Tuesday, 17 March 2015

My Bath Bomb Collection

Hey Guys!

If you may or may not know I love a good bath. Like seriously they are amazing! Especially because they help to calm me down when I'm really anxious which you may know if you have read my When I'm Anxious I... | Have A Bath post.

My absolute favourite part about having a bath is popping the bath bomb into my bath I mean who couldn't love the magic of it changing the colour of the water?!

Because of this my collection of bath combs seems to be forever growing so I thought I would share with you what it looks like!

I use two different companies to get my bath bombs one being Lush because well it's Lush and it's amazing but my nearest Lush shop is up in Glasgow which is a bit of a trek but I do have a shop which sells a brand called Bomb Cosmetics in my local area so that fixes my addiction of them when I'm running out!

Lush Products

  1. Honey Bee bath bomb
  2. Big Blue bath bomb
  3. Space Girl bath bomb
  4. Black berry bath bomb (this isn't available online)
  5. The Comforter bubble bar
  6. The Golden Present bath bomb (Christmas Collection so no longer available)
  7. Sakura bath bomb
All of these are available online and probably in stores too!

Bomb Cosmetics
  1. Summer of Love Blaster bath bomb
  2. Mad About You Creamer bath melt
  3. Miss Fancy Pants Mallow bath melt
  4. S.W.A.L.K Bath Mallow bath melt
  5. Lovely Zinger bath tulip ( no longer available)
You can pick these up online or in  store so yay!

And that's my bath bomb collection! I don't like to use them in every single bath but it's nice to feel a bit pampered sometimes and adding a bath bomb can do just that!

Do you enjoy having a bath bomb in your bath?