Tuesday, 17 February 2015

When I'm Anxious I... | Step Away From The World

Hey Guys!

Whenever I post something anxiety related whether it is tips and tricks or my own personal experience with it you guys seem to respond amazingly to it! I have even had a few tweets asking for some more tips so I'm back with another When I'm Anxious I... post! If you missed then first one then I definitely think you should check it out (totally not biased)!

If you suffer from anxiety you become super cautious about going out into the world I especially do! I always have a calculated plan of what I'm going to do and have thought of many escape plans for when/ if I need them!

My main New Years Resolution was to stop over thinking and just go out into the world and enjoy life and that is what I have been doing! But sometimes the anxiety can get just a little bit too much for me and I need to step away from it all which is not a bad thing!

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I always get really frustrated with myself when I get really anxious in front of my friends or anyone really! I hate having a panic attack in front of anyone because I feel like I'm letting people down when I'm not and I've finally learnt that it is okay to take a break from the world.

Taking a break from the world sounds weird and can be difficult especially for an anxious person because their mind is running at about 10,000 miles a minute which really isn't healthy and I have found a good way to take a break is to get lost in a different world! A world that you don't belong in...

I think this might be why I watch an awful lot of TV and read tons of books because getting lost in a world that you can't go in and getting wrapped up in the characters that live there is so exciting!

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Personally, I mix and match between the supernatural stuff and just normal life partly because I think it is good to have a bit of a mix! I'm always looking for TV show and book suggestions so if you have any comment them below!

Before bed I always watch an episode of TV and read some of my book because it stops me going over everything that happened during the day so I can't over analyse it which just makes me super paranoid and then I can't actually sleep...

Also, don't regret taking a full day out of your busy life to have a duvet day with movies, tv show marathons and bad food and that is a tip for everyone!

Taking a step back from the world can get you excited for what can happen in your life!