Saturday, 4 April 2015

I Was At Another Ceilidh

Hey Guys,

Yip that's right, on Thursday I went to another ceilidh held at my school for the term ending for Easter.

It has become a thing on my blog to tell you about every single ceilidh I go to because well they always seem to turn out differently.

Seeing as this was my last ceilidh at my school before I officially leave we decided to all get ready at my friend Sharon's house which was so nice because we get to catch up on everything and also take about a million selfies!

We even got a picture with Sharon's Mum! I honestly don't know how she puts up with all of us turning up at her house because we seem to get quite hyper!

I wore a navy lace dress from Forever 21 as well as a pair of navy pumps (you never wear heels at a ceilidh) from Primark of all places and they were only a fiver so bargain!

Once at the ceilidh which was held in our school we met up with a bunch of our other friends and took more selfies :') I even got one with my Head Teacher which is honestly one of my favourite photos from the night!

The ceilidh band was a local one called Canned Haggis. I have been to tons of ceilidhs with this band so I knew they were going to be good! They played all of the dances that everyone knows like the Gay Gordans and Strip The Willow but also some not so traditional ones that were really weird but I danced to them anyway!

The last ceilidh that I went to at my school my anxiety was sky high and I didn't enjoy it at all but this time even though I did have 2 panic attacks I was able to not let it get to me and continue to enjoy my night which is pretty good for me because that is something I struggle with!

When Canned Haggis had a break we had performers from our school. A friend of mine with her acoustic guitar and she sounded amazing. Then a group of 4 boys made up a band and played some songs that everyone knew like Chelsea Dagger, Twist and Shout as well as On My Way and they went down a treat!

Yeah excuse the snapchat bit at the top :')
As the night drew to a close my group of friends all headed back to another of my friends called Struan to crash where even more selfies were taken as well as lots of unhealthy junk food eaten!

Have you ever been to a ceilidh?