever at it singing along to all of our favourite bands! Which were all from the island of Tiree so; Skipinnish, Skerryvore, Trail West and Gunna Sound.

My Last Dancing Show - March This year I had my last dancing show which was extremely sad because it was an end of an era but on the other hand it was such a highlight because it's a moment I will always remember taking my final bow on the stage as the oldest class. I also felt really proud because I helped with the younger classes so seeing their faces light up as soon as the curtain opened was amazing.

German Exchange - June The German Exchange is an event that has been in my life for 4 years now and I always have such a great time on it making friends and experiencing new things! This year we were in Scotland and I had two partners called Carolin and Elisa. I had also starter the blog by then so I blogged about the experience of course! If you want a full detailed story about the German Exchange then you can go have a read.

TMF 2014 - July I have been to Tiree Music Festival for the past 2 years and I can honestly say that it has been one of the biggest highlights for both 2013 and 2014. This time I went with friends instead of family which made it even more fun! TMF might actually be my favourite memory from 2014 but I'm not entirely sure. Again I had my blog so you can go and find out my experience at the festival.

Skipinnish Ceilidh - August As part of Cowal Games there was a family ceilidh with my favourite Scottish band, Skipinnish. I went with my friends and we had the best night ever! The band played anything that we requested and it was honestly such a laugh! I go to tons of ceilidhs every year and this one has been one of the best by far! I blogged about my whole weekend while it was Cowal Games.

Edward Scissor Hands Ballet - November I went to see this with my dancing class and what we saw was stunning! The way you can tell a story through dance and music only astounds me and I loved every second of it. I had such a nice evening with everyone going out for dinner and then to the ballet. I felt extremely posh telling everyone I was going to the ballet! That weekend was extremely busy for me and if you want to find out more you can!

That's my biggest highlights of 2014. There are others but they are just me going to a cafe or watching a movie with friends which is a bit boring for you guys to read about but they are something that I will hold on to forever!

What have your favourite memories of 2014 been?


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