Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Hey guys!

This past week I have had a serious case of wanderlust. In fact if I'm honest I always have a serious case of wanderlust.

Being only 17 having this major wanderlust is a serious problem because I can't exactly up and leave whenever I want to due to a number of things. School  being the main one...

Because of school I have to live vicariously through a number of blogs, instagrams and vlogs.

If you are in the same boat as me and really want to travel the world but really can't I thought I would introduce my favourite travel bloggers and vloggers. So hopefully these will settle your thirst to wander the world.
Photo Credit: World of Wanderlust

World Of Wanderlust This is possibly my absolute favourite travel blog out of all of them. Brooke is in her twentys from Tasmania and she travels the world full time! She is a solo traveller and I just adore her photos. They are mixed with destinations you must see, tips for travelling and her personal travels.

Mollie Bylett Now Mollie's blog isn't really a full on travel blog but it feels like one at the moment as she travels through New Zealand and Austrailia. I love her posts as she writes them like a diary entry and they really make me want to go and travel in her footsteps!

The Hostel Girl The tips from this blog are amazing. I used to know more or less nothing when it came to hostels but now I know tons and the ways to get the best experience when travelling solo.

Queen Of Jetlags I love this blog. Noor doesn't just do a blog about travelling even though that is the main aspect she also does a lot of fashion tips as well as great blogging tips for both the experienced and the newbie blogger.

Ben Brown I found Ben through JacksGap when he did the Rickshaw Run with them and I honestly love him. He daily vlogs which I think is amazing because I'm finding blogging 3 times a week really hard. Also his instagram feed is probably one of my absolute favourites so I really recommend that you check him out!

Fun For Louis I have been following Louis for such a long time now and I never get tired of his daily vlogs. He always seems to be jetting off somewhere exciting and he does some really incredible things! Again I think everyone should look up Louis because he is just fab!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

I hope these guys help quench your thirst for wanderlust like they do for me. I honestly can't wait to just get out and travel!