Monday, 13 April 2015

Chaos and the Calm ~ Album Review

Hey Guys!

I'm back with another album review today! Seeing as it is Monday I thought I could do a Music Monday post seeing as I am taking part in the Ultimate Blogging Challenge which means I post every single day in the month of April!

Today I have a debut album for you by the wonderful and extremely talented James Bay. I have been obsessed with James Bay for a while since about October possibly November time when I heard his debut single Hold Back The River.

I was hooked as soon as I heard this and with every new song he came out with I new I just had to get his album and man I was not disappointed! It came out on the 23rd March so I have had plenty of time to listen and indulge in the album and it also made me not listen to Taylor Swift every single day which is a bit of a miracle!

So on with the album review!

1. Craving

The opening track has quite a rocky sound as well as it being one of the more upbeat songs. I really love this song first thing in the morning and helps get me excited for the day!

Favourite Lyrics: "Never thought these streets could've out-grown me
I guess it wasn't enough"

2. Hold Back The River

Everyone actually thinks that this is the first single from the album but in fact it is the second. This was the song that made me fall in love with James Bay and man I'm so glad I did. This song is honestly such a tune!

Favourite Lyrics: "Tried to keep you close to me,
But life got in between"

3. Let It Go

Let It Go is definitely a personal favourite of mine from the album. The lyrics have so much meaning and really spoke to me when I really listened to them and it is a lesson that everyone could learn in love.

Favourite Lyrics: "So come on let it go, Just let it be, Why don't you be you,And I'll be me"

4. If You Ever Want To Be In Love

Again another favourite of mine. You can find me singing the lyrics (really badly) in the shower! Or anywhere in my house in fact. I guess I like this song so much because it is so catchy and you just can't help yourself but sing to it.

Favourite Lyrics: "I'm not waiting, but I'm willing if you call me up"

5. Best Fake Song

Now this is an absolute tune of a song! It has such a good beat to it that you can't help but dance to! Also the lyrics are just so incredible and they cover an issue that I do often. This is definitely a favourite of mine from the more upbeat songs.

Favourite Lyrics: "And you don't have to care so don't pretend
Nobody needs a best fake friend"

6. When We Were On Fire

This song begins to slow the tempo down again after the last song. Personally, this song isn't anything special in my opinion so it doesn't really stand out but it does have a very strong sounding chorus.

Favourite Lyrics: "That we're losing light, our love is dying"

7. Move Together

I think this is one of the most beautifully written songs on the whole album. It is just sung with so much emotion and the lyrics honestly give you all the feels! I don't know what else to say except that this song is beautiful.

Favourite Lyrics: "We didn't get tonight, we don't have tomorrow"

8. Scars

Another super catchy song from the album. If you buy the deluxe edition you also get a live version of this song from the iTunes Festival. I just love this song to be honest another one is beautifully written and James Bay wrote this himself.

Favourite Lyrics: "We can't leave us behind anymore, We'll have to hurt for now, But next time, there's no doubt, 'Cause I can't go without you"

9. Collide

This song brings the upbeat tone back to the album after it has begun to slow down a bit. Also the lyrics sound so hopefully. I mean he sounds so sure that this love is going to return to him and to have that is kind of incredible.

Favourite Lyrics: "I know we'll call it the end, But it's always always a lie"

10. Get Out While You Can

Again this is a song that I personally don't love as much as the others. Get Out While You Can blends in with the album which isn't a bad thing because it is needed but I enjoy listening to it. This also keeps the upbeat tone of the album going for another track.

Favourite Songs: "Don't let the nights slip through your hands
The world is wide from where you stand"

11. Need The Sun To Break

This is another beautiful song. In the composition and writing. I really love this song especially when I am out with the dog surrounded by nature I think that is when it speaks to me the most.

Favourite Lyrics: "Been in the dark for weeks and I've realized you're all I needed"

12. Incomplete

This is the final song on the album and it is another catchy one. I don't know what it is about this song that makes it so good but it just is. I feel that this is a recurrence in the album. Just every song gets better and better as the album goes on.

Favourite Lyrics: "I don't want us to break up in the cloud
All I want is to stay us to stay with you now"

In the deluxe edition there are another 4 tracks which I must say are definitely worth buying! I love this album as a whole because of all the rises and falls throughout the album but also it has so many tracks that standout so much that pretty much every song could be a single.

Do you like James Bay?