Monday, 23 March 2015

My First Blogiversary!

Hey Guys!

It's official, today Catriona... turns 1 year old! 

Yes, that's right this time last year I finally sat down and wrote a blog post and actually pushed the Publish button! Fun fact: I'm sitting at the exact same place writing this post as I was with my first ever one!

If I'm honest I didn't think when I started Catriona... that we would still be here a year later because I'm awful at committing to things but we are!

I admit my post schedule hasn't really been consistent especially in the first 6 months of this blog but I think I've gotten a lot better at it and I have been posting more than once a week since October.

Not only has the posting schedule been crazy but also my blog design. I have gone through 3 blog designs including one of the pre-made Blogger Templates which I kept for at least 3 months *insert monkey covering his eyes emoji* which I am really ashamed to admit but we all have to start somewhere right?!

I hope you have enjoyed this little space on the internet over the past year and who knows what is to come in the future!

All I know is that blogging still brings me joy and I will be blogging here until that joy goes away which I really hope it doesn't!

So I would just like to thank everyone who has followed, liked and commented on my blog because it's nice to see that people actually enjoy what I'm putting out there.

If you have any suggestions or you want to see something on Catriona... then hit me up!

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Thanks for reading!