Friday, 30 January 2015

Prom Dress Inspiration

Hey Guys

It's that time of year where pretty much every girl in their last year in school is on the hunt for their perfect leavers dance dress other wise known as prom in American.

If I'm honest I have no idea where to start. I mean there is the colour to decide on, the length, what sort of detail do I want, strapless or not strapless, long sleeved or short sleeved it is honestly a nightmare! It is times like this I wish I was a boy so that a nice suit and tie would do but oh no not when you are a girl!

So I have been searching Pinterest and Tumblr high and low for some prom inspiration and I though I would give you a look into what type of dresses I have liked.

Some of these are bridesmaid dresses but they looked pretty so I'm counting them in!

I have been mainly looking at long dresses like the two up above because I'm really small so hopefully it will make me look taller but just look at these dresses that are shorter!

This one is definitely a personal favourite of mine!

Colour wise I have been mainly looking at lilacs and blues but I am honestly open to pretty much any colour! I love the pastel ones but I don't know if that is too bridesmaidsy or not...

Finally is all of the detail in the dress. I have been loving the lace and floral side to it as well as a big chiffon skirt (total wedding gown is in your mind isn't it).

So that is what I have been looking at for inspiration! If you have any tips or like any of these dresses I'm all ears because I'm a rubbish at making decisions!

I honestly cannot wait to properly go dress shopping but I'm dreading it at the same time!