Saturday, 17 January 2015

My First Ever Lipstick

Hey Guys!

I feel like most of the popular blogs nowadays are more or less fashion and beauty blogs. Personally I just don't have this massive fascination with make up and fashion but I get why people love it so much.

As a 17 year old teenage girl people sort of expect us to be obsessed with make up and to constantly wear it and spend all of our money on it. Not true... I hardly ever wear make up! I really only wear it on special occasions like a party or a birthday or something and if I'm honest I spend a lot of my money on tea and cakes #SorryNotSorry

As the Christmas party season began I realized that out of my very minimal makeup bag (it's literally a very small pencil case) that something was missing... A lipstick. I had about 2 lip glosses a pinkish one and a darker redish one. As it was Christmas I loved the darker lip look that was very in so when I went looking for my Christmas outfit I also went looking for my perfect dark lip.

I knew that I wasn't spending a ton of money on it either because I was hardly ever going to wear it so I just went searching in the typical high street drugstores. I must say that I was astounded by the choice that were available and it took me ages to finally make a decision but I did...

I went with a 'Lasting Finish By Kate' Lipstick from Rimmel London in 107.

As I went to the checkout to actually buy it I nearly chickened out but I did go through with it! And I'm so glad I did. I actually really love wearing it!

The tone suits my skin tone and as a total newbie to lipstick I was worried that I chose the completely wrong one but I actually think I did ok! I was really nervous about actually applicating it but I found it really easy to swipe across my lips! Also it smells amazing which really has nothing to do with the product but it does!

I think now that I have gone out and actually bought my first ever lipstick I can now go and experiment a bit more when it comes to lipstick and even just make up in general. I definitely want to get better at it because at the moment I swipe a bit of mascara and eyeliner on and that is pretty much me

So if you have any favourite brands, colours please let me know because I really have no clue when it comes to make up!