Monday, 2 March 2015

It Was My 18th Birthday!

Hey Guys!

Yesterday, the 1st March, I turned 18!! And I can definitely say it was one of the best birthdays I have had in a long time!!

Leading up to my birthday I wasn't actually that excited I mean I was to an extent but not as excited as some people I know have been.

 During the day I had a constant flow of visitors which I really wasn't expecting! I guess because it was a Sunday people had more time! I had my neighbours, my aunt and uncle, my brother and his family, one of my closest friends and also some super close family friends who I call my second family!!

I also found myself constantly on Facebook thanking all of the people who sent me a Happy Birthday message which was so lovely of people to do! Especially when it was from my friends and they added pictures of us. Some were pretty embarrassing and some were actually quite nice. I preferred the latter if I'm honest!

Now I have family all over the place, literally so while I had all of the visitors to the house the house phone was constantly going as well as the Skype! The Skype kept cutting out which by the end of the day started to get very annoying but I was grateful that so many people wanted to ask how my day was going!

I received so many lovely things like jewellery, bath bombs, specialty tea and of course alcohol! I did have a laugh when my brother came running into the house with a bottle of Prosecco for me! It was so weird having him give me alcohol!!

I didn't really do much to celebrate my birthday except go out for dinner with my Mum and Dad to a local restaurant. Which was really nice spending some quality time with just them! But this weekend I will be celebrating properly by going to one of my favourite things ever a CEILIDH with all of my closest friends!!

I'm starting to get super excited about it but that will probably be a complete other different post!

I'm going to take the time to thank every person who has wished me a Happy Birthday and I am feeling very loved and cherished at the moment!