Friday, 23 January 2015

Liebster Award #2

Hey Guys!

A while back I did my ever  Liebster Award Nomination and I really enjoyed doing it! It definitely helps introduce you to the blogging community and makes you want to stick around! Seeing as I have been nominated again by CurvybirdEat Your Glitter and Hailey's Workshop I thought I would do it again and I still fit the criteria so why not?

I am going to be doing Hailey's questions because hers were really interesting and also she was the latest of them to nominate me!

If you don't know what the Liebster award is don't worry because I was the same. I kept seeing it all over other blogs and had no clue what it actually is but I now know. It's basically a tag that has been ongoing to help you find new blogs that have started up who have 200 followers or less and that counts as me! So yeah here goes...

1. Include a link to the blog of whoever nominated you.
2. Answer all 11 questions they have provided.

3. Nominate your own 11 blogs with 200 followers or less.
4. Create your own list of 11 questions for them to answer.

What is your favourite flavour of icecream?
This is hard one because a few stand out to me but Ben & Jerry's recently brought Peanut Butter Cup over to the UK (finally) so it would definitely be that at this moment in time.

Do you have any pets?
Yes I have one dog called Freya and she is a black labrador. I have also said that I'm a dog person but one of my friends has a cat and now I really want one so I'm not sure if I am a dog or cat lady now!

How did you come up with your blog name?
Is it bad that I have no clue? I had been wanting a blog for aaggeeess and I just put my name as the title. I genuinely have no clue where the ellipsis has come from...

What is the one thing you won't leave your house without?
Now people who know me would probably say my phone because I'm constantly attached to it but I think I would say earphones I feel lost without them when travelling anywhere!

How many continents have you been to?
One. I have never actually left Europe which makes me really sad because I really want to travel especially to America and Austrailia.

Favourite Book?
I'm constantly reading so my favourite book always changes. I recently read Girl Online and I related so much to the main character, Penny, so probably that at the moment.

Tea or Coffee?
Definitely the easiest question out of them all! It's tea I'm addicted I drink it all the time, literally.

Are you an introvert, extrovert or a bit of both?
Because I suffer from anxiety I immediately think introvert because I'm very content in spending time with myself and it takes a lot within me to go out with other people but I love being on stage dancing so a bit of both but mainly an introvert.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?
I enjoy pretty much everything about blogging but I enjoy the excitement when I come up with an idea that I immediately want to start writing the post but I'm sitting in school and it will have to wait.

Does it snow where you live?
Yes, it does snow where I live but because I live by the sea it doesn't lay very well. We usually get that slushy snow which is lethal because it then freezes over and becomes ice.

Where are you writing this blog post?
A local cafe called Seasons. I'm always in here because they do this specialty tea that I love! I needed to get out the house for a bit so i would usually be writing this at my desk.

My Questions
1. If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would it be?
2. Favourite social media platform?
3. Tea or Coffee?
4. Favourite song at the moment?
5. Ever been to a concert? If so what was your first one?
6. Do you collect anything?
7. Why did you decide to make a blogger?
8. Do you ship anyone who everyone hates?
9. Bit of life advice that you follow?
10. Favourite piece in your wardrobe?
11. Sweet or Savoury?

Thanks guys! Hope you like my answer and go follow the guys that I have nominated because they are fab!!