Friday, 20 February 2015

Fangirl ~ Book Review

Hey Guys

Yip that's right I'm back with another book review! This time it is a book called Fangirl which I found randomly in my local bookstore. One of my favourite things to do is just peruse the YA section  whenever I can and I can never seem to stop myself from buying at least one book...

Anyway Fangirl is by an author called Rainbow Rowell which honestly when I first heard the name I presumed it was an alias but once I kind of internet stalked her (not in a creepy way) I found out that it is actual her real name!

I would definitely say that Fangirl is your typical girly young adult book with a girl and a boy and a new experience the only thing about this book is that it is set in the right now and not in a Dystopian World or has any supernatural stuff in it which is quite a rare occurrence nowadays.

The book follows a girl called Cath who has just started her freshman year in college. Luckily for her she isn't going alone because her identical twin Wren is going there to but Wren decides to go off and do her own thing without Cath which Cath finds difficult to come to terms with.

Cath dreams of being a writer one day and for the moment she writes Fanfiction about her favourite book series Simon Snow (basically Harry Potter) which get hundreds of thousands of hits with every chapter she publishes but she finds it difficult having the time to write Carry On, Simon (Cath's fanfiction story) as well as experiencing the college life.

Throughout the book you see Cath become more confident in herself and actually putting herself out into the world. She finds it difficult making friends but eventually she becomes friends with her roommate Reagen, Reagen's best friend Levi and with a boy in her Fiction Writing class Nick.

Honestly I feel like I may have said too much regarding the plot so I think I might just stop now!

The thing I loved about this book is that it really was relatable and you could picture yourself as a timid freshman like Cath was. Also before every chapter there was a page dedicated to the Simon Snow world which I really liked which included snippets from both the real life books as well as the Fanfiction that Cath has written and posted online.

Again like my last book review of Girl Online I noted down some of the quotes that I really just loved and thought I should share them with you guys!

"Just... isn't giving up allowed sometimes? Isn't it okay to say, 'This really hurts so I'm going to stop trying'?"

I guess I took note of this quote because well isn't it something we all think some time in our life and to see it written down just proves that we aren't all alone with these sorts of thoughts.

"I like you like really like you. Like, really like you. And I want that kiss to be the start of something not the end."

Honestly how could I not keep a note of this?! This was just so cute and I think it's something all of us girls want someone to say to us!

So yeah that's what I think about the book Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Have you read it if not I really think you should!

I'm waiting on a delivery of another of Rainbow's books called Eleanor & Park which I'm so excited to read!