Monday, 26 January 2015

American Beauty / American Psycho ~ Album Review

Hey Guys!

A week ago Fall Out Boy released thier most recent album American Beauty / American Psycho. I am a huge Fall Out Boy fan and have been for a while now so I was excited for their new music but also a bit apprehensive seeing as I really loved their older stuff before they went on hiatus and though I liked their last album I still thought that it was missing something.

I think most people go through that punk rock stage while at secondary school. I certainly did about 2 maybe 3 years ago when I was 14/15. All I would listen to was Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, You Me At Six. super loud! And I mean extremely loud! The bus ride home from school was always eventful because I got those judgy looks from the old ladies on the bus.

When I heard that FOB (Fall Out Boy) were releasing a new album I was absolutely buzzing to say the least. Seeing as I have done a few album reviews on my little bit of the internet before I thought I would do it for this album to. So enjoy! :)

1. Irresistible

The opening track to this album reminds me of old FOB but it also has something new with it as well! I actually really like the chorus with the big bangy drums (so technical I know) and the way it is so good to sing to while in the shower.

Favourite Lyrics: You know you look so Seattle but you feel so LA

2. American Beauty / American Psyhco

The title track from the album is probably my favourite out of all of them! It is very Fall Out Boy that is for sure. If you have liked Fall Out Boy for a while then you know they used to have awesome song titles they have disappointed more recently and yes, this isn't the best but it reminds me of the old FOB days.

Favourite Lyrics: I'm the best worst thing that hasn't happened to you yet, the best worst thing (whoa)

3. Centuries

This was the first single from this album and when I first heard it I rejoiced. Partly because it was very old Fall Out Boy, I feel like I keep saying that but I have no other way to describe it! They released an EP between this and Save Rock And Roll  and to save I was disappointed would be an understatement so I was really worried about this album but this definitely calmed my nerves.

Favourite Lyrics: Some legends are told, some turn to dust or to gold.

4. The Kids Aren't All Right

This is another personal favourite of mine. I like how these guys can pull of the harder rockier sound as well as the indie sound. That is what makes them the perfect alternative band in my eyes. Also the message in the song is very powerful. I don't know why but it definitely hit me somewhere.

Favourite Lyrics: I'm not passive but aggressive, take note it's not impressive.

5. Uma Thurman

The chantyness in this song is why I love it. Every time I listen to it I just picture a massive festival like Glastonbury and everyone is jumping and screaming the lyrics and it's a totally mosh pit. I have no idea why but that is what I picture.

Favourite Lyrics: I slept in last night's clothes and tomorrows dreams.

6. Jet Pack Blues

It took me a while to get what this song was about. I mean I thought it was about a jet pack literally but after really listening to the album I realised that it is about missing being in school. I admit this isn't a stand out track for me but it wouldn't fit in any of their other albums.

Favourite Lyrics: Don't you remember how we used to split a drink? It never mattered what it was.

7. Novocaine

This is another rockier song for you and I love it! The chorus has me screaming it while I'm in the shower. Partly because the lyrics repeat themselves but that isn't really the point is it?

Favourite Lyrics: Cast them out cause this is our culture, these new flocks are nothing but vultures.

8. Fourth Of July

I admit when I'm trying to guess what song is playing without looking at my phone to see if I know the album really well I always get this one mixed up with the next song Favourite Track. This song has gone quite futuristic but it is also like old FOB so it is a brilliant mix between the two.

Favourite Tracks: You are my favourite "What if", you are my best "I'll never know".

9. Favourite Track

I don't know what it is about this song but I can't make my mind up if I like it or not. I do enjoy it if I'm listening to the whole album but if I'm listening to all of the songs on my phone I'm more than likley to skip it.

Favourite Lyrics: You were the song stuck in my head.

10. Immortals

This was the second single from the album  and is also a track that is connected with a movie called Hero 6 and that is why it has more of a futuristic sound compared to the others because the film is set in the future. I actually really like this song and I have played it quite a bit on the radio show I have with my friend.

Favourite Lyrics: I'm still comparing your past to my future.

11. Twin Skeleton's (Hotel In NYC)

I think this track is a great way to end the album! It is a great mix between the rockier sound and the futuristic sound that they have going on throughout this album. When I first heard this song I would never of guessed that this was a Fall Out Boy track!

Favourite Lyrics: That shares our fate and deserves our pity.

So that is my opinion on Fall Out Boy's new album American Beauty / American Psycho. I'm pretty sure most people will love it no matter what type of music you will listen to and I definitely recommend that you listen to it at least once!

 Do you like this album and did you go through I guess you would call it that "emo stage" in high school?