Friday, 6 March 2015

I Had My Hair Dyed For The First Time

Hey Guys!

In my last post I wrote about how it was my 18th birthday recently and one of the gifts I was given from my brother and his family was a full on pamper day!

So on Tuesday I went to the salon and had a facial which was just fab! I suffer from pretty bad acne so having a facial every now and again makes my skin feel nice for once! I also had my eyebrows tinted which was a completely new experience for me but now I get why people do it because they look so much better!

I was given the chance to do whatever with my hair which really wasn't good for me because I'm awful at making decisions and I have pretty much gotten the same cut for about my whole time at secondary school so 6 years!

I knew I wanted a bit of a change though not too much of a change because I don't handle change well but a little bit of a change so my hairdresser who was lovely said we would cut it a little bit and then add so lighter shades of blonde to the ends of the hair in a kind of subdued ombre look!

Getting my hair cut was pretty normal and I was beginning to get all excited about having this tiny bit of a change! My hairdresser was so shocked to find out that I was a virgin in all things dyeing hair and was probably more excited about it all than I was!!

Obviously I knew what getting your hair dyed looked like so I knew about the whole mixing the dye, brushing it on and then using that sticky paper to conceal the dye into my hair.

We decided to go the same shade for most of my hair which would be pretty much my normal hair colour so that was what she did first! It smelt really nice the dye which I don't know if it is a good thing or not but it did! Then she added the lighter tones to the ends of my hair! This was cool to watch and see how she mixed and matched with the different shades.

I was then left for 20 minutes for the dye to settle into my hair and as time went on I began to notice the difference in the colour of my hair and how it began to get lighter!

I really like my hair now and I think I might be a little more bolder the next time and go for an even lighter shade but who knows?

But of course I will keep you all my lovely readers informed!