Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Ultimate Study Session Guide

Hey Guys!

Prelims have officially begun in my school this week otherwise known as mocks I believe in England but don't count me on it!

I think it's super difficult to get the motivation to study but once you start you can carry on and I have some tips to help motivate and help you get your revision done!

These might not help everyone but they certainly help me!

1. Organise

First off you need to organise your study area. If it is clean and tidy you are much more likely to sit and work. Also the fact that it is tidy to begin with helps you to stay organised throughout your study sessions. A tip that I always follow is making sure I have every part of the material near my study area because you get distracted when you need to go and hunt for that sheet with the diagram on it! Reminder that your bed is not a study area!

2. Have A Plan

I often like to list everything that I want to do throughout the day whether it is study related or not so a list is perfect! Also you get the satisfaction of when you have completed the task and you get to tick it off your list! An important thing is to triage ( fancy medical term I know thank Grey's Anatomy for that :') ) your work and do either the hardest work or the stuff you hate the most. For me, I would put all of my maths revision at the top of the list because I hate it and then work out which out of my maths revision do I hate the most and start with that.

3. NO Distractions

While studying you need to have no distractions because you lose momentum. In this generation it is so difficult with Social Media and literally anything on the internet! I must admit I'm like the Queen of Procrastination but I have finally found a way to stop! Blocking apps have been created which lock all of your social media apps on your phone. You set out the time and then it locks it! It is perfect! I also found one if you are on a Mac but not for any other PCs yet sorry! For - Macs 

4. Take A Break

Taking a break is honestly one of the most important things. This helps your brain to focus more but the key is to not take too many breaks because that just in't going to work! Usually I say 2 hours of studying then a 30 minute break. During your break you must re-hydrate water, water ,water it is so important!Also have a snack which helps your mind to re-energise preferably not junk food though, have an apple or a slice of toast. 

5. Listen To Your Brain

This is probably one of the most important ones! If you have been studying for a long period of time and your brain is starting to get tired it's a sign you should probably stop. Also if you are beginning to find it hard to focus that usually means you should take a longer break than you have been taking. Powering through the tiredness isn't going to help you retain the information that you are wanting to learn!

Hope these tips help you while you are having a study session. Good Luck to all of you out there who are sitting any type of test or exam at the moment!