Friday, 6 February 2015

What I Have Been Loving Recently

Hey Guys!

Did you know I haven't done a favourites post since October?! Crazy I know but the wait is finally over because I'm your reading one right now!

As you know when it comes to beauty I completely suck so it is a pretty well rounded favourites post. If you have been loving anything that is the same with me please let me know in the comments below because we can fangirl together!

Over the past month I got back into Tumblr. In fact I decided to just create a new one because I was actually locked out of my old one for changing my email address oops! I'm constantly on it which isn't great because I'm already great at procrastinating. If you are interested on what post there it is mainly just photos and I don't know really just things that I have seen around the internet and loved so if you want to go and lurk round there you can!

Now because my next favourite is practically glued to my side over the winter months and that is Vaseline. I'm always so cautious about getting chapped lips because I get them so easily and I seem to apply this stuff nearly every 5 minutes! In fact the day I forgot it I got chapped lips! How unlucky is that?

A really random thing that I have been loving recently is scones. I always reach for a scone when I'm out and about having a cup of tea instead of some chocolatey cake. I think it just shows how British I am to be honest! A scone and some butter with your tea is honestly the best! Can you get any weird flavours of scones because I might have to try some?

As you guys know I'm constantly watching TV. Whether that is old TV shows that have been cancelled, my favourites that have lasted for years or ones that I have never had the time to watch until now. The latter is the case this month! I'm obsessed with Grey's Anatomy and I just never had the time to go and watch Scandal which is a show created by the same person, Shonda Rhimes. I am so glad that I have finally got round to watching it because it is amazing! It is a political thriller that may put you off at first but trust me it is so good!

Also I'm a massive book worm so of course I have read plenty during the month of January. Most of what I read was from The Maze Runner series which is 4 books but I have only read the first 3. I'm going to go and get the fourth one as soon as possibly though! If you like The Hunger Games then there is about 95% chance that you will love these books! There is also a film which I am yet to see but it is on my list!

Speaking of movies I am ashamed to say that I had never seen a Marvel movie until this month and it is seriously beyond me why I have waited this long to watch them?! I have seen the first 2 Iron Mans, The Incredible Hulk and Thor and I cannot wait to go and watch the rest of them!

So that is just a few things that I have really enjoyed this month! What about you guys?