Monday, 8 December 2014

My Favourite Musicians of 2014

Hey Guys!

Another best of  2014 post for you guys! This time it is musicians! I will also be doing a favourite song one but that's a bit different.

5. Lewis Watson - A singer songwriter that I discovered in late May and have been obsessed with since! He was noticed through his YouTube and then finally released his debut album earlier on this year called 'The Morning'. It is perfection and if you like Ed Sheeran you will love this guy!

4. George Ezra - We have all heard the song 'Budapest' and it is still on repeat for me even though it has been majorly over played! Once I heard that song though I had to go and do some digging on him because there was just something about his voice that I was obsessed with! He also released his debut album this year all 'Wanted On Voyage'.

3. Ed Sheeran - Finally we got some new music from Ed this year! He released his second album called 'X' or 'Multiply' it did have mixed reviews from people because they didn't like the r'n'b feel about it but I personally loved it!. He is definitely an artist that is on my 'to see live' list!

2. Skippinnish - Now a band that more or less all of you haven't heard of and that is probably because they are a Scottish ceilidh band. This year these guys have gone from strength to strength and have now passed Skerryvore as my favourite band. You guys need to go have a listen to them right now I suggest 'Walking On The Waves'.

1. Taylor Swift - Surprise, surprise my favourite is Taylor Swift which is always the case anyway but this year she brought out her fifth album '1989' which has now confirmed her transition from country to pop! I have always loved Taylor and probably always will and 'Shake it off' is my go to song when I feel like crap!

So there you have it my favourite musicians from 2014! What have been yours?


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