Friday, 30 January 2015

Prom Dress Inspiration

Hey Guys

It's that time of year where pretty much every girl in their last year in school is on the hunt for their perfect leavers dance dress other wise known as prom in American.

If I'm honest I have no idea where to start. I mean there is the colour to decide on, the length, what sort of detail do I want, strapless or not strapless, long sleeved or short sleeved it is honestly a nightmare! It is times like this I wish I was a boy so that a nice suit and tie would do but oh no not when you are a girl!

So I have been searching Pinterest and Tumblr high and low for some prom inspiration and I though I would give you a look into what type of dresses I have liked.

Some of these are bridesmaid dresses but they looked pretty so I'm counting them in!

I have been mainly looking at long dresses like the two up above because I'm really small so hopefully it will make me look taller but just look at these dresses that are shorter!

This one is definitely a personal favourite of mine!

Colour wise I have been mainly looking at lilacs and blues but I am honestly open to pretty much any colour! I love the pastel ones but I don't know if that is too bridesmaidsy or not...

Finally is all of the detail in the dress. I have been loving the lace and floral side to it as well as a big chiffon skirt (total wedding gown is in your mind isn't it).

So that is what I have been looking at for inspiration! If you have any tips or like any of these dresses I'm all ears because I'm a rubbish at making decisions!

I honestly cannot wait to properly go dress shopping but I'm dreading it at the same time!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Getting Help?

Hey Guys!

I have been toying with the idea of writing this post for a while now and a few things have helped me finally make up my mind and actually write it! I'm awful at making decisions so the fact that I'm finally doing this is amazing!

1.) JacksGap recently uploaded a new video called Let's Talk About Mental Health and if you haven't seen it yet I definitely think you should go and watch it. It doesn't matter if you suffer from a mental illness or not I still think you should go and have a look!

2.) Last Sunday it had been a year since I reached out and finally got some help with my anxiety. I had kept it hidden away for so long and it began to get too much for me so I reached out and it honestly was the best decision I made last year.

Mental Health has had this taboo when it comes up in conversation for so many years now and only recently have I been able to freely talk about it and how I am effected. This needs to stop because talking about it makes you realise that you are not alone in this world and it effects a lot more people than you would actually think.

Actually, 1 in 4 people suffer with some kind of Mental illness in their life time whether that is anxiety and depression like me or anorexia, bulimia or a personality disorder. When I first heard that statistic I was astounded because you just don't hear about it and you would never expect it to be that high a number.

So I'm now reaching out to everyone reading this if you are suffering or know someone who is suffering help them to go out and get help. Getting help doesn't mean going to the doctors and getting prescribed medication because that doesn't help everyone! It could be reading up on self help websites or books or apps (post up soon about self help) or it could even be telling someone if you haven't told anyone yet.

In the beginning stages I had no clue where to get help in fact I didn't even know your GP could help you with it so I actually first told my Guidance Teacher at school who then directed me to the School Nurse who then told me to go and see my GP. After seeing my GP I then went into private therapy which wasn't great and now I'm on a programme called CAMHS.

In the past year the changes in my life concerning my health are astounding! Yes, I'm not cured or whatever but I'm able to cope with it to some extent which wasn't the case in January 2014. Yes, I was diagnosed with clinical depression after I finally reached out and got help but that was because I kept it all inside and didn't tell anyone.

So I want you to reach out and get help! Trust me it will be the best decision that you make this year I can guarantee. Remember there isn't some quick fix and after going to see your GP everything is going to be fine because it isn't, so don't panic if you don't see any results until a few months in.

I hope this post helps you go and help someone else or yourself. We can help fight this stigma that is related to Mental Health and hopefully 2015 will be the year when it finally starts to go away!

Stay Strong ♡  

Monday, 26 January 2015

American Beauty / American Psycho ~ Album Review

Hey Guys!

A week ago Fall Out Boy released thier most recent album American Beauty / American Psycho. I am a huge Fall Out Boy fan and have been for a while now so I was excited for their new music but also a bit apprehensive seeing as I really loved their older stuff before they went on hiatus and though I liked their last album I still thought that it was missing something.

I think most people go through that punk rock stage while at secondary school. I certainly did about 2 maybe 3 years ago when I was 14/15. All I would listen to was Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, You Me At Six. super loud! And I mean extremely loud! The bus ride home from school was always eventful because I got those judgy looks from the old ladies on the bus.

When I heard that FOB (Fall Out Boy) were releasing a new album I was absolutely buzzing to say the least. Seeing as I have done a few album reviews on my little bit of the internet before I thought I would do it for this album to. So enjoy! :)

1. Irresistible

The opening track to this album reminds me of old FOB but it also has something new with it as well! I actually really like the chorus with the big bangy drums (so technical I know) and the way it is so good to sing to while in the shower.

Favourite Lyrics: You know you look so Seattle but you feel so LA

2. American Beauty / American Psyhco

The title track from the album is probably my favourite out of all of them! It is very Fall Out Boy that is for sure. If you have liked Fall Out Boy for a while then you know they used to have awesome song titles they have disappointed more recently and yes, this isn't the best but it reminds me of the old FOB days.

Favourite Lyrics: I'm the best worst thing that hasn't happened to you yet, the best worst thing (whoa)

3. Centuries

This was the first single from this album and when I first heard it I rejoiced. Partly because it was very old Fall Out Boy, I feel like I keep saying that but I have no other way to describe it! They released an EP between this and Save Rock And Roll  and to save I was disappointed would be an understatement so I was really worried about this album but this definitely calmed my nerves.

Favourite Lyrics: Some legends are told, some turn to dust or to gold.

4. The Kids Aren't All Right

This is another personal favourite of mine. I like how these guys can pull of the harder rockier sound as well as the indie sound. That is what makes them the perfect alternative band in my eyes. Also the message in the song is very powerful. I don't know why but it definitely hit me somewhere.

Favourite Lyrics: I'm not passive but aggressive, take note it's not impressive.

5. Uma Thurman

The chantyness in this song is why I love it. Every time I listen to it I just picture a massive festival like Glastonbury and everyone is jumping and screaming the lyrics and it's a totally mosh pit. I have no idea why but that is what I picture.

Favourite Lyrics: I slept in last night's clothes and tomorrows dreams.

6. Jet Pack Blues

It took me a while to get what this song was about. I mean I thought it was about a jet pack literally but after really listening to the album I realised that it is about missing being in school. I admit this isn't a stand out track for me but it wouldn't fit in any of their other albums.

Favourite Lyrics: Don't you remember how we used to split a drink? It never mattered what it was.

7. Novocaine

This is another rockier song for you and I love it! The chorus has me screaming it while I'm in the shower. Partly because the lyrics repeat themselves but that isn't really the point is it?

Favourite Lyrics: Cast them out cause this is our culture, these new flocks are nothing but vultures.

8. Fourth Of July

I admit when I'm trying to guess what song is playing without looking at my phone to see if I know the album really well I always get this one mixed up with the next song Favourite Track. This song has gone quite futuristic but it is also like old FOB so it is a brilliant mix between the two.

Favourite Tracks: You are my favourite "What if", you are my best "I'll never know".

9. Favourite Track

I don't know what it is about this song but I can't make my mind up if I like it or not. I do enjoy it if I'm listening to the whole album but if I'm listening to all of the songs on my phone I'm more than likley to skip it.

Favourite Lyrics: You were the song stuck in my head.

10. Immortals

This was the second single from the album  and is also a track that is connected with a movie called Hero 6 and that is why it has more of a futuristic sound compared to the others because the film is set in the future. I actually really like this song and I have played it quite a bit on the radio show I have with my friend.

Favourite Lyrics: I'm still comparing your past to my future.

11. Twin Skeleton's (Hotel In NYC)

I think this track is a great way to end the album! It is a great mix between the rockier sound and the futuristic sound that they have going on throughout this album. When I first heard this song I would never of guessed that this was a Fall Out Boy track!

Favourite Lyrics: That shares our fate and deserves our pity.

So that is my opinion on Fall Out Boy's new album American Beauty / American Psycho. I'm pretty sure most people will love it no matter what type of music you will listen to and I definitely recommend that you listen to it at least once!

 Do you like this album and did you go through I guess you would call it that "emo stage" in high school?

Friday, 23 January 2015

Liebster Award #2

Hey Guys!

A while back I did my ever  Liebster Award Nomination and I really enjoyed doing it! It definitely helps introduce you to the blogging community and makes you want to stick around! Seeing as I have been nominated again by CurvybirdEat Your Glitter and Hailey's Workshop I thought I would do it again and I still fit the criteria so why not?

I am going to be doing Hailey's questions because hers were really interesting and also she was the latest of them to nominate me!

If you don't know what the Liebster award is don't worry because I was the same. I kept seeing it all over other blogs and had no clue what it actually is but I now know. It's basically a tag that has been ongoing to help you find new blogs that have started up who have 200 followers or less and that counts as me! So yeah here goes...

1. Include a link to the blog of whoever nominated you.
2. Answer all 11 questions they have provided.

3. Nominate your own 11 blogs with 200 followers or less.
4. Create your own list of 11 questions for them to answer.

What is your favourite flavour of icecream?
This is hard one because a few stand out to me but Ben & Jerry's recently brought Peanut Butter Cup over to the UK (finally) so it would definitely be that at this moment in time.

Do you have any pets?
Yes I have one dog called Freya and she is a black labrador. I have also said that I'm a dog person but one of my friends has a cat and now I really want one so I'm not sure if I am a dog or cat lady now!

How did you come up with your blog name?
Is it bad that I have no clue? I had been wanting a blog for aaggeeess and I just put my name as the title. I genuinely have no clue where the ellipsis has come from...

What is the one thing you won't leave your house without?
Now people who know me would probably say my phone because I'm constantly attached to it but I think I would say earphones I feel lost without them when travelling anywhere!

How many continents have you been to?
One. I have never actually left Europe which makes me really sad because I really want to travel especially to America and Austrailia.

Favourite Book?
I'm constantly reading so my favourite book always changes. I recently read Girl Online and I related so much to the main character, Penny, so probably that at the moment.

Tea or Coffee?
Definitely the easiest question out of them all! It's tea I'm addicted I drink it all the time, literally.

Are you an introvert, extrovert or a bit of both?
Because I suffer from anxiety I immediately think introvert because I'm very content in spending time with myself and it takes a lot within me to go out with other people but I love being on stage dancing so a bit of both but mainly an introvert.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?
I enjoy pretty much everything about blogging but I enjoy the excitement when I come up with an idea that I immediately want to start writing the post but I'm sitting in school and it will have to wait.

Does it snow where you live?
Yes, it does snow where I live but because I live by the sea it doesn't lay very well. We usually get that slushy snow which is lethal because it then freezes over and becomes ice.

Where are you writing this blog post?
A local cafe called Seasons. I'm always in here because they do this specialty tea that I love! I needed to get out the house for a bit so i would usually be writing this at my desk.

My Questions
1. If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would it be?
2. Favourite social media platform?
3. Tea or Coffee?
4. Favourite song at the moment?
5. Ever been to a concert? If so what was your first one?
6. Do you collect anything?
7. Why did you decide to make a blogger?
8. Do you ship anyone who everyone hates?
9. Bit of life advice that you follow?
10. Favourite piece in your wardrobe?
11. Sweet or Savoury?

Thanks guys! Hope you like my answer and go follow the guys that I have nominated because they are fab!!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

It's Just One Of Those Days | 8Tracks Playlist

Hey Guys!

Way back in September I introduced you guys to a new playlist that was on my 8Tracks account and well today the same thing is happening.

I created this playlist a while ago and I have had so many other blog posts that needed to be done that this is finally being written!

This playlist is for when you need music in the background for reading, studying whatever. But it is definitely on the calmer side. I specifcally listen to it late at night and I can't get to sleep.

Here is the playlist!

1. Invisible - Hunter Hayes
2. Nervous Girls - Lucy Hale
3. Things We Lost In The Fire - Bastille
4. Come On, Get Higher - Matt Nathanson
5. How Do You Feel Today - Gabrielle Aplin
6. You Found Me - The Fray
7. The Girl - City And Colour
8. A Sky Full Of Stars - Coldplay
9. Endlessly - The Cab
10. You And Me - Lifehouse
11. Let Me Go - Ron Pope
12. Wonderful World - James Morrison.
13. Lucky - Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat
14. All Of The Stars - Ed Sheeran
15. Even If - Lewis Watson
16. Many Of Horror - Biffy Clyro
17. All We Are - Matt Nathanson
18. Upside Down - Jack Johnson
19. Droplets (ft. Gabrielle Aplin) - Lewis Watson
20. The Fault In Our Stars - Troye Sivan

So that is the playlist. I hope you enjoy the 20 minutes of relaxing and pretty sad music that I have put together!

Monday, 19 January 2015

Blog Shoutout!

Hey Guys!

How are you?

Having a good start to the week?

Today's post seems extremely lazy as I'm going to highlight a blog that's just starting out and I believe that you should definitely go and check it out!

The blog is emma-raeburn and is by my friend called Emma. She loves Taylor Swift like me which is just one of many reasons for you to go and have a look at it!

She has made her blog her own by designing it and personally I think she did a great job for a beginner! I mean it took me aaaggggeeesss to get my blog to look like it does now.

The way she writes her blog posts is very engaging and I believe she will go far in blogging if she sticks to it.

I'm not sure if she knows this but I look up to her for a lot of different reasons which aren't up to me to tell the whole internet but just know that she is so strong and I believe she can concer anything.

If you want to get in contact with her she has a Bloglovin and that's probably the easiest way to keep up with her blog!

So Emma I know you didn't even know that I was going to do this but well here it is!

 Good luck with your blogging!  

Saturday, 17 January 2015

My First Ever Lipstick

Hey Guys!

I feel like most of the popular blogs nowadays are more or less fashion and beauty blogs. Personally I just don't have this massive fascination with make up and fashion but I get why people love it so much.

As a 17 year old teenage girl people sort of expect us to be obsessed with make up and to constantly wear it and spend all of our money on it. Not true... I hardly ever wear make up! I really only wear it on special occasions like a party or a birthday or something and if I'm honest I spend a lot of my money on tea and cakes #SorryNotSorry

As the Christmas party season began I realized that out of my very minimal makeup bag (it's literally a very small pencil case) that something was missing... A lipstick. I had about 2 lip glosses a pinkish one and a darker redish one. As it was Christmas I loved the darker lip look that was very in so when I went looking for my Christmas outfit I also went looking for my perfect dark lip.

I knew that I wasn't spending a ton of money on it either because I was hardly ever going to wear it so I just went searching in the typical high street drugstores. I must say that I was astounded by the choice that were available and it took me ages to finally make a decision but I did...

I went with a 'Lasting Finish By Kate' Lipstick from Rimmel London in 107.

As I went to the checkout to actually buy it I nearly chickened out but I did go through with it! And I'm so glad I did. I actually really love wearing it!

The tone suits my skin tone and as a total newbie to lipstick I was worried that I chose the completely wrong one but I actually think I did ok! I was really nervous about actually applicating it but I found it really easy to swipe across my lips! Also it smells amazing which really has nothing to do with the product but it does!

I think now that I have gone out and actually bought my first ever lipstick I can now go and experiment a bit more when it comes to lipstick and even just make up in general. I definitely want to get better at it because at the moment I swipe a bit of mascara and eyeliner on and that is pretty much me

So if you have any favourite brands, colours please let me know because I really have no clue when it comes to make up!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Hey guys!

This past week I have had a serious case of wanderlust. In fact if I'm honest I always have a serious case of wanderlust.

Being only 17 having this major wanderlust is a serious problem because I can't exactly up and leave whenever I want to due to a number of things. School  being the main one...

Because of school I have to live vicariously through a number of blogs, instagrams and vlogs.

If you are in the same boat as me and really want to travel the world but really can't I thought I would introduce my favourite travel bloggers and vloggers. So hopefully these will settle your thirst to wander the world.
Photo Credit: World of Wanderlust

World Of Wanderlust This is possibly my absolute favourite travel blog out of all of them. Brooke is in her twentys from Tasmania and she travels the world full time! She is a solo traveller and I just adore her photos. They are mixed with destinations you must see, tips for travelling and her personal travels.

Mollie Bylett Now Mollie's blog isn't really a full on travel blog but it feels like one at the moment as she travels through New Zealand and Austrailia. I love her posts as she writes them like a diary entry and they really make me want to go and travel in her footsteps!

The Hostel Girl The tips from this blog are amazing. I used to know more or less nothing when it came to hostels but now I know tons and the ways to get the best experience when travelling solo.

Queen Of Jetlags I love this blog. Noor doesn't just do a blog about travelling even though that is the main aspect she also does a lot of fashion tips as well as great blogging tips for both the experienced and the newbie blogger.

Ben Brown I found Ben through JacksGap when he did the Rickshaw Run with them and I honestly love him. He daily vlogs which I think is amazing because I'm finding blogging 3 times a week really hard. Also his instagram feed is probably one of my absolute favourites so I really recommend that you check him out!

Fun For Louis I have been following Louis for such a long time now and I never get tired of his daily vlogs. He always seems to be jetting off somewhere exciting and he does some really incredible things! Again I think everyone should look up Louis because he is just fab!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

I hope these guys help quench your thirst for wanderlust like they do for me. I honestly can't wait to just get out and travel!

Monday, 12 January 2015

My Current Reading List

Hey Guys!

I'm an avid reader. I love how a book can take you away to a completely different place. They offer that escape from your world to a world where you wished that you belonged. Books can make you feel happy, sad and all the feelings in between unlike a tv show or a film ever could.

Last year I read over 100 books and I hope to do the same this year as well. At the end of the year I mentioned my top books of 2014 in a post so if you want to see what I enjoyed then you can! Because I read so much last year I thought I would give you a little look into what is currently on my reading list.

1. City Of Heavenly Fire - This is the last in the Mortal Instrument Series so I cannot wait to finish it! I read all the other 5 books last year and I honestly loved them! The book is more than 700 pages so it's definitely going to take a while!

2. A Clash of Kings - It took me quite a while to read the first book from the Game of Thrones series so no doubt this one will be the same! Also I feel like you really have to concentrate when reading them because there are so many characters and different story lines all going on at the same time!

3. Gone Girl - I  first heard about Gone Girl because of the success of the movie I haven't seen the movie yet because I ALWAYS read the book first so I need to read this asap!

4. Generation Dead - This book I found in my local bookstore and it had a pretty cover... I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but admit it if it has a nice cover your more than likely going to pick it up and read the blurb!

5. Boy Racers - The author Ala Bissett came to visit our school and that's how I found out about it. It's a very scottish book because it's about a group of Scottish teenage boys and I can't wait to read it!

6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - DON'T PANIC I have already read this but I decided to read the Harry Potter's again and well I read the other 6 last year so I just have this one to go now! Re-reading them is so fun because you always forget so much of it because not all of it is in the movies.

7. Everyday - Another book found in the local bookstore with a pretty cover... This book intrigues me so much because it's about a boy who changes into a different person everyday therefore the book title so I cannot wait to read this!

8. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - This book was suggested by my Dad so I'm going to give it a try. I now that the series kind of just stops because the author died so I'm not sure if I will be annoyed or not. Guess I will just have to read them to find out!

That's my current reading list! I have a ton of other books that I want to read but I either just don't own them or my library doesn't have them! I cannot wait to find out which other book worlds I'm going to fall in love with this year!

Friday, 9 January 2015

When I'm Anxious I... | Have a bath

Hey Guys!

As 2015 is now upon us one thing I want to focus on is my mental health. I went through some very big lows last year concerning it and this year I want to take steps into making it better.

That's why today I'm creating a wee Step By Step Guide to help you out if you are feeling stressed or anxious to help you to begin to  relax. If you suffer from anxiety or not I believe that we should all take some time in our daily lives to just relax even if it is just for 5 minutes!

Today's post is for after a long day at school, work, college or even at home and you just need to unwind. All the tension has built up in your body and you just need to seclude yourself from the world for a little bit. For me I have a bath. Usually I have one mid-weekish to help get through till the weekend. Since doing this weekly I often find myself re-energised and ready to face the day.

Here is what I do... (Some of these steps are optional)

Step 1: Run A Bath
A simple first step but it gets the ball rolling. If you do this first if gives you time to sort out other stuff.

Step 2: Choose A Bath Bomb Or Not
Personally I don't like to use bath bombs a lot because they aren't actually good for you if you use them a lot so I mix and match between bath bombs, bubble bath and nothing at all. Today I went for a bath bomb from Lush called Father Christmas. Because it was a special edition bath bomb I couldn't find the link for the exact one but here is the main Lush website.

Step 3: Add The Bath Bomb Or Alternative
This is possibly one of my favourite steps! I love watching the bath bomb react to the water and see it fizzing about and changing the colour of the bath.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Girl Online ~ Book Review

Hey Guys!

It's 04:56 in the morning and I have just finished Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. I loved every single second of it and thought I would give you my thoughts about it.

I have done a few album, film and TV show reviews but never a book so this is a first for Catriona... so please bare with me while I try and get the hang of it!

I was first drawn to Girl Online because of the author Zoe Sugg also known as Zoella a British YouTuber. I have been watching Zoe's videos for a long time now and when I heard that she was going to be writing a book I just knew that I had to check it out because I love the way she writes her blog.

Girl Online is about a girl called Penny who writes an anonymous blog called Girl Online which is also the title. She struggles with your usual teenage problems like boys, friends, fitting in as well as suffering from anxiety after she was in a car crash. Penny's family is called out to New York at the last minute to plan a wedding and while there she meets a mysterious boy named Noah who shows her his side of new York. Things begin to get serious between the two of them and Penny feels like she is beginning to fall in love for the first time. But Noah has a huge secret that he is keeping from her that could expose Penny as Girl Online.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Instagram Diary | December

Hey Guys

December was such a fun month! I certainly made the most of the last month of 2014 and more or less all of the important photos were all uploaded onto my Instagram @catriona_lauder. So I thought I would give you a little look at it if you aren't following me.

Costa Hot Chocolate  Sprinkles On Hot Chocolate  Mini Hot Chocolate ♥ Christmas Lights  Christmas Senior Ceilidh  Uh Oh I Got A Haircut With The Dame  Christmas Nails  Special 9 Hour Radio Event  Secret Santa  Red Berry Suki Tea  Christmas Tree  Christmas Day With My Nephews  Panto Time  Favourite Gift  My Niece's Birthday Collage 

That was my Instagram over December. As you can see I became a bit obsessed with Hot Chocolate! Do you enjoy Instagram?

Friday, 2 January 2015

Hello 2015!!

Hey Guys!

So 2015 is finally upon up and if I'm honest it hasn't really sunken in yet. It's time for a fresh start and to make changes in our lives that we didn't have the guts to make while we were in the middle of 2014.

We all make New Years Resolutions and they last until mid February maybe if your lucky even March! This year I decide just to make some small goals that will help me live a happier life.

2014 was probably the toughest year of my life because I finally reached out into getting help with my anxiety and depression. My fight with my mental is still going so hopefully 2015 will be my year where I can start to go back to who I used to be!

Also there might be a few changes to this blog as well now that we are into the new year. I have so many blog post ideas and I just don't feel like posting twice a week like I do now is enough so I'm going to now be posting on a Wednesday as well! It might not be every week but it will probably be most weeks.