Monday, 15 December 2014

My Favourite Songs Of 2014

Hey Guys!

The last time I posted a favourites post it was my top musicians from 2014 and today I am doing my top songs. I decided to make two seperate posts because there are songs I like by musicians but I don't like the rest of their music so that is why.

15. All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor - This song is stuck in your head as soon as you hear so even though I hated it when I first heard it now is definitely a song that I love to hate! It is all about loving your body whatever it looks like which I believe is a messaged that needs to be said more!

14. Happy Little Pill - Troye Sivan - When Troye announced that he was going to be releasing an EP I was literally jumping for joy and Happy Little Pill the first single was amazing and super catchy! Also the meaning behind the song is so touching!

13. All Of Me - John Legend - This song got so much airplay on the radio and that is because it's a master piece! It's so sad and a great song to listen to when you just feel like crap and you want to mope around and eat icecream!

12. Heart and Soul - Twin Atlantic - This was the first single from Scottish band Twin Atlantic from their album Great Divide. It has a great beat to it and when I need to be motivated this is the song that I always put on because it gets me going!

11. Rather Be - Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne - A band that has only appeared this year and has grabbed the nation's attention with this great song. It was catchy and had a great tune to it and we were all singing it! I believe that these guys will go far!

10. Happy - Pharrell Williams - Yes it has been horrendously over played but you guys know that this is one of your top songs of 2014. It came out in late 2013 and is still super catchy! It's a great song for when you are feeling down and need a pick me up!

9. Don't Stop - 5 Seconds Of Summer - When I first heard of 5SOS I told myself that I was not going to like them and I was going to stay away and I did until I heard this song... I am now officially a 5SOS fan. There I've said it and it has been  uploaded onto the internet so I now can't take it back!

8. Riptide - Vance Joy - This song brings up so many good memories of me being on the German Exchange and that is why I love it! It has such a nice feel to it and you can't help but have a wee dance to it even if it is by yourself in your bedroom!

7. Budapest - George Ezra - As soon as I heard Budapest I feel in love and that was away back in April and it's now December and I still love it! It's another song on my list that just has a nice feel to it and I love revising to it!

6. Let It Go - Yes, another song from 2013 but come on! Frozen has literally taken the world by storm and this song is amazing! The Idina Menzel version just to clarify I think the Demi Lovato one is horrendous! This song just reminds me of my 2 year old niece and all of the fun we have together!

5. Somebody To You - The Vamps - This is a band that I have been following since the beginning and I mean the beginning! I was one of those teenage girls that stalks there Youtube channel for whenever they uploaded a new cover and now they have an album and are going on an arena tour! It's crazy and this song is one of my favourites from their album.

4. Walking On The Waves - Skipinnish - Now this is a song brings back some great memories whether that is while I was on the island of Tiree for TMF or in the ceilidh tent during Cowal Games. This has definitely been way up there with my favourite songs and if you go have a listen you will know why!

3. Stay With Me - Sam Smith - When Sam Smith guest appeared earlier this year on Taylor Swift's RED Tour I just knew that he was going to big and I was right! This is an absolute tune! Definitely a show song haha!

2. Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran - This is a song that the first time I listened to it I found that I had tears in my eyes. It really does hit you right in the feels just Ed's voice and the lyrics. Also the video is incredible! As someone who loves to dance I get to appreciate how hard that was for Ed who isn't a professional.

1. Shake It Off - Taylor Swift - Again this isn't really a surprise that this is my favourite song of 2014... This year has been difficult shall we say and every time I hear this I can't help but dance and sing along to it, it is definitely my feel good song and always seems to pick up my mood!

There you have it my favourite songs of 2014! There was only going to be 5 but I kept thinking of songs haha! What are your favourite? Any of them the same as mine?


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