Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My Perfume Collection

Hey Guys!

A popular post of mine is my story of me getting My First Ever Lipstick so even though I may not be very much into makeup I do love Perfume!

I love searching for a new scent because it is part of who you are and it is quite nice when someone asks around who smells so good and you are like I think it can be me?! Do you feel me?

I guess with perfume I get to be girly even though I might not be in other places! So without further a do here is my perfume collection!

1. Itimately Beckham For Her £24.99 This was one of the first fragrances that I ever had and it has been in my collection for years! This is also the bottle with the littlest left so I'm in the middle of deciding if I want to repurchase it or not.

2. Harujuku Lovers Music - I searched for these everywhere but they are now discontinued! Now this perfume was the first ever perfume that I actually bought! It was ages ago and it is a perfume that I rarely use because it is so special to me! I adore the smell of this stuff and if it is a special occasion I will probably be wearing this!

3. Harujuku Lovers Christmas Edition - Again these are now discontinued which is such a shame because I was obsessed with them! These are the only two that I have left! A friend got me this because she knew how obsessed I was with these perfumes! I love collecting the bottle because of all the little dolls!

4. Sexy from Sex and the City  - £14.65 this is for the gift set This is my everyday scent pretty much unless I fancy mixing it up but that rarely happens! I think it is because it is such a big bottle that I don't mind wearing it everyday! I think you can only buy it as a gift set but I'm not sure!

5. Taylor by Taylor Swift £22.00 Now as you guys know I adore Taylor Swift to bits and when she released this perfume I knew I just had to get it! I still can't believe I don't have the others! Now apart from it being a Taylor Swift perfume this might be my favourite out of all of my perfumes! The smell just reminds me of good memories from the summer it's crazy how we associate a smell with a memory!

6. Givenchy Play for Her £53.50 My most expensive perfume in my collection and also another favourite of mine! Because it is so expensive I use it sparingly which is so difficult because it smells SO GOOD and you just want to use it all of the time!!

7. Ghost Eau De Toilette -  £33.50 Finally my latest perfume that has been added to my collection is Ghost! I was given it as a gift at Christmas time and I will admit I love it! I haven't worn it an awful lot but it is sure becoming a firm favourite in my mind!

So that is my perfume collection! I don't know if it is super big or super small but it's what I have and I'm pretty happy with it! I would love to have a Marc Jacobs one though!

What is your favourite type of perfume?