Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The BEST Ceilidh Ever!

Hey Guys!

At the weekend I went to my first ceilidh of 2015 and I thought I would tell you a bit about it because it was also my 18th Birthday celebration!

Now the last ceilidh I went to a few months ago I dubbed 'the worst ceilidh ever' and I even wrote a blog post about it because it just didn't go my way at all but this ceilidh was the total opposite and was honestly one of the best ceilidhs I have ever been to and I have been to quite a few!

Getting ready wise I didn't really have to lift a finger because as a birthday present I would be getting my hair and makeup done so that took off some of the stress and all I had to do was put my dress on!

For my hair I had two braids pull back the sides of my hair and they met in the middle to create this knot thing and the rest was all curly. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo and I realise now that as a blogger I probably should of for this post!

Now getting my makeup done was so exciting because as you all know I suck at makeup so having someone who knows all about it do it for me was great! I have never worn that much makeup in my life and I really loved it! I went for a smokey eye look instead of a bold lip which I usually go for and I got many a compliment throughout the night which was nice!

I was taking 9 of my friends to the ceilidh so we sat at the table as well as having some family and close family friends at the table right next to us! Part of the ticket price was that you got a three course meal and I had the lentil soup, Balmoral chicken (chicken stuffed with haggis) and then a little bit of chocolate fudge cake.

There was a photographer there and of course I got many a photo with my squad I think is the new term that everyone is saying and I would say that my friend group should definitiely be your squad goals not that I'm biased or anything ;)

After we had our photos the ceilidh commenced! The ceilidh band was no other than Gunna Sound which I would say is definitely one of my favourites because they sing as well as having just the instrumental music! A good thing about this ceilidh is that they didn't play all of those weird ceilidh dances that hardly anyone knows and they played most of the regulars like the Gay Gordan's and the Dashing White Sergeant.

Throughout the night because I am now 18, people kept buying me drinks so when I was off the dance floor I hardly ever didn't have a drink in my hand! I must admit I did get a little tipsy (a lot actually) but it was my 18th so please do not judge!

By the end of the night the drinks had all been downed and all of our feet were sore so after a very drunken rendition of Auld lang Syne it was time for us to hit the chippy and get a taxi home!

I had such a fun night with all of my friends and I cannot wait for my next ceilidh which happens in like 3 weeks time!!